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HE Author of this work is so well known over all this Iland, and so bighly admir’d and esteemd by all good and learned Men, for his excellent Writings, both in Prose and Verse, for bis Loyalty and Learning, for bis Integrity and Honesty, that we shall say nb

more of bim in this Preface, but only, in as few Words as possible, give an Account of this new Edition of bis Works. It consists of thofe formerly Printed, and of those never before Printed. The History of the Five James's Kings of Scotland was first printed at London in Folio, Anno 1655. fome Five or Six Tears after the Author's Death ; but it is very uncorrect and faulty, both as to the Names of Persons and places. It was reprinted at London, Anno 1680, in 8vo. but with less Cares for the Errors of the former Edition are copied, and several new ones fuperadded. The much Honoured Sir William Drummond of Hawthorndeng the Author's Son, favoured us with an excellent Manufcript, by the Help of which we have corre&ted a great many Errors, and fupa plied a great many Defects, as may be easily seen by any one, who will give himself the Pains to compare

this with the former Editions. There is nothing alter'd in the Stile, which is very good and elegant, according to the Time be wrote in; and peculiar to himself

. We procured aljo Jamie few Notes of the learned Antiquary. Mr. Thomas Crawford, which bave been of Use and Ad. vantage to us in this work.

We have rejected the former Preface written by Mr. Hall of Grays-Inn, for too many good Reza fons, to be seen in the New Introdułtion, wrote by one whose just and ingenious Reasonings gave Oca cafion to search the publick Records, and every thing is found most agreeable to what he asserted, which is a Confirmation of the whole beyond all imaginable Controversy, to the Satisfa&tion of all honest and curious Persons. This exakt way of Reasoning is mightily wanting in our Historians, and much to be imitated by tbose, whowould

do any thing to purpose in our Affairs, The Cypreis Grove formerly printed with the Hiftory is extremly uncorre&t and faulty, but from another Edition printed Anno 1630,bound

in with the Flowers of Sion, we have bad occasion to add agreat many Words, Sentences, Lines and whole Paragrapbs, without which the Sense was absolutely broken and incomplete : So the very belping the Errors of the former Editions, tho there were no new thing added, cannot but be acceptable, and of great use to the Reader.

The Memorials of State contain a very genteel Reasoning, tho? one of them is founded on a Mistake of Robert III's. Bastardy. But this was a common Error maintain'd by most part of Historians,both before and in our Author's Time, tho' now szefficiently cleared, and the contrary demonstratively proved by learned Men in Scotland, England and France, but more particularly and fully in this new Introduction.

His Familiar Epistles were formerly printed with bis History: Upon good Information we bave supplied the Names which were wanting of some of the Persons, to whom he address’d bis Letiers. There are also several Errors of the Press corre&ted; which may be seen by the Reader.

There are added a great many Letters never before Printed, wrote to him by Persons of Quality, and by the learned Men, and famous Poets bis Cotemporaries. It is not to be doubted, but that through the length and injury

of Time, there are a great many of the original Letters lojt, which may be easily known, fince bis Letters are generally Answers to others, and theirs Returns to his, of which we can give no exact and authentick Detail. We have published several Discourses of our

Author's, never before printed, as bis Irene, Prophecy, Load-Star, Confidcrations to the Parliament 1639, Magical Mirror, Queries of Státe, Objections against the Scots by the Parliament of England answer'd, and the EKIAMAXIA ; to which is added a new Preface, giving an Account of the Occafion of writing it, and rendring the whole more plain and intelligible. These Papers, (thothey have lain a long While in Oblivion, 3 we hope, will still be useful and seasonable : They were written in the Time of the late Troubles, and are very keen againft Rebellion, and plainly and evidently demonstrate the bad Consequences of it. Our

Author was a true TORY, and seriously concern'd about the HEREDITARY RIGHT and MONARCHY: He knew very well by his own Experience & the History of past Times that there never was Peace or Prosperity in the Nation, when that was not inviolably obsero'd. There is also printed The chief Heads of a Conversation betwixt our Author, and the famous Poet Ben. Fohnson ; His Bibliotheca Edinburgena The Idea - The Challenge of the Knights Errut; His Speech for the

Town of Edinburgh to the King ; His Speech which he designd to have spoken at the Circular Tables, before which he was fummoned, and A short Discourse of linpresa's, and

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