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H could my mind, unfolded in my page, Enlighten climes and mould a future age There as it glowed, with noblest frenzy fraught, Dispense the treasures of exalted thought; To Virtue wake the pulses of the heart, And bid the tear of emulation start! Oh could it still, through each succeeding year, My life, my manners, and my name endear; And, when the poet sleeps in silent dust, Still hold communion with the wise and just!— Yet should this Verse, my leisure's best resource, When through the world it steals its secret course, Revive but once a generous wish supprest, Chase but a sigh or charm a care to rest; In one good deed a fleeting hour employ, Or flush one faded cheek with honest joy;

Blest were my lines, though limited their sphere, Though short their date, as his who traced them here.




HIS edition of the Poems of Samuel Rogers has been reprinted by permission, from the one last published, which gives the latest alterations or additions made by the author. An occasional variation amongst the many given by earlier editions has been noted at the foot. For the materials of the Memoir the writer is very greatly indebted to the biographical notice by Mr. Samuel Sharpe (the nephew of the poet) which is prefixed to the last edition: the "Recollections, by Samuel Rogers" (edited by Mr. Wm. Sharpe), and the "Recollections of the Table Talk of Samuel Rogers" [edited by the Rev. A. Dyce], have alsc been largely consulted.

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