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of the word dates from the publication of Le Parnasse Contemporain (Lemerre, 1866).

20. P. 284. – Victor de Laprade, born 1812, first a disciple and imitator of Edgar Quinet, then the friend of Lamartine, Lamennais, George Sand, Victor Hugo; admitted to the Academy in 1857 in succession to Alfred de Musset. He wrote Parfums de Madeleine, 1839; Odes et Poèmes, 1843; Poèmes Evangéliques, 1852; Idylles Héroiques, 1858, etc. etc.

21. P. 293. - Madame Necker de Saussure was the daughter of the famous geologist, De Saussure; she married a nephew of Jacques Necker, and was therefore cousin by marriage of Madame de Staël. She is often supposed to be the original of Madame de Cerlèbe in Delphine, and the Notice sur le Caractère et les Écrits de Mdme. de Staël, prefixed to the authoritative edition of Madame de Staël's collected works, is by her. Philanthropy and education were her two main interests, but she had also a very large amount of general literary cultivation, as was proved by her translation of Schlegel's Lectures on Dramatic Literature.


ABOUT's satire and irony, i. 298.
Absolute, Amiel's craving for the, i. 96.

conception of the, ii. 169, 203.
Absolutism, ii. 70.
Accident, philosophy of, i. 119.

and Providence, i. 306.
Ackermann, poems of Madame, ii. 167.
Acorn and oak, ii. 315.
Action, Amiel's cross, i. 182.

= concrete thought, i. 8.
how to recover courage for, i. 69.

requisites for, ii. 290.
Activity of the Western Nations, unholy, ii. 279.
Adoration and consolation essential in religion, i. 178.
Advice, giving, ii. 117.
Æschylus's Prometheus and Eumenides, ii. 136.
Affected poets, ii. 244.
Affirmation and examination, ii. 123.
Age, loss of respect for, i. 230.

the servitude of, ii. 24.
Alcibiades, ii.

Algebra v. life, ii. 95.
All or nothing, ii. 169.
Alps, the, i. 94, 287; ii. 75.
Ambition, Amiel's horror of, i. 189; íi. 200.

moral, ii. 58.
Americans, the, ii. 279.

Amusement and instruction, ii. 269.
Analysis, extreme, i. 185.

kills spontaneity, ii. 257.
of self, Amiel's, i. 279.

woman's dislike of, i. 304.
Analytic minds, i. 292.
Anger, conquest of, ii. 319.
Animality, the laws of, ii. 214.
Animals, treatment of, i. 274.
Annihilation of Buddha, ii. 29.
Anonymous souls, ii. 37.
Ant v. swallow, i. 142.
A priori speculations, ii. 123.
Arcadia, an expedition into, ii. 182.
Aristotle, ii. 203.
Art, decadence of, ii. 4.

grand and simple, ii. 245.
and imagination, ii. 253.

reveals Nature, i. 186.
Ascension Day, ii. 270.
Atala and René, Châteaubriand's, i. 146, 149.
Atheism, effects of, ii. 212.
Atomism, philosophy of, i. 230.
Attila, ii. 287.
Augustine and Lucian contrasted, ii. 217.
Authority v. liberty, ii. 37.
Autumn, melancholy of, ii. 176.

of life, ii. 12.

twofold, i. 223.
Azote, woman the social, ii. 135.

BABBLE, ignorant, ii. 240.
Bach's prelude, i. 88.
Bacon on religion, i. 253.
Bahnsen's pessimism, ii. 115.
Balzac, ii. 94.
Bannière Bleue, la, ii. 285.

Banter not humour, ii. 318.
Barbarism, possible triumph of, i. 232.
Basle, ii. 81.
Bayle and Saint Simon, ii. 48.
Beauty, female, i. 301.

v. goodness, ii. 217.
and pathos, i. 152, 153.
and ugliness, ii. 113.

universal in Paradise, i. 233.
Beauty the spiritualisation of matter, i. 233.
Beethoven and Mozart contrasted, i. 88, 89.
Being, consciousness of, ii. 308.

and non-being, ii. 274.
Beranger, ii. 51.
Berkeley, i. 46.
Berlioz, Romeo and Juliet, ii. 228.
Bewusstsein, ii. 342.
Biedermann on Strauss, ii. 320.
Biran's Journal, i. 138-140.
Birds in bad weather, i. 278.
Bismarck, i. 306.
Blasés of the world, ii. 298.
Boileau and Fontaine contrasted, ii. 231.
Book, function of the, ii. 235.
Bossuet on charity, ii. 265.
Bourse, movements of the (the beat of the common

heart), i. 266.
Brahma, ii. 83.

his dream, i. 294.
Brahmanic aspirations, ii. 190.
Brahmanising souls, ii. 291.
Brain-decay, Amiel's, ii. 218.
Buddha, ii. 78.

method of, ii. 330.
Buddism, ii. 29, 52, 167.
Buddhist tendency of Amiel, i. 273.
Buisson, ii. 37.

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