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legal, valid

green, fresh

empty, void

studieux, se.


\ reeling, staggering, suffocant, e.

Vacillant, e. stiling, choaking

tottering, wavering sujet, te. subject, exposed vague,

loose, indefined superflu, e. superfluous vacant, e.

vacant supérieur, u. superior vain, e.

vain, fruitless sûr, e. sure, certain

valiant, stout, surnaturel, le.

valeureux, se. supernatural

courageous Tacheté, e.

speckled valide, tardif, ve. tardy, slow, late vaporeux, se.

vaporous tarissable, that can be dried up veillant, e.

awake tédieux, se. tedious vénéneux, se.

venomous tel, le.

such véreux, se. full of maggots, rotten téméraire, bold, rash vert, e.

virtuous stormy, tem- vertueux, se. tempestueux, se. pestuous vêtu, e.

clad, dressed tendre,

tender, soft vide, terreux, se. full of earth vif, ve.

lively têtu, e. obstinate, headstrong vicieux, se.

vicious, wicked tortu, e.

crooked vieux,

old, aged tortueux, se.

winding vieil, touchant, e. moving, affecting victorieux, se,

victorious touffu, e. thick, bushy, tufted vigoureux, se. vigorous, stout tourbeux, se. turfy yil, e.

vile, mean tourmentant, e.

tormenting, violent, e. violent, passionate troublesome viril, e.

manly tout, e. all, every, any vîte,

quick, swift tranchant, e. sharp, cutting volant, e.

flying triomphant, e. victorious, volage,

fickle, inconstant triumphant volatile, trivial, e. trivial, common volontaire.

voluntary, wilful turbulent, e. turbulent, violent voluptueux, se.

voluptuous tyrannique, tyrannical vomitif, ve.

vomitive Úligineux, se. damp, marshy voyant, e.

very gaudy unanime, unanimous vrai, e.

true, right, real unique, only, sole vraisemblable,

likely, probable usé, e. worn out, used vulgaire,

vulgar, common utile,

useful, profitable Zélé, e, jealous, ardent, passionate






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canarder, {

to drive away


to lower, to hum

to Abaisser,



, ble, to let down blanchir, v. n.

to grow old abandonner, to forsake, to leave blesser,

to hurt, to wound abattre, to pull down, to fell boucher, to stop a hole, to block up abîmer, to destroy, to ruin brûler,

to burn abonner, to compound Cacher,

to hide, to conceal aboutir,

to border upon, to cadrer, to suit, to agree, to answer meet, to end in calomnier,

to calumniate abreuver. s to soak, to lead

to shoot at a person | animals to drink

from a sheltered place absoudre, to absolve causer, v. n.

to prattle, to tattle accélérer, to hasten causer, v, a.

to cause, to occasion accepter, to receive, to accept céder,

to yield, to give up accompagner, to accompany célébrer,

to celebrate accoucher, to deliver ceindre,

to gird acheminer, to set forward chanter,

to sing acquérir, to acquire charger,

to charge, to load adoniser; to dress one's self out chasser, to direct a letter, to chauffer,

to warm, to heat adresser, send, to dedicate choisir,

to choose, to select affecter, to affect clouer,

to nail aggraver, to aggravate commencer,

to begin agrandir, to enlarge, to widen concerner, to belong, to concern aider,

to help, to assist concerter, to contrive, to agree aigrir, to exasperate, to make sour confoudre,

to confound aiguiser, to sharpen

to know, to be aimer, to love, to like, to be fond of connaître,

, ajuster,

to adjust, to fit up conseiller, to advise, to counsel alarmer, to alarm convoiter,

to covet allumer, to light, to kindle coudre,

to sew aller, to go couler,

to flow altérer, to change courir,

to run amarrer, to moor a ship couvrir,

to cover amasser, to gather, to collect cracher,

to spit annoncer, to announce creuser,

to dig, to deepen Badiner,

to joke croire,

to believe, to credit bâiller, to gape, to yawn cuire,

to cook, to bake baiser,

to kiss

to rid, to get clear of bassiner, to warm a bed

a troublesome person bâtir,

to build, to erect déborder, to overflow, to jut out battre, to beat décacheter,

to unseal bercer,

to rock a child déchiffrer, to decipher, to unravel beugler,

to bellow découvrir,

to uncover, to discover beurrer, to butter décréter,

to order, to decree bigarrer,

to spreckle défaillir, to get weak, to fail to bleach linen, dégager,

to redeein blanchir, v. a. to wash linen dégénérer.

to degenerate


dégrader, dégraisser, déloger, demeurer, dépêcher, dépeupler, dépoter, désassocier, desserrer, desservir, dévorer, différer, disposer, dorer, doubler, ébranler, ébruiter, écaler, écarter, échapper, échauder échauffer, éclaircir, échouer, éclairer, écrire, égaliser, égorger, égratigner, embraser, embrasser, emporter, endosser, Façonner, fâcher, farcir, feindre, féliciter, feuilleter, fiancer,

to degrade friser,

to curl hair to scour, to skim fuser,

to melt to dislodge Gagner, to win, to gain, to earn to dwell, to remain garantir,

to warrant to dispatch, to send garder,

to watch, to keep to depopulate gargouiller, to paddle in the water s to take a plant gémir,

to groan, to moan out of a pot glacer,

to freeze, to chill to dissolve partnership glisser,

to slide, to slip to loosen glousser,

to cluck like a hen to clear the table grandir, to grow, to grow tall to devour griller,

to broil to delay, to put off guider,

to guide to dispose Haïr, (H. asp.)

to hate to gild haler,

to heave, to haul to double hanter, to haunt, to frequent to shake, to move hâter,

to hasten to divulge hérisser,

to stand on end to shell heurter,

to strike, to hit to drive away hisser,

to hoist to escape honnir, to disgrace, to curse to scald houer,

to hoe to heat, to warm haranguer,

to make a speech to clear, to brighten hurler,

to howl, to yell to fail, to run aground habiller, (H. mute)

to dress to light, to watch, hériter,

to inherit to have an eye upon honorer,

to honor to write humecter,

to moisten to equalize humilier,

to humiliate to cut the throat, to Idolâtrer, to idolize, to worship murder, to slaughter imaginer,

to imagine to scratch impliquer,

to implicate to burn, to con- impugner, to impugn, to oppose

sume by fire imputer, to ascribe, to attribute to embrace, to hug incarcérer,

to imprison · to carry away indemniser,

to indemnify to put on, to endorse indiquer,

to indicate to figure, to shape inscrire,

to inscribe to grieve, to afflict intriguer,

to intrigue to stuff, to cram Jaillir,

* to spout out to hesitate, tu scruple japper,

to yelp, to bark to congratulate jeûner,

to fast to turn over the leaves jouer,

to play to betroth jouir,

to enjoy to fix, to make firm jucher,

to roost to flatter juguler,

to choak to melt, to liquefy justifier,

to justify to form Labourer,

to till, to plough to fortify lacer,

to lace to freshen laisser,

to leave to visit often languir,

to languish to fry lever, v. a.

to lift, to raise


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flatter, fondre, former, fortifier, fraîchir, fréquenter, frire,


to carry

to mix, to mingle postuler,

lever, v. n. to grow, to grow up peupler,

to populate lier, to tie, to bind pincer,

to pinch livrer, to deliver, to give up piler,

to pound loucher, to squint plaindre,

to pity louer, to praise plaire,

to please lutter, to wrestle, to struggle pleuvoir,

to rain Maigrir, to grow lean plonger,

to plunge, to dip malfaire,

to do harm plumer, to pluck out feathers mander, to order, to acquaint with poignarder,

to stab manquer,

to fail policer,

to govern, to civilize marchander, to bargain polir,

to polish marcher, to march pondre,

to lay eggs marier,

to marry porter, masquer, to disguise poser,

to lay, to set, to put mêler,



to put up for, to be a menacer, to threaten

candidate for ménager, to husband, to take care pouiller,

to call names moditier, to modify pourrir,

to putrefy monter, to mount, to ascend pourvoir,

to provide mortifier, to mortify prêcher,

to preach mouiller, to moisten, to wet précipiter,

to precipitate munir, to store, to provide prendre,

to take Nager, to swim prêter,

to lend naître,

to be born prévenir, to prevent, to prepossess natter, to mat priver,

to deprive négocier, to negotiate prohiber,

to prohibit noircir,

to blacken projeter, to scheme, to contrire nommer, to name protéger,

to protect Obéir, to obey punir,

to punish obliger,

to oblige Quérir, (used only with aller,) to fetch offenser, to offend questionner,

to question offrir,

to offer quêter, to beg, to collect money ondoyer, to rise in waves quitter,

to quit orner,

to ornament Rabattre, to pull down again ôter,

to remove, to take off racommoder, to mend, to'patch ourdir, to contrive, to warp raccourcir,

to shorten oublier,

to forget racheter, to buy again, to redeem ouvrir, to open radoucir,

to soften Pacifier, to pacify railler,

to jest, to jeer pâlir,

to turn pâle raisonner, to argue, to reason

to dress a wound ramasser, panser,

to take up, to pick up panser,

to look after a horse rajeunir, to grow young again paraître,

to appear rajuster, to set in order again parier,

to row partir, to set out, to depart ramoner,

to sweep a chimney passer, to pass, to call ranger,

to set in order payer,

to pay râper,

to grate, to rasp peindre, to paint rapprendre,

to learn again penser,

to think

to shave perfectionner, to make perfect rassurer, to quiet one's fear, to secure périr, to perish ratiser,

to poke the fire up persécuter,

to persecute rattraper, to catch again, to overtake


tu bet ramer,

, récréer { recueillir,

ravager, to ruin, to lay waste suer,

to perspire recéler, to conceal suivre,

to follow réciter,

to recite supplier, to implore, to supplicate to know again, to surcharger,

to overload reconnaître,

recognize survivre, to survive, to outlive to revive, to relieve, to sympathiser,

to sympathise delight, to refresh Tailler,

to cut, to carve to gather, to receive, tarder,

to delay to collect tarir,

to drain, to dry up reculer, to recoil, to fall back taxer,

to tax redire, to say again, to repeat tenir,

to hold redoubler, to reiterate têter,

to suck réduire, to reduce tirer,

to draw, to pull réfléchir, to reflect tolérer,

to tolerate régir, to govern, to rule tomber,

to fall régler, to regulate tordre,

to twist, to wring régner, to reign tortuer,

to make crooked regretter,

to regret tourner,

to turn, to move round rehausser, to raise, to heighten traire,

to milk reléguer, to exile traiter,

to treat, to settle remédier, to remedy tranquilliser,

to tranquillize remercier, to thank, to return thanks travailler,

to work remettre, to restore, to remit trébucher, to stumble, to tumble rendormir, to fall asleep again trembler,

to tremble réparer, to repare, to restore tremper,

to dip, to steep répéter, to repeat tricher,

to cheat reprendre, to find fault, to take again trotter,

to trot retenir, to retain, to withhold


to kill rêver,

to unite revenir, to return, to come again


to wear out, to use rire,

to laugh

usurper, Saccager, to sack, to pillage, to plunder utiliser,

to make useful saigner, to bleed Valoir,

to be worth saper, to sap, to undermine végéter,

to vegetate savoir,

to know veiller,

to watch, to sit up at night secourir, to assist, to succour vendre,

to sell séduire, to seduce venir,

to come seller, to saddle vêtir,

to clothe sentir, to feel vider,

to empty serrer, to serve, to attend vieillir,

to grow old siffler,

'to whistle violer, to violate, to transgress sommeiller, to slumber, to doze vivre,

to live sommer, to summon voguer,

to row sonner, to ring, to strike, to sound

“Let happen souffler,

to blow “Vogue la galère,” souffrir, to suffer voiler,

to veil souiller, to stain, to soil voir,

to see soumettre, to subdue voler,

to fly, to steal soutenir,

to travel subir, to undergo, to submit vouloir, to wish, to be willing

to sustain voyager,

to dream Unir,

to usurp

what may"

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