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Only Waiting


A very aged Christian, who was so poor as to be in an almshouse, was asked what he was doing now. He replied, "Only waiting."

ONLY waiting till the shadows
Are a little longer grown ;
Only waiting till the glimmer

Of the day's last gleam is flown;
Till the night of earth is faded
From the heart once full of day;
Till the stars of heaven are breaking
Through the twilight soft and gray.

Only waiting till the reapers

Have the last sheaf gathered home;
For the summer-time is faded,

And the autumn winds have come.
Quickly, reapers, gather quickly
The last ripe hours of my heart,
For the bloom of life is withered,
And I hasten to depart.

Only waiting till the angels

Open wide the mystic gate,

At whose feet I long have lingered,
Weary, poor, and desolate.

Even now I hear the footsteps,
And their voices, far away;
If they call me, I am waiting,
Only waiting to obey.

Only waiting till the shadows
Are a little longer grown;
Only waiting till the glimmer

Of the day's last gleam is flown;
Then from out the gathering darkness
Holy, deathless stars shall rise,
By whose light my soul shall gladly
Tread its pathway to the skies.

Friend after Friend Departs.


Friend after friend departs;

Who hath not lost a friend? There is no union here of hearts That finds not here an end: Were this frail world our only rest, Living or dying, none were blest.

Beyond the flight of time,

Beyond this vale of death, There surely is some blessed clime Where life is not a breath, Nor life's affections transient fire, Whose sparks fly upward to expire.

There is a world above,

Where parting is unknownA whole eternity of love, Formed for the good alone; And faith beholds the dying here Translated to that happier sphere.


Thus star by star declines,

Till all are passed away,

As morning high and higher shines
To pure and perfect day:

Nor sink those stars in empty night;

They hide themselves in heaven's own light.

Mords in Season.


"CAST me not off in the time of old age; forsake me not when my strength faileth." Psa. lxxi. 9.

Aged believer! you feel your dependence upon God for support and succour. If he should forsake you, if he should cast you off, you would indeed be helpless and hopeless. But you rejoice in the assurance that this can never be realized. You know that he will never leave you to bear up alone the pressure of your trials and infirmities; that he will never relax the grasp which enfolds you in his love. And therefore your prayer is rather the expression of confidence than the apprehension of fear. You ask for that which he has promised, which you are certain he will grant-the continuance of his gracious aid. In youthful days, it may be, in healthful hours, you found that without him you were weak and unprotected; and now in the time of old age, when your strength faileth, you are more deeply conscious of your need of his help.

Well, ask and you shall

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