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It is intended that this Work shall be mainly devoted to a consideration of the social wants and rightful claims of the PEOPLE ; that it shall appeal to the hearts of the Masses of England.

With no expectation or wish to conflict with or supplant any present publication, it is believed that a Work popularly addressed to the sympathies and common sense of the kingdom, must make for itself a large and hitherto unoccupied sphere of instruction, amusement, and utility.

It is our belief that the present epoch is pregnant with more human interest than any previous era ; as it is also our faith that the present social contest, if carried out on all sides with “ conscience and tender heart," must end in a more equitable allotment of the good provided for all men. To aid, however humbly, in this righteous and bloodless struggle is a truer, a more grateful glory, than any glory blatant in gazettes. And an aroused Spirit begins to feel this. Awakening from a long, vain dream, that showed the many created only to minister to the few, the said Spirit believes—or says it believes—in the universality of the human heart. Hence, it vindicates a common right of happiness; hence, in its new tenderness, it even “ babbles o'green fields” for the health and healthful thoughts of the people. So much the better.

With Politics-as Party Politics, we meddle not. The day is happily gone by, when Parties—like foul-mouthed vixensassailed each other with unseemly epithets, that mutual abuse might hide mutual corruption and infirmity. We shall deal with Politics only in their social relation, as operating for the good or evil of the community. Whig and Tory-Conservative and Radical—will be no more to us than the names of extinct genera.

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