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At going out of the Church. Accept O Lord of this unworthy performance of my duty to Thee, and grant that I, and all thy people here, may be not only hearers, but doers of the word, for Jesus Christ's sake. Amen. On the Lord's Day in the Evening, add this to

your other Priyers in the fumily. O BLESSED Lord God, we return thee oor hearty thanks and praise, for the blessed opportunity Thou hast this day given us in attend. ing Thee in thy holy Church : Mercifully incline thine ears to the prayers and praises which have been offered up to Thee. Grant that we may give diligent heed to whatsoever has been taught us out of thy holy word, and may strive to remember it, and live according to it: that so we may every time grow better and better by attending to thy service here, and may become such as thou wilt accept and reward at the great day, for the sake of the Lord Jesus. Amen. Note. This and the Morning Prayer for the

Lord's Day, may be likewise used in private, on the morning and evening of the Lord's Day : only saying I instead of we, my instead of our, and me instead of us.

A PRAYER before you go a Journey. O GOD, who art the way, the Truth, and the Life, who didst guide and protect the children of Israel thy people in the wilderness ; Guide me, I

pray thee thy unworthy servant; preserve me from thieves and robbers, from sudden death, and all dangers both of body and soul. Give thy holy angels charge over me. keep me in all way


soul may

'ways: conduct me home again in safety, and at last bring me to everlasting rest; and this I beg for Christ Jesus's sake. Amen.

Lord bless and preserve me in my going out, and my coining in, from this time forth for ever

Amen. Upon your safe return from a Journey.* All glory be to thee, O God, who hast preu served and kept me from the perils of the way; from broken bones or bruised limbs, and every evil accident: Ofill my heart with a grateful sense of thy goodness, and enable ine to pass through all the affairs of my lifc, that my

have peace, and thy name the praise, through Jesus Christ. Amen. PRAYERS and MeditaTIONS of the HOLY

SACRAMENT. A prayer to be used every day, the week before

you intend to receive the Holy Sacrament.

O Almighty God and merciful Father, who hast given thine only Son Jesus Christ to die for us, who did ordain an holy feast for a continnal remembrance of His death and sufferings : I acknowledge thy mercy and goodness towards me, who hast given me (by thy Minister) an invitation to thine heavenly table, and hast inclined my heart to come thither in obedience to thy command.

I acknowledge, O Lord, that I am unworthy through my manifold sins, utterly unworthy to ap

The Pious Country Parishioner,

pear before Thee; but since Thou hast prepared this spiritual feast for poor miserable sinners, and hast called all such to come unto thee, and thou wilt refresh them, lo I come! though unworthy, to do thy Will. O God, pardon and accept me for thy mercy's sake! and help me, in the mean time, to fit and prepare myself in the best manner I am able for receiving those holy Mysteries. Grant that I may come with the most unfeigned repentance for all my past Miscarriages, and with the most serious purposes of amendment and newness of life : 0 let me receive a broken and a bleeding Saviour with a broken and contríte heart and let me ever after live unto the blessed Jesus, who died for me : for His sake I heartily forgive all who have offended me, and beg thou wouldst dispose and enable me to live in peace and love with all my brethren,

be omitted by a [* and be kind and charitable to

poor person. the poor according to my abilities.] Give me an heart truly thankful for the exceeding great love of my Saviour in dying for us, and the innumerable benefits which by His precious blood-shedding He hath obtained for us, through the merits of his sufferings. O forgive me at thine holy Table all that I have ever done amiss, and grant me the assistance of thy Holy Spirit, to enable me to live more soberly, righteously, and godly for the time to come ; that so I may look with comfort towards that happy day when the righteous shall be removed from the communion of Saints here, to feast with the Lord Jesus, ainidst the blissful company of Saints and Angels, in his eternal and heavenly Kingdom. O that I may make it my chief care to obtain this joy and bless

* This may

edness, through the merits of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, who now sitteth there at the right hand of God, to whom be Glory, and Dominion, for ever and ever. Amen.

At first going up to the Table,say, O LORD, I stedfastly purpose, through thy grace, to forsake iny sins, to lead a new life, and to walk from henceforth in thine holy ways; and in this resolution I draw near to take this holy Sacrament, not trusting to mine own righteousness, but in thy Mercy, through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.

At giving Alms, say, Accept, O Lord, of this little, which I freely offer towards the relief of the Poor, and as a tes. timony of my sincere love and charity towards all

At the time of giving alms let such poor pe

as cannot give, say this, O LORD, pour down thy blessings upon thy Minister, and upon all my Friends and Benefactors; forgive all mine Enemies, and dispose me to live in peace with all my Neighbours. Amen. When the Minister offers to you the holy Bread

devoutly attend to his words, and apply them to yourself with an hearty Amen.

After receiving, say, LORD, strengthen and refresh my soul with thy heavenly grace, that I may continue thine for cver, and daily increase ever more and more, until I come unto thine everlasting Kingdom. Amen. When the Minister offers to you the holy Cup,

devoutly attend to his words, and apply them 10 yourself with an hearty Amen.


After receiving the Cup,say, O gracious God, grant that through the death and sufferings of thy dear Son, I may obtain the pardon of all my sins. Amen, Amen.

After the blessing, say, Grant, O Lord, to all of us here present, that our sins may be pardoned, and that we may receive the comforts of thy Holy Spirit to strengthen our faith, and to enable us to withstar;d sin and temptation; and that we may take a due care to walk before Thee in holiness and righteousness all the days of our life. Amen. Some pious MEDITATIONS which may be used

while others are communicating, or at any time in the day after you have received the Holy SACRAMENT.

Praise the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me praise his holy Name.

Praise the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits, to forgive thy sins, and heal all thy infirmities.

He saveth thy life from destruction, and crownelh thee with mercy and loving-kindness.

Blessed be God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, for his unspeakable gift, in whom we have Redemption through his blood, even the forgiven ness of our sins.

He who spared not his own Son, but deliverea him up for us all, will he not with him also freely give us all things ? How much more will he give of his Holy Spirit to them that ask it?

14'have this day acknowledged the Lord to be

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