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not in phrase, with Paul's three, Faith, donations almost entirely through his Hope, Charity."

bankers, and the secret of the much"I do not believe," said his Lordship, discussed cheques was well sustained, “in the Gospel of Christ being a system We are assured, however, that the total of magical arts, such as the sons of said to have been given has been greatly Scæva attempted to practise at Ephesus. exaggerated. From the generally suitIt may be expanded, as everything made able and praiseworthy objects which up of a vast number of related truths he assisted, we should fancy that his may be expanded, into a philosophical banker helped him with his counsel : system, which

you may call the Queen at least he is a man of Christian and of the Sciences,' as dealing with the high- truly Catholic spirit. . . . It was not by est subject which can occupy the mind, his advice, certainly, that a cheque of but its power over the conscience and the usual munificent amount came to affections of men does not dwell there. the Swedenborgian Society for the purIt is in its simpler forms, as it can be chase of the works of the Swedish taught to babes, that it is most effective; enthusiast to distribute among ministers as a rule of life, bidding us be pure and of various denominations." unselfish and kindly affectioned ; as a The allusion in this paragraph high ideal stimulating us to forget the to the dissemination of the writings of things that are behind, and reach for- Swedenborg is a gratuitous insult to ward to the things that are before ; as the memory of a good man, and is not an indwelling power enlightening us very complimentary to his banker. Is when we see but dimly ; enabling and it inconsistent with a Christian and capacitating us where we are feeble or truly Catholic spirit to aid in diffusing incompetent; purifying us when appe. among the clergy of all denominations tite or passion are in danger of blunting the writings of the most intensely the finer perceptions of the heart, the Christian writer of the past generation ! nobler

purposes of the soul ; laying the And when most unchristian sentiments foundation of an ampler and higher life, are rapidly spreading among Christian first for the individual and then for the teachers, when anything like an intelsociety and the race.

ligent and vigorous faith in the SuThe truth and beauty of this teaching preme Deity of the Saviour and the will be readily admitted, yet most Divinity of the written Word of God thoughtful minds will feel the want is fading out of the minds of the of definite theological opinion. The preachers, not a few of whom are as moral teaching and training of Chris- apt at finding examples of error in tianity cannot be separated from its the Word as evidences of truth, is doctrinal instructions, and the public it unchristian or uncatholic to put teachers of religion will need not only to into the hands of these teachers the insist upon the excellency of the moral means of helping them to true precepts of the Gospel but also to reform Christian faith and aiding them in its the creeds of the Church if they are to more effective teaching ? And where turn aside the shafts of their opponents, has this writer discovered the enthusior provide for the intellectual and spiri- asm of Swedenborg? Calmness of mind tual necessities of the age. If these and soberness of teaching are the presomewhat coarse assaults of the faith Vailing characteristics of this great should help them in this work, they man, who is the farthest possible rewill be overruled for good.

moved from what is generally under

stood by unrestrained enthusiasm. BENJAMIN ATTWOOD, EsQ:--A writer in the Leisure Hour writes respecting

GENERAL CONFERENCE. Address this eminent philanthropist : He was from the General Convention of the Net not a bachelor, but a married man with: Church in America to the General Conout family, and long a widower. ference of the New Church in England. He was á Fellow of the Zoological -Beloved Brethren,-In behalf of the Society, and also of the Royal Botanic General Convention, I have the pleasure cal Society, which in its earlier years he of acknowledging the receipt of your aided by his purse and efforts.” Speakhonoured President's fraternal Address

. of his thousand pound donations, the The works of securing good and accu' In his later years he gave his and of spreading a knowledge of the

rate editions of Sweden borg's Writings,

writer says:

with you,


Doctrines of the New Church by means with those who loved them, with those of books, which are mentioned in the who had confirmed them, and, in a less Address, are always interesting to us. degree, with those who had been brought In these, and other ways which doubt- up in their obscurity. These were many; less will open hereafter, we hope for the and the gloom of their false thought has satisfaction of continued co-operation overspread the earth.

On the other hand, the light enIt has afforded us much gratification kindled in Swedenborg has been upheld to learn of the gratuitous distribution by other faithful men and women, who of the “ True Christian Religion "among have received it in their hearts and the clergy in your country. The same borne witness to it in their lives. Bework is continued in the United States fore the lamps which they are bearing and Canada, through the munificence the remaining darkness is melting away ; of our brother, L. C. Iungerich, of and it is becoming easy for many to Philadelphia. From a report made by enjoy the truth of heaven. To every the Trustees appointed by him to have one of you, dear brethren, who loves charge of this distribution, it appears the Lord, and in no matter how small a that between seven thousand and eight work, tries to do His will, we owe a thousand copies of the “True Christian debt of gratitude ; for you have made Religion” have been given to clergy- it easier for us to know Him, and to men applying for them. In response to live from Him. Surely this is the his offer, recently made, to present the noblest service that we can render to

Apocalypse Revealed,” over one thou- one another, and the most effective way sand applications have already been re- in which we can do the work intrusted ceived, and the books forwarded. In to us all. A true Brotherhood we beaddition to this work of Mr. Iungerich, come in living together from the Lord. the “ American New Church Tract and Conjoined with Him, we are one in Publication Society” have distributed Him; and we are ready to work tonearly five thousand copies of the treatise gether harmoniously in any use that is on “Heaven and Hell.”

provided for us. There are signs and fruits of another, By direction of the President of the perhaps greater work, that of receiving General Convention of the New Jeruthe light of the New Jerusalem with salem in the United States of America, humble hearts, and setting it upon the Your brother and fellow-servant, candlestick of faithful lives. Your many

JOHN WORCESTER. able writers are familiar to us as our

We have learned to expect con- To the General Convention of the New fidently from their words hopeful thought Church in America. ---Dear Brethren,and encouragement. But what is still The Rev. John Hyde, who was appointed more important to us is that in Great as President of the 67th General ConBritain there are thousands of men and ference, to address you on their behalf, women thinking New Church thoughts, having been prevented from dischargand faithfully trying in their homes and ing the duty by long and serious illness, their daily employments to do what is has deputed me to write to you in his good and right, from the Lord. When stead. I accept the charge with deep Swedenborg was revealing to us from regret that any such deviation from the Heaven the truths of the New Church, intention of Conference should have the world was in midnight darkness; been necessary, and with a full assnr. and in order that he might be able to ance that in our sympathy with our be. think and write the truth, his spirit was loved and suffering friend, and in our caught up above the clouds, and made prayers that, if in conformity with the a member of a society of angels. Upon Divine will, he may be speedily restored him the heavens concentrated their to his eminent usefulness in the Church power, and sustained him in receiving on earth, you, our brethren, distant in pure truth from the Lord, and in writing the body, but ever near in spirit, heartily it. By the power of this truth thus and affectionately join. written, the darkness was so far dis- The Address prepared by our brother, pelled that it became possible for them the Rev. John Worcester, has been read to think truly ; yet the clouds remained to the Conference, which fully recipro


cates its expression of fraternal regard, cise that true charity which seeks the and rejoices in the evidences it affords benefit and enlightenment of all. of successful New Church labour in One important result of the comyour great nation.

bination of American and English en. This 68th Session of the Conference terprise has so far advanced that we will be remembered by us with especial may exchange congratulations on the interest, as the occasion of the visit, as prospect of its early and successful comthe messenger of the Convention, of pletion : 1, of course, refer to the pubyour President, the Rev. Chauncey lication, by the Rev. Dr. Tafel, of the Giles, whom we have rejoiced to wel. first volume of the important series of come, both in his official character as Documents concerning Swedenborg, representing your Convention, and for which he collected with so much care the many personal reasons which have and scholarship, and has now given to endeared him to us. Mr. Giles's lucid the world. In affording accurate know. and eloquent expositions of New Church ledge as to the great and good man truths have long ranked him among our selected by the Lord to declare His most honoured teachers, but henceforth Second Coming, we shall dispel preju. we shall have the added pleasure of re- dices which have deterred many from garding him as a well-known and much- that candid examination of the New loved friend. Such intimacies cannot Church writings which is requisite to a but unite more and more closely the conviction of their truth. Churches in our respective countries; Like yourselves, the Conference bas and we trust that the time will come this year completed the work, now long when some among ourselves may visit in progress, of preparing an improved you, and testify the sincerity of our in- Liturgy for the Public Services of the terest in your efforts for the extension Church. Apparently the time has not of the knowledge of truth and the life of arrived—perhaps never may arrive-for goodness, and the consequent wider and our adoption of the same forms of wordeeper reception among men of that ship ; since the different external sur. New Jerusalem which descendeth out of roundings of the Church in our respecheaven from God.

tive countries naturally lead to a diver. But the interchange of personal visits, sity of ritual. Besides, there are beauty however conducive to a better know- and order in harmonious variety rather ledge of each other, and a consequent than in blank uniformity; so that we friendlier regard, will necessarily always shall doubtless scan each others' labours remain a privilege enjoyed by compara. with friendly interest, and in the entively few, and the great mass of our deavour to learn something practically respective congregations, so far as bodily useful in our own future work. presence is concerned, will continue to The work of gratuitously distributing be strangers to each other. Let us re- the True Christian Religion to ministers joice that there is a spiritual proximity, of all denominations, in which our Sweindependent of natural location, and denborg Society followed the example of effective of conjunction far more per- the Church in your country, has promanent, and mightier in ensuring that ceeded during the past year with great strength in the prosecution of our com- energy, nearly four thousand copies mon work for the sake of which union having been thus circulated, besides a should be desired. The mutual employ- sale far exceeding the usual annual ment of our respective literatures ; the average. Encouraged by the many circulation here of your New Jerusalem appreciative replies received in acknowMessenger, and, among you, of our In- ledgment of these donations, the Comtellectual Repository; the use, in our mittee contemplate a similar distribution missionary operations, of books and of the Apocalypse Revealed. Another tracts written in America, and in your of our institutions, the " Missionary and efforts as apostles of the Second Ad- Tract Society of the New Church," has vent, of the productions of English pens, employed the same means of usefulness all tend to enrich the common stock, with great success by giving away to render whatsoever is good and pro- eighteen hundred copies of the Rev. fitable in the Church the possession, Chauncey Giles's Spiritual World and not of a locality or section, but of the our Children there, in addition to a very whole ; and thus to develop and exer- extensive circulation of a new and beautiful edition, prepared expressly for sale the farm of one of the peasants who in. at a marvellously low cost, at our public vited me to come thither. A large hall lectures, &c. These are labours in and two lesser adjoining rooms were which we rejoice to co-operate with you, quite crowded, more than 200 persons and in which the success of each is the being present. Among the hearers were success and triumph of us both. two ministers, of whom the one ‘felt it

With renewed expressions of the most to be his duty to warn against the doccordial fraternal regard, and earnestly trine advocated by the Swedenborgian praying that in both our countries we speaker, that Christ had not suffered the may be enabled worthily to labour for penalty of sin in our place, and that we the Divine Lord of the harvest, I am, are not justified only by believing in His dear brethren, on behalf of the General vicarious sufferings,' &c. When I had Conference, your faithful friend and answered his objections, he would speak brother, John PRESLAND. again, but he was silenced by some of

the hearers. The other Lutheran pastor SCANDINAVIAN Mission.—The fol- was of quite another opinion. He asked lowing report to the Committee of For: to get some tracts, and said to a friend eign and Colonial Missions, was received of his who asked him what he thought from Rev. Mr. Boyesen, the agent of the of the lecture : 'I am very much pleased above mission :

indeed; I have never learnt so much of “I am happy to be able to give the true Christian religion in so short a Committee a short report of a missionary time.' Two other lectures were devisit to Sweden, and I hope that it will livered at another farm, and the attendbe as gratifying to our noble friends as ance was from 200 to 250 persons, of it has been satisfactory to our brethren. whom many expressed in obliging terms

According to the wish of the New their satisfaction, and asked me to come Church friends in Stockholm, I went back again as soon as possible. thither in the middle of the month of “Having got an invitation to lecture at April, and lectured twice a week until Christianstad, in Skane, I went thither about the middle of May. During this before leaving Sweden and delivered time we had public worship every Sun- three lectures, the first of which was day, and a very good audience, the attended by about 100 persons. One told hearers seeming to take great interest in me that the reason why there were not the new doctrines. Very warm expres- more hearers was that people in general sions of approval were given by many, thought I was speaking Danish, but and the results have been of a very satis. when they heard that I lectured in the factory nature. Several new members Swedish language the number have been added to the New Church doubled. The last time more than 200 Society in Stockholm, and of their num- persons were present, and among these ber we now count a Dr. of Philosophy, the State Governor and many other offiwith his wife. Even a Jewish merchant cers of rank. The meeting was greatly and his aged mother have become re- interested, so much so that at the close ceivers of the heavenly doctrines. I the Governor and his wife, together with spoke very often with the merchant him many others, expressed their satisfaction. self, and before I left Stockholm he asked Favourable accounts of the lectures were me what he had to do in order to become printed in ‘Nya Christianstadsbladet' a member of the Society. While I was and in ' Nya Skanska Posten.' As it in the Swedish capital, three farmers probably will interest our brethren to from the neighbourhood of Sala, in West- know what publishers in Sweden think manland, came to hear the lectures. They of the ‘Swedenborgianism,'I will transattended one Sunday service and one late a couple of these accounts. The lecture, and when they went home again first runs thus :they asked me to come and lecture in “. Pastor A. Boyesen's lecture on their county or ‘Socken.'

Swedenborgianism yesterday evening at “Accordingly, I went with great plea- the Masonic Hall was attended by about sure from Stockholm to ‘Tärna Socken,' 100 persons, both gentlemen and ladies. about twelve Swedish or seventy-two The subject was the first part of Matt. English miles from the capital, and lec- chap. v., which he explained according tured the first evening at Tingvastbo, to the doctrinal system of E. Sweden.


borg. The attendance listened intently there are who hunger and thirst for som to the fluent discourse, and the satisfac- better spiritual food and drink than tion seemed to be general.

what commonly they receive. There is "• Mr. Boyesen, who does not make use a large field for missionary work in of any other concept than his Bible, is a Scandinavia, but it is a great pity that talented speaker, and in that degree so there is so greata want both of money and master of his subject that irresistibly he of labourers to carry out the important carries his hearers with himself.' work in the Lord's vineyard. When I " The other runs thus :

think of all those warm-hearted thanks “Pastor Boyesen held “New Church I have heard, both of persons here and in lectures” to a pretty large audience last Sweden, I am filled with thankfulness to Sunday and yesterday. The lectures the Lord and to those noble friends who were very affecting' ('tilltalande'). enable me to make the heavenly doe

Considering that Christianstad has trines of the New Jerusalem knowd, only 8000 inhabitants, the result there both through translating and preaching, seems to be better than in Stockholm. even in Sweden, where the great Apostle

“In the first part of June I returned to of the New Church lived and worked, Copenhagen, where also some new mem- and where it pleased the Lord to again bers and receivers have been added to appear, in order to save that which was our New Church Society, not only in the lost.' capital itself but also in different parts “In the name of all our brethren in of the country. We have had public Scandinavia, I thank our friends in lectures every week and regular Sunday England for all they have so kindly done services, so that here in Copenhagen for us, and in the name of the Great there is good occasion to be acquainted Father of all His New Church children with the New Church. Whenever a we appeal to all friends and brethren of new hearer is present at any of our meet. His New Church who are doing so much ings he gets a tract if he will receive it. towards spreading the truths amongst But I am sorry that we have not the those less favoured, not to faint in their means to print suitable new tracts. Al. charitable endeavours, but kindly to though our little Society has increased assist us until we are able to help our in number, it has not increased in wealth. selves. We are all poor, both here and in Stock- "May the Lord Jesus Christ, our Father holm. Everything being so dear, and and Saviour, be with the Committee, even getting dearer and dearer, the with the General Conference of the New members of our Society cannot at present Church in Great Britain, with us all, afford to support the mission with more and we with Him to make His glorious than about £2 a month or about £24 Name known unto all men, and blessed yearly. They do their utniost to pay the by all. rent for a place of worship, and some “I am, on behalf of the New Church other necessary expenses. We would not Societies in Stockholm and in Copeneven have been able to do this if some hagen, yours faithfullyand affectionately, of our ladies had not raised a little sum

*A. T. BOYESEN. yearly through bazaars ; but their warm- Copenhagen, 12th June 1875. hearted interest has enabled us to pay “Enighedsvei, No. 10." the debts which the Society has incurred every year.

PARIS.–We publish with much plea"Since the last report to the Committee sure the following letter of our beloved one adult has been confirmed, one wed. brother M. Harlé, addressed to Rev. W. ding has taken place, and the Holy Bruce :-"Dear and Reverend brother, Supper has been administered four times. -Last year, our esteemed friend Mr.

"I am happy to tell our dear friends Bateman, having, in the company of that the first volume of “The True Mrs. Bateman, favoured our little New Christian Religion has now left the Church group in Paris with a kind and press, so that this important work can friendly visit, highly pleasing to every go out into the world and impart its member of it, gave you, with testimonies heavenly truths to men.

of great good feeling to us, an account "Allow me, in conclusion, to remark of our meetings on that occasion. that I have noticed with joy how many "Mr. Bateman was well situated

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