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Feuille, n. f. leaf.
Festin, n. m. sumptuous meal, repast.
Fidèle, n. m. & adj. faithful.
Fier, e, adj. proud, formidable.
Fier, (se), v. r. 1. to trust, to confide.
Fille, n. f. daughter, girl.
Fils, n. m. son.

Flatterie, n. f. flattery.

Fléau, n. m. scourge.

Flétrir, v. a. & n. 2. to fade, wither. Fleur, n. f. flower.

Fleuve, n. m. river, stream.

Flotter, v. n. 1. to float, to wave.
Foi, n. f. faith.
Fois, n. f. time.

Folie, n. f. folly.
Fond, n. m. bottom.
Fonder, v. a. 1. to found.
Fontaine, n. f. fountain, spring.
Force, n. f. strength, force.
Forêt, n. f. forest, wood.
Former, v. a. 1. to form.
Fort, e, adj. strong.
Fortune, n. f. fortune.
Foudre, n. f. thunderbolt.

Fou, folle, adj. & n. m. & f. fool, foolish.

Fouler, v. a. 1. to tread under font.
Foyer, n. m. hearth.

Foyers, n. m. pl. hearth, home, na

tive country.

Franc, n. m. franc.

Français, e, adj. French.


Frapper, v. a. 1. to strike.

Fraternité, n. f. brotherhood.
Froid, n. m. cold.
Fromage, n. m. cheese.
Front, n. m. forehead, brow.
Fruit, n. m. fruit.
Fugitif, ve, adj. fugitive.
Fuite, n. f. flight.

Fumer, v. n. & a. 1. to smoke.
Fusil, n. m. gun.


Gagner, v. a. 1. to win, gain.
Garde, n. f. guard, watch, care,
Gâté, adj. v. spoiled.
Gelée, n. f. frost.

Gémir, v. n. 2. to moan, groan.

Général, n. m. & adj. general.
Génération, n. f. generation.
Génie, n. m. genius.
Genou, n. m. knee.

Gens, n. pl. people.
Gestes, n. m. pl. gestures.
Glace, n. f. ice, looking-glass.
Glaneur, n. m. gleaner.
Globe, n. m. globe.

Gloire, n. f. glory.

Glorifier, v. a. 1. to glorify, praise.
Goutte, n. f. drop.
Gouverner, v. a. 1. to govern.
Grâces, n. pl. graces, thanks.
Graine, n. f. grain.

Grand, e, adj. great, large.
Grandir, v. n. 2. to grow.
Grimaces, n. f. pl. grimaces, faces.
Gronder, v. a. & n. 1. to scold, to roar.

Gros, se, adj. large.

Grossier, e. adj. coarse.

Grue, n. f. crane.

Guère, adv. but little, but few.

Guerre, n. f. war.

Guerrier, n. m. warrior.
Guide, n. m. guide.


Franchement, adv. frankly.

Franchir, v. a. 2. to step over, to pass Haleine, n. f. breath.

Habitant, n. m. inhabitant. Habiter, v. a. 1. to inhabit. Habituel, le, adj. usual, Hache, n. f. axe.


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Impur, e, adj. impure.
Incomparable, adj. incomparable,


Infernal, e, adj. infernal.
Inflexible, adj. inflexible, unbending.
Ingénieux, se, adj. ingenious.
Ingrat, e, adj. & n. ungrateful.
Ingratitude, n. f. ingratitude.
Innocence, n. f. innocence.
Inscrire, v. a. ir. 4. to inscribe.
Insecte, n. m. insect.
Insensibilité, n. f. insensibility.
Inspirer, v. a. 1. to inspire.
Instant, n. m. instant, moment.
Intention, n. f. intention, meaning.
Intérieur, e, adj. & n. interior, inside.
Interrompre, v. a. ir. 4. to interrupt.
Intime, adj. intimate, close.
Intitulé, adj. v. entitled, called.
Intrépide, adj. intrepid.
Introduire, v. a. ir. 4. (p. d. j'intro-
duisis), to introduce.
Ivresse, n. f. intoxication, excessive


Jadis, adv. formerly.
Jamais, adv. never.

Jardin, n. m. garden.

Jaseur, se, n. m. & f. talker, prattler.
Je, j', prn. I.

Jeter, v. a. 1. to throw, cast.

Jeunesse, n. f. youth.
Joie, n. f. joy.

Joindre, v. a. ir. 4. (p. d. je joignis,
p. joint), to join, to connect, to add.
Joli, e, adj. pretty.

Inconnu, e, adj. unknown.

Inconstant, e, adj. inconstant, change


Indiquer, v. a. 1. to indicate, to point | La, l', art. the.


La, l', prn. her, it.

Industrie, n. f. industry.
Infatigable, adj. indefatigable, untir- Laboureur, n. m. husbandman.

Là, adv. there; là-bas, gonder.

Lac, n. m. lake.

Lâcher, v. a 1. to lose hold of, to let

Jouet, n. m. plaything, sport.
Joug, n. m. yoke, subjection.
Jour, n. m. day, light.
Journée, n. f. day, day's work.
Joyeux, se, adj. joyful, glad.
Juge, n. m. judge.

Jugement, n. m. judgment, decision
Juger, v. a. 1. to judge, to decide.
Jurer, v. a. & n. 1. to swear, to promise.
Jusque, pre. as far, as far as.
Juste, adj. & n. just.
Justice, n. f. justice.


Laid, e, adj. ugly.

Laine, n. f. wool.


Laisser, v. a. 1. to leave, to let.

Lait, n. m. milk.

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Mais, conj. but.

Maison, n. f. house.

Maître, n. m. master.
Mal, n. m. evil, adv. badly.
Malade, n. & adj. patient, sick.
Mâle, adj. manly, dignified.
Malgré, pre. in spite of.
Malice, n. f. cunning, malice.
Malin, maligne, adj. sarcastic, sly.
Manant, n. m. peasant, clown.
Manger, v. a. 1. to eat.
Manifester, v. a. 1. to manifest, to tes-
tify, to show.

Manquer, v. a. & n. 1. to miss, to fail.
Marcher, v. n. 1. to walk, to march.
Marge, n. f. margin.

Marque, n. £ mark.

Matelot, n. m. sailor.
Matière, n. f. matter.
Mauvais, e, adj. bad.
Maxime, n. f. maxim.
Me. prn. me, to me.
Mélodieux, se, adj. melodious.
Même, adj. & adv. same, self, even.
Menacer, v. a. 1. to threaten.

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Marseillaise, n. f. Marseillaise hymn. Monument, n. m. monument.

Montrer, v. a. 1. to show, to point out.

Moquer, (se), v. r. 1. to laugh at, to


Morceau, n. m. piece, morsel.
Mort, n. f. death, n. m. dead.
Mosquée, n. f. mosque.
Mot, n. m. word.
Mouche, n. f. fly.
Mourir, v. n. ir. 2. to die.

Mouton, n. m. sheep.
Mugir, v. n. 2. to roar.
Mystérieux, adj. mysterious.


Naïf, ve, adj. artless, unaffected,
simple, innocent.
Naissance, n. f. birth.

Naissant, e, adj. v. rising, growing.
Naître, v. n. ir. 4. (ind. p. je nais,
p. d. je naquis, p. né), to be born.
Nation, n. f. nation.

Nature, n. f. nature.

Navire, n. m. ship, vessel.
Ne, adv. not.

Né, p. born.

Ne-pas, adv. not.
Ne-que, adv. only, but.
Néant, n. m. nothingness, nothing.
Nécessaire, adv. necessary.
Nécessaire, n. m. necessaries of life.
Ni, conj. nor, neither.
Nocturne, adj, nocturnal, nightly.
Noisette, n. f. hazel-nut.
Nombre, n. m. number.

Nommer, v. a. 1. to name, to call.
Non, adv. no.

Nos, adj. our.


Nouvelle, n. f. news.

⚫ 0.

Obéir, v. n. 2. to obey.
Obscur, e, adj. dark, obscure.
Observer, v. a. 1. to observe, to take

notice of.


Paître, v. a. & n. 4. to graze
Paix, n. f. peace.
Palais, n. m. palace.
Palmyre, Palmyra.
Par, pre. by.

Paraître, v. n. ir. 4. (p. paru), to ap


Parce que, conj. because.

Nourrir, v. a. 2. to feed, to nourish.

Nous, prn. we, us.

Parcourir, v. a. ir. 2. to travel over, to cross, to look over.

Nouveau, nouvel, nouvelle, adj. | Pareil, le, adj. equal, similar, such.

Parer (se), v. r. 1. to adorn one's


Paresseux, se, adj. idle, lazy, indolent.

Obtenir, v. a. ir. 2. (ind. p. d. j'ob-
tiens, p. d. j'obtins), to obtain.
Odieux, se, adj. odious, hateful.
Oeil, n. m. (pl. yeux), eyes.
Oiseau, n. m. bird.


Ombrage, n. m. shade.
Ombrager, v. a. 1. to shade, to shelter.
Ombre, n. f. shade, shadow.
On, prn. indefinite, one, they, we,
people; on dit, it is said (one says).
Onde, n. f. wave, water.
Opprimé, adj. v. oppressed.

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Parler, v. n. 1. to speak.
Parmi, pre. among, amongst.
Parole, n. f. word.
Parricide, adj. parricidal.

Parti, n. m. part, party, resolution.
Partir, v, n. ir. 2. to set out, to leave,
to depart.

Partout, adv. everywhere.

Parvenu, adj. v. (used as a noun),

Pas, adv. not, n. m. step, pace.
Passer, v. n. 1. to pass.
Passereau, n. m. sparrow.
Passion, n. f. passion.
Pâtre, n. m. herdsman, shepherd.
Patrie, n. f. country, native country.
Patte, n. f. paw.

Pâturage, n. m. pasture, pasturage.

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Peindre, v. a. ir. 4. (ind. p. je peins,
p. d. je peignis), to paint, describe.
Peine, n. f. trouble, pain.
Peine, (à), adv. hardly, scarcely.
Pénible, adj. laborious, painful.
Pendant, pre. during.

Pendre, v. a. & n. 4. to hang.
Pénétration, n. f. penetration.
Pénétrer, v. a. 1. to penetrate.
Penser, v. n. 1. to think.
Père, n. m. father.

Perfide, adj. perfidious, treacherous.
Perdre, v. a. 4. to lose.

Permettre, v. a. ir. 4. to permit, allow.

Perroquet, n. m. parrot. Perse, Persia.

Personne, prn. ind. nobody.
Pervers, adj. perverse.
Petit, e, adj. small, little.
Pesant, adj. v. heavy.
Peu, adv. little.
Peuple, n. m. people.
Peupler, v. a. 1. to people.
Phalange, n. m. phalanx.
Philosophie, n. f. philosophy.
Phrase, n. f. phrase, sentence.
Pièce, n. f. piece.

Pied, n. m. foot.

Piége, n. m. trap, snare.

the worse.

Pitié, n. f. pity.
Place, n. f. place, spot.
Placer, v. a. 1. to place.
Plafond, n. m. ceiling.
Plage, n. f. shore, beach.
Plaindre (se), v. r. ir. 4. (ind. p. je me
plains, p. d. je me plaignis), to

Plume, n. f. feather, pen.

Plupart (la), n. col. the most, most.
Plus, adv. more.
Plusieurs, adj. several.
Pluton, Pluto.

Point, n. m. point, adv. not.
Poisson, n. m. fish.
Pôle, n. m. pole.

Poli, e, adj. polite, polished.
Politesse, n. f. politeness.
Porphyre, n. m. porphyry.
Port, n. m. port.

Porter, v. a. 1. to carry, to bear.
Portique, n. m. portico.

Poser, v. a. 1. to lay, to set, to place.
Posséder, v. a. 1. to possess.

Possible, adj. possible.


Plier, v. a. 1. to bow, to bend. Pluie, n. f. rain.

Poteau, n. m. stake, post.
Pour, pre. for.

Pousser, v. a. 1. to push, to hasten.
Pouvoir, v. n. ir. 3. (ind. p. je puis, p.
d. je pus, p. pu), to be able."
Prairie, n f. meadow.
Préalablement, adv. previously.
Précipiter, v. a. 1. to hasten, precipi-

Pis, adv. worse, tant pis, so much Présence, n. f. presence.

Présent, n. m. present.

Présenter (se), v. r. 1. to present

one's self.

Préférer, v. a. 1. to prefer. Préliminaire, n. & adj. preliminary. Premier, e, adj. first.

Prendre, v. a. ir. 4. (p. d. je pris. p. pris), to take; (s'y) ref. to commence, to open the matter. Préparer, v. a. 1. to prepare. Près de, pre. near, nearly. Président, n. m. president.

Presque, adv. almost.

Presser, v. a. & r. 1. (se), to hasten, to

Plaine, n. f. plain.

Plaire, v. n. ir. 4. (p. d. je plus, p. Printemps, n. m. spring.


Prêt, e, adj. ready, prepared.

Prier, v. a. & n. 1. to pray, to entreat.
Prière, n. f. prayer.
Prince, n. m. prince.

plu), to please.

Plaisant, n. m. wag, joker.
Planter, v. a. 1. to plant.
Plein, e, adj. full, open.

Pleurer, v. a. & n. 1. to weep, to Profession, n. f. profession.

Prisonnier, n. m. prisoner.
Prix, n. m. price, prize.
Produire, v. a. ir. 4. to produce.
Proférer, v. a. 1. to utter, to speak.

Projet, n. m. project.

Prolonger, v. a. 1. to extend, to continue, to lengthen.

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