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35. Representative Men. By R. 96. The Pleasures, Objects, and W. Emerson.

Advantages of Literature. 38. Monk and Washington. By

By the Rev. R. A. Willmott, Guizot.

97. Biographical and Critical 39. Hyperion. By Longfellow.

Essays (28.). By W. H.

Prescott. 42. Oliver Goldsmith's Life. By 98. Educational Lectures (1s. 6a.) Washington Irving.

delivered at St. Martin's 44. Lives of the Successors of

Mahomet. By Washington 100. Turkey (2s.). By the Roving

46. Nelson on Infidelity. Edited | 101. Transatlantic Wanderings.
by the Rev. G. A. Rogers.

By Captain Oldmixon. 47. Russia as it is. By J. R. 104. The Crimea and Odessa. By Morell.

C. W. Koch. 50. Turkey: Past and Present.

109. America and the Americans By J. R. Morell.

(1s. 6d.). By W. E. Bax7. The Roving Englishman.

ter, Esq.

116. My Brother's Keeper. By The City of the Sultan (1s.6d.). Miss Wetherell. By Miss Pardoe.

120. Sebastopol: the Story of its Hochelaga (1s. 6d.). Edited Fall. By G. R. Emerson.

by Eliot Warburton. 122. Robinson Crusoe (1s. 60.). 5. Sunny Memories of Foreign

By Daniel Defoe.
Lands (1s. 6d.). By Mrs. 130, 131. History of Philip the

Second of Spain (2 vols. 4s.). 70. Shilling Cockery for the

By W. H. Prescott. People. By A. Soyer. 146. English Traits. By Emerson. 71, 72. The History of the Reign 160, 161. Charles the Fifth (2 vols. of Ferdinand and Isabella

4s.). By Robertson and (2 vols. 4s.). By W. H.


169. The Mutiny in India. By

a former Editor of “The 82, 83. History of the Conquest Delhi Gazette.”

of Mexico (2 vols. 4s.).
By W. H. Prescott.

170. Parthenia; or, the last

Days of Paganism (1s. 6d.). 85, 86, The History of the Con

By E. B. Lee. quest of Peru (2 vols. 48.). 173. Robert Burns and Sir Walter By W. H. Prescott.

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Scott. Two Lives (1s. 6d.). 92. Burmah and the Burmese.

By Rev. James White.
By K. H. R. Mackenzie.

174. The Royal Princesses of 95. The War; or, Voices from the England (2s.). By Mrs. Ranks.

Matthew Hall.


In fcap. 8vo, price 1s. each, cloth limp, unless expressed. The great dearth of Books of a thoroughly practical nature, suitable to

the wants of that numerous class who really wish to become acquainted with common things, has induced the Publishers to commence the Useful Library.

1. A NEW LETTER WRITER, for the Use of Ladies and Gentlemen; embodying letters on the simplest matters of life, and on various subjects, with applications for Situations, &c.

This book must prove welcome and highly useful to many." - Liverpool Standard.

Is the most complete and best work of the kind that has been published.”Nottingham Journal.

2. HOME BOOK OF HOUSEHOLD ECONOMY; or, Domestic Hints for Persons of Moderate Income. Containing useful directions for the

proper Labours of the Kitchen, the House, the Laundry, and the Dairy. We confidently recommend it to all heads of families, especially young wives, and those young ladies who wish to become wives themselves.”—Portsmouth Guardian.

3. LANDMARKS OF THE HISTORY OF ENGLAND By the Rev. JAMES WHITE, Author of “ The Eighteen Christian Centuries." 18. 6d.

We hold this to be a pattern volume of cheap literature. It is so written that it cannot fail to amuse and enlighten the most ignorant; yet it is also a book which may be read with pleasure, and surely with profit too, by the most polished scholar." -The Eraminer.

4. LANDMARKS OF THE HISTORY OF GREECE. By the Rev. JAMES WHITE, Author of " The Landmarks of England.” 18. 6d.

“ Should find a place in every library where there are readers able to appreciate the genial writings of a man who, having taste and knowledge at command, sits down to write, in the simplest way, the story of a people for a people's reading."The Examiner.

5. COMMON THINGS OF EVERY-DAY LIFE. A Home Book for Mothers and Daughters. By ANNE BOWMAN.

GENERAL CONTENTS:-Household Economy and the Duties of a Wife and Mother-the Laundry—the Nursery-Health, and the Means to Preserve itManagement of Simple Disorders-Clothes : how to Wear, Make, and Pack them -and last, not least, Home Education.

“We recommend this book to all mothers or sisters who are entrusted with the management of a household."

6. THINGS WORTH KNOWING. By MARTIN DOYLE, Author of “Rural Economy, " " Small Farms," &c. &c.

GENERAL CONTENTS: - Information upon Home Employment-Food : MeatBread-Hunger and Thirst-Water-Fermented Liquors-Habitations-Bodily Exercise-Sports-Walking-Swimming- Tea - Coffee - Sugar - Soap – Indian Corn-The Weather-Minerals-Medals-Gold-Silver-Mining-Money-Glass, &c.-The Use and Abuse of, and the Culture of, Tobacco and Snuff.

7. LAW OF LANDLORD AND TENANT (The), with a copious Collection of Useful Forms. By W. A. HOLDSWORTH, Esq. (of Gray's Inn), Barrister-at-Law.

We should be neglecting our duty as journalists if we did not give this book all the publicity in our power, so completely does it appear to us to meet those vexed questions and irritating differences which are perpetually occurring between landlord and tenant." -Manchester Eraminer.


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