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30 tulall the law. I will not attempt to find words

ASSESSMENT NO. 362. that will express our heartfelt thanks and gratitude which we feel we owe to you for this expression of

April 19, 1878. Brother GARRETT VAN VECH. favor and manifestation of your kind regard toward TEN, of Vanderbilt Division No. 145. Admitted 18. While we highly prize this gift, the Bible, for February 16, 1870. Age 44. Died from dløease of the intrinsic value, we yet shall cherish that gener: ous spirit accompanying the same. Our hearts must the liver. Insurance payable to MRS. SARAH VAN. thank you in silence, and we will endeavor to so live VECHTEN. and act that Division No. 189 may deserve a continu. ance of your kindness, and show that the teachings An assessment of one dollar per member for the of this Book, your present, are not allogether disre. garded or lost upon us.

payment of each of the above claims is hereby or.

dered to be collected and forwarded to the General A few short and appropriate speeches were made Secretary within thirty days from date of potice. by different Brothers, after which the ladies mai'e things lively in the eating line. Some of the sisters

Members of the Insurance will remit to their Secrethen favored the company with a song, and with

tary within thirty days from the date of this notice, the use of a violin, 9 very pleasant and enjoyable and the Secretaries to the General Secretary within evening was spent.

ten days thereafter on penalty of forfeiting their

membership failing to do so. At a meeting of Belleville Division No. 189, B, of

Number of Paying Members. as taken L. E., the following resolutions were passed :

from Reports Nos. 357 and 358, 1937. Resolred, That we, as officers and members of Belleville Division 189, Brotherhood of Locomotive Number of Divisions not Reported on Engineers, accept the beautiful and costly gifts, and going to press, 44 and 72. in so doing would return our heartfelt thanks to the fair donors, our sincere friends and well

Yours &c., wishers.

L. B. GREENE, Gen'l Sec. Resolved, That as a body of Locomotive Engineers, we do indeed fully acknowledge and appreciate the

P. M. ARTHUR, President. generous motives of our friends which urged them to this act of generosity, and that as a body of men, of which their husbands are accepted and honorable

RE-INSTATED, members, will only the more cherish their memory Into Divisionfor the deep interest they have taken in our wel. fare.

58-W.H. Anderson.

172-C.J. Millington. Resolved, That as the gift 18 destined to pl} & con. spicuous place in our hall, and to be on the top of our Altar, we are, as a body of men, reminded that our calling is one of constant danger, but by seeing

WITHDRAWALS. the prectous Bible, the gift of our friends, we are constantly reminded that whosoever putteth his

From Division trust in God shall not perish but have everlasting 34-Robert Markel to join Div. 182. life.

157-Thos. C. Brydges, to join elsewhere. Resolved, that this gift, to be fully appreciated,

J. U. Driscoll, to join elsewhere. must be seen, and that Ils principles would indicate to our every day duty, danger and safety, and that, as an organization of Locomotive Engineers, we

EXPULSIONS. will ever try to avert all dangers of our hazardous calling, and at last hope to find a station of Eternal

From DivisionSafety

9-T. L. Boyd, for violating his obligation. Resolved, that the above resolutions be published 157-Wm. Bennett, Edward C. Champlin, S. W. in the Belleville Ontario and in the LOCOMOTIVE

Curtis, Jos, B. Case, George Clickner, J. ENGINEERS' Journal, and a copy of the same be

D. Dunham, Oscar Durand, L. H. Everett, presented to Sisters Mrs. J. Kain and Mrs. S. McNeil,

H. Foster, Charles, A. Houston, John with the seal of the Division attached.

Hague, Thos. Hague, M. Hughes, Ed. T.C. MONABB,

Hull, Henry Jones, Jesse Jones, George S. A. STEPHENS, Committee.

Jackson, Peter Kershaw, W. H. Krouse,

James M. Kinsman. W. Hudson Lovell,
John Lynch, John R. McCall, Robert W
McCloud, Wm. Miller. Aaron Mattis, B.

W. Munn, John Provost, N. C. Rhodes, LOCOMOTIVE ENGINEERS' MUTUAL

John Rhodes, Jacob Shurtz, Chas. Shultz,

Jos. Smith, Robe. Siney, Nathan Walt, LIFE INSURANCE ASSOCIATION.

H. Wolfskeild. R. G. Small, Edward Scott,

A. Van Pelt, C. Ward, I. Webster, S. D. CLEVELAND, O., May 31, 1879.

Winner, J. S. York, and F. Naylor,

ignominiously for violating their obliga. ASSESSMENT NOTICES Nos. 361 AND 362.

tions. To the Secretary and Treasurer of Div. No.

52–George W. Foss, John Eaton, 1. L. Schriner,

James P. McKenny, A. S. Fifer, W. B. You are hereby notified of the death of the fol.

Couster, R. Hollinshade, C. L. Stephens, lowing members of this Association, and ordered to

Howard Stephens, Charles May, C. W. collect an assessment of one dollar for the payment

Shipley and J. B. Wiley, ignominiously

for violating their obligations. of each of the following claims from all who were

C. Wilson and J. Wilson, for non-attend. members of the Association at the time these deaths

ance. Occurred.

146-A, H. Woods, for non-attendance and unbe

coming conduct. ASSESSMENT NO. 361.

M. Arquette, for unbecoming conduct. , April 8. 1878. Brother M. B. DENIO of Baraboo 166—P. B. Posten, ignomintously for violating his Division No 176. Admitted April 15, 1877. Aged 33.

obligation. Died from injuries received caused by his engine

84-Zera B. Davis, H. Bowtelle, C. H, R. Sibley,

G. M. Sawyer, and H. S. Lee, for unbegoing through a bridge. Insurance payable to Mrs.

coming conduct. SARAU M. DENIO,

63-M. R. Osgood, for unbecoming conduct.

The following are the names of those who did not Green, reached over the bofler, grasped him, and sign the agreement to voluntarily withdraw from the pulled him over to his side.

After the accident, the train ran nearly a míle beBrotherhood, on the Central Railroad of N. J.:

fore it could be stopped.
Marshall N. Clapp, Jeremiah S. Goodwin, Dispatcher Frech took the "Central" engine and

Thomas C. Bridges, Mellville A. Lovell, went out after the train and brought it in,
Benjamin S. Moore, James E. Groat, Mr. Phillips was taken to his home in Blooming-
Storm Long, Robt. M. Bechtel and Geo. ton, and Drs, Field and Mathews attended to his

wounds. The next day Dr. Wellington, of Pen-
nington, surgeon of the D. & B.B, RR., united with
Drs. Field and Mathews in treating him. It was

decided that his shattered limb could be saved, and OBITUARIES.

under the skillful treatment he improved so satis. Brother P, H. Lyons, of Cream City Division No. he would soon be out.

factorily that, in last week's Rock, it was predicted 66, died April 7, 1878.

That prediction was never to be verifed. Last

Monday afternoon he complained of stiffness of the Died at the residence of F. Wurtsmith, (bis jaws and thickness of the tongue. Dr. Mathews father-in-law) in Monroe, Michigan, April 13, 1878,

was called, and he at once realized the frightful Brother T.J. Callahan, member of Saginaw Valley His associate physicians were promptly summoned,

truth that serious symptoms of lock jaw had set in. Division No. 99, B. of L. E.

and from that hour until Wednesday morning every:

thing was done to avert the fatal end, but without Brother Callahan has served as an engineer on the avail. F. and P. M. R. R. for the past seven years, having

At eleven o'clock and fifty minutes, Wednesday

morning, William Philips, à faithful engineer, a commenced his railroad career with said company brave and honest man, a devoted husband and father, some eleven years ago, as fireman. Shortly after laid down his life--laid it down as only a brave man being promoted to tue position of engineer, he met

can who is "struck down at his post.'

Deceased was forty-four years of age, and leaves with an accident, receiving injuries from which he a widow and two children, a son and daughter. He never fully recovered. During the past six years had been in the service of the D. & B.B. R. R. almost

from its commencement; previous to that he was he has been quite feeble, having many times been with the C. R. R. of N.J. obliged to give up, until his strong ambition would The funer il will take place tomorrow, (Sunday). cause bim to resume his labor, notwithstanding the burg. leaving Bound Brook about 11:25 A. M. The

A special train will convey the remains to Phillips. urgent request of his many friends to the contrary. last sad rites will be observed at the Methodist His troubles finally extended to his lungs, when he church, Phillipsburgh, at 2:30 P. X. It is expected was compelled to resign his late to the Supreme come from Philade.phla and Jersey City - The Dun

that delegations of engineers and railroad men will Ruler.

ellen Rock. He was buried in Monroe on Tuesday, April 16th, Died, in Tulare Cal., April 19, of Diphtheria, His funeral was attended by many friends, many Myrtie, daughter of Henry and Sophia Main, a native accompanying the Brothers from Saginaw on a of Atchison, Kansas, aged four years, four months special train, furnished by Manager H. C. Potter, of and nineteen days. the F. & P. M.R. R., for the occasion.

The subject of this sketch was the daughter and Brother Callaban has been a member of the only child of Henry Main, formerly of Division No. Brotaerhood of Locoinotive Engineers a number of 164, now a member of 126. She was an exceptionally years, being at the time of his death a member of bright child-wise, far beyond her years. She soon Division No. 99, in good standing and highly es. engrafted herself upon the hearts of all who knew teemed by all.

her, and when suffering the most extreme suffoAt a regular meeting of Saginaw Valley Division

cating agony, incident to the dreadful scourge, No. 99, held at their room, the following resolutions Diphtheria, she would raise her tiny hands and bid were adopted :

her mother not to weep, adding, “ Don't weep,

mamma, we shall meet beyond the River !" Resolred. That we return our heartfelt thanks to Manager H. C. Potter, for yts kindness in furnish- Many of the good people of Tulare wil) long ing the employes with engine and coach that they remember, with a mixed feeling of pleasure and might attend the funeral of our deceased Brother. pain, the Sabbath preceding her death, how she T.J. Callahan. Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be for.

gally tripped up the church aisle and asked the warded to the LocoMOTIVE ENGINEERS' JOURNAL | minister where she could find a seat. Going from for publication. A. B. CHIAMBERLIN,

Sabbath School that day she was taken ill and never WM. O'HERIN, Committee.

left her home again until we carried her lifeless J. R. BLANCHETT,

form and laid it beneath the sands of the great valley

of the Golden State, where the wild flowers of April Brother Wm. J. Phillips, of Centralla Division No. 157, died May 2, 1878, from injuries received caused spread their luxuriance over these vast plains. by the breaking of a rod on his engine.

Strong hearts wept as we laid her in her home On the evening of April 15th, as train No. 127, the

among the dead, there to lie until the angel sball Philadelphla and New York express, passed Hamil. sound the call, summoning us all to meet beyond ton station, the right hand parallel rod snapped in the beautiful River. two, and one end of it came crashing up into the cab, knocking the engineer's seat from under him We're all alone now, Myrtle, but on high we'll surely and letting him drop through down toward the fly. ing wheels. Fortunately he caught the window

meet thee, and the steam gauge, and saved himself from the When the King of Heaven shall deem It Just to Instant death which threatened: but before he could call us hence away, draw himself up, the broken rod, continuing its fu. rious strokes, struck his right leg and shattered it in Far beyond the unknown River Dapa says that you 8 dreadful manner. At the same instant his heavy will greet me, weight upon the steam gauge broke it off, and the steam pouring out scalded his arm and body. He

You and little angel brother watch o'er mamma was about to lose his hold, when his fireman, George till that day.


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21--MEMPHIS, TENN., meets second Wednesday

and last Thursday in each month. Addresses are same as location of Division unlese JAS, DE CHANPERLAIN, C. E. and Sec. of Ine. L. N. other uoise noted.

GEO. HAZINGER, F. A. E. and Journal Agent, Miss.

& Tenn. R. R. -DETROIT, MICH., meets every Thursday at ?

22-CAMDEN, N, J. Bu mod at room 23. Merrill Block, cor. Jefferson and R. GAUNTT, C. E. and Sec. of Ins....322 Michael st. A) EX. GALLOWAY, C, E., Box 35, Detroit Junction,


5€6 Royden st, Mich.

Jas. HOPE, Cor. Sec............. Mount Holly, N. J.
C. D. BROWN, F. A. E.....353 Larned st., E. Detroit
F.H. BUkRows, Sec. of Ins., Box 23, Detroit Junc- 23-SPRINGFIELD, ILL., meets every Friday and
tion Michigan.

Saturday alternately, north-east corner of Eighth

and Monroe s'reeth. 4-CORN CITY, AT TOLEDO,0., meets in Engineers'

F.H. PAINE, C. E...

Box 607 Hall, No. 245 St. Clair st., 1st and 3d Tuesday, at Gro. R. HcUGH, F. A. E. and Sec. of Ida, Clayton, 8:00 P. M.

F. A. DAY, C, E...

653 Broadway.
JOHN H. MACK, F. A. E. and Sec. of Ins., Drawer 6, 24-CENTRALIA, ILL., meets every Friday at 7:30
E. Toledo, 0).

p.m., on Locust street.

C. C. JONES, C. E. and Sec. of Ins... Box 268 6-MONTANA AT BOONE, JOWA, meets every T. L. PARKINSON, F. A.E.

.Box 288
Saturday evening, at Engineers' Hall, Story street,
A.J. Dutton, C. E. and Sec. of Ins........Drawer 86 25--TERRE HAUTE, IND., meets every Saturday

.Box 233 evening, in their Hall, at 7:30 o'clock, corner Main

and Seventh streets. 7--LAFAYETTE, IND., meets every Tuesday even. HENRY COOK, C. E.,

.Lock Box 1921
Ing, in Wallace's bullding, opposite Post Office JAS. MOCUTCHKON, F. A. E. and Sec. of Ins., Lock
Fourth street.

Box 1921.

.226 Salem st.
WY. ALLEN, F. A. E. and Sec. of Ins., 48 Elizabeth st. 26-SELMA, ALA., meets first and third Saturday
S. M. QUACO, Cor. Sec....

.49 N. Fifteenth st. evenings of each month, at their Hall, near stops

of S. R. & D.R.R. E. 10_CHICAGO, ILL., meets every Monday at 7:30 JOHN J. THOMAS, C. E

.Box 78 at 717 Chapel Building, State street.

J.J. DELACY C. E..... ...1048 S. Dearborn st. GEO. C. OWEN, Sec. of Ins..

Box 78
J. L. BRADBURY, F. A. E., and Cor. Sec.... Box 73.
E.O. DANA, Sec. and Treas. of Ins.. 1468 Prairie ave.
JOIN TANSEY, Journal Agent. ...950 S. Dearborn st.

27-RACINE, AT FREEPORT, ILL., meets Arst

Sunday and third Wednesday in each month, in 11-INDIANAPOLIS, IND., meets every Saturday Gxo.M. DANA, C. E...

Young's Block, on Stephenson street. evening at 7 o'clock. S. E. corner of Washington H. H. BROADIE, F. A. E..

.Box 470 and Meridian, over No.5. W. W, SNODGRASS, C. E.

5 English ave.

M. L. GORMAN, Sec. of Ins.. 379 Virginla st., Milwau.

kee, Wis.
Jos. DORY, F. A.E. .94 East Michigan Road.
FRED KLINE, Sec. of Ins.........530 East Georgia st,

28-DAYTON, O., meets every alternate Saturday 12-FORT WAYNE, IND., meets every Saturday evening, corner of Ludlow and Sixth streets. evening, at their new Hall, on Calhoun st., south DAVID MCCUTCHEON, C.E...

West Side. of Railroad.

GEO.S. LARUE, F. A. E. and Sec. of Ing., 19 East CLARK SNYDER, C.E..

.21 Lavina st. Fourth st. J. W. OBR, F. A.E....

28 Butler st. W.E. STONE, Sec. of Ins..

.3 McClellan st. 30-PHILLIPSBURG, N. J,,meets at 1 p. m., the

first and third Sunday of each nonth, ai B, D, R. 15-BUFFALO, N. Y., meets every Monday even. at R. R. depot, fourth storp, room 26 ing, in Engineers' Hall, Hyam's Block, Seneca st. JAS. M. HOYT, O. E

Easton, Pa.
Joux 1. HORNER, C. E

453 Swan st.

Lock Box 21
Tuko. WILLIAMSON, F. A. E......596 N. Division st. JACOB WILDONER, Sec. of IDA.... .. 244 Brainard st.
A. EASTMAN, Sec. of Ins.

..409 Swan st. 16–GALION, 0., meets every Friday evening,

31-CLEVELAND, O., meets at Uity Hall, room 18, corner Main and Adams street.

3d floor, first and third Sundays, at 2p. m.
D. J. SWISHER, C. E.....
Union City, Ind.

389 Lake st.

A. SAWYEE, C. E. and Sec. of Ins...
J. R. BELTON,' F. A. E. and Sec. of Ins..... Box 25

JAR. E. KELLEY, F. A. E... .......73 Carroll st.
M. V. GREEN, Cor. Sec..

32-A URORA, ILL., meets every Saturday evening 17-ALLEGHENY CITY, PA., meets first and third A.E. Coon, C. E..

Box 103 Thursday, and second and fourth Monday in L. O. BLACK, F. A. E...

.Box 996 each month, cor.Pennsylvania ave. and Bidwell Bt. Amos McDAXIEL, Sec. of Ing.

Box 815
GEO. S. Gove. C. E. and Sec. of Ins....181 Adams st.
STEPHEN H. Boss, F. A. E........... 212 Juntata st. 33-NASHVILLE, TENN., meets second and fourth

Sunday at 2p.m., in Robert Emmett Hall, corner
18--ROCHESTER, N. Y., meets every Saturday eve Sumner and Union streets.
ning, corner State and Mumford streets.

ED. BROWN, C. E.... West Cedar st., Opp. Knowles, R. M. CHAPMAN, C.E. .38 Osk st. J. F. McConas. F. A. E ...

16 knowles st. F. A E

il. C. SHEETZ, Sec. of Ins., L. & N. R. R. Shops, CHAS. THOMAS, Cor. Sec.

26 Gorham st

Edgefield, Tean. LEVI Lewis, Sec. of Ing., 242 Swan st., Buffalo, N. Y. 18-BLOOMINGTON, ILL., meet 1st and 3d Saturday 34-LITTLE MIAMI, AT COLUMBUS, 0. meets of each month in Engineer's Hall, Lincoln Block.

first and third Sunday, in Miller'& Block. F. G. ONGLEY, C. E. and Sec. of Ing., 510 E. Chest

Jas. H. HEVEY, C. E..

199 North Front st. dut st.

W. E.FISHER, F. A. E.,

103 Vine st. R. W. RAYXOR, F. A. E...........710 West Locust st

W.H. ROBINSON, Sec. of Ins...

..... Box 75 20-RICHMOND, AT LOGANSPORT, IND., meets 35-LEXINGTON, AT COVINGTON, KY., meets first and third Saturday nights in Market street, second and last Sunday at 2p. m. each month, in at 7:30,

Engineers' Hall, Powell street.
A. T. STRONG, C. E...


.Box 130 ROBT. A. BLACK, F. A. E..
S. W. CURTIS, Sec. of Ins...

Box 203 W. G. MURPHY, Sec. of Ins......

--ZANESVILLE, AT NEWARK, 0., meets every 54—PORT JERVIS, N. Y., meets every Monday 1. Sunday, at 2:30 p. m., commencing July 2d, 1876, ternately at 9 a. m. and 64 p. m., Music Hall, corin Druids' Hall, 3d st, 20 door above Canal.

per of Front and Sussex streets. G. W. CAMPBELL, C.E.

.Box 141 N. HATCH, C. E.. W.A. ANDERSON, F. A. E,

Box 349 JOHN B. VAIL, F, A. E. and Sec. of Ins. Box 96 JOHN A. TABLER, Cor. Sec..

E. E. BLOOMFIELD, Cor. Sec..... N. CRIDWELL, Sec and Treas. of Ine..........

55-AMERICAN DESERT, AT TERRACE, UTAH 37-MATTOON, ILL., meets every alternate Satur

TER., meets every Saturday evening, at 4 p. m. day and Sunday evening, in Hinckle's Block, West


S. M. CARHART, F. A. E..
O. P. KIMMEL, C. E..
Box 903 P. McNEVIN, Sec. of Ins.

Ogden, Utah.
Joan H. GUILFOIL, F. A. E, and Sec, of Ins, Box 432 F. HorsTON, Journal Agent
40--PORTLAND, ME., meets second and fourth

56-KEOKUK, IOWA., meets the first and third Sunday at 12:30 7. m. A. CE.

7 Cushman st.

Sunday, in Patterson's Block Johnson street. GRO.C. COBB, F. A. E, and Journal Agent, 3 Atlantic

John W. GRIFFITI, C, E. and Journal Agent street,


Box 627 R. G. HILLBORN. Sec. of Ins....... 196 Newbury st.

A.J. COULTER, Sec. of Ins..

..Lock Box 71 41--ELMIRA, N. Y., meets first and third Sunday at 57-PROVIDENCE, R. I., meets first Thursday and

Odd Fellows' Hall, Water st. Jos. M. LEWIS,C. E.....

third Wednesday evenings of each month, at En. Box 374

gineers' Hall, 27 Exchange Place. JOIN FINLAY, F. A. E..

Box 374

.6 Bath st. W, H. HOMER, Sec. of Ins...........417 W. Clinton st,

B. B. CHAMBERLAIN, F.A.E..... Valley Falls. R. I. 42-CARONDELET, MO., meets in their Hall, in

C.R. LAWTON.Cor. Sec., 35 Hermon, Worcester, Mass. Co.'s shop, flrat and third Saturday at 7:30 p. m.

M.C. PILSBURY, Sec, of Ins, and Journal Agent, 36

West Exchange st.
A. C. WHEELER, C. E. and Sec. of Ing., Station B,

St. Loula, Mo.
BERNARD SMITH, F. A. E........

58-SCRANTON, PA., meets first and third Sunday

of each month, at 305 Lackawanna ave. 43-MEADVILLE, PA., meets in Meadville Savings ISAAC N. STREET, C. E.. Bank Block every Monday evening.

C.R. KIRKWOOD, F. A. E., and Journal H. ,


...Box 612 W. 8. MURRAY, FA E.

Box 1624 G. R. WILLIAMSON, Sec. of Ins.

Box 1364 59-GREENBUSH, N. Y., meets first and third 45-WEST PHILADELPHIA, PA., meets every al.

Thursday evenings of each month, in Engineers'

Hall, B. & A. R. R. Shops. ternate Sunday, at 2 p. m., at 401 North 40th street, commencing June 6.



.510 North 37th st. E, H KNOWLES, F. A. E

3834 Silverton ave.

60-ROCK B. F. KENNEDY, Scc. of Ins....3826 Silverton ave.


.523 North 37th st.

meets first and third Saturday at 7 p. m., at No. 51

Brady street. 46--ALBANY, N. Y., meets every Wednesday even

P. A. WELLS. C. E. and Sec. of Ins., 524 Rock Island ing at Grand Army Hall, 465 Broadway.

st., Davenport la. FRANK SHALER, C. E.

762 Broadway.

MT. STAFFORD, F.A. E..... Rock Island, L. Box 518 ISAAC BANKER. F. A. E

..808 Broadway. J. W. BELLINGER, Sec. of Ins. .........18 Swan st. 61-BOSTON, MASS., meets Arst Wednesday and

second Sunday at 11 a, m., and fourth Saturday at 47-HORNELLSVILLE, N.Y meets second Tuesday 8 p. m., each month, at Engineer's Hall 47 Hano.

third Thursday and last Saturday in each month, ver street. corner Main and Church street.

W.H. JOHNSON.C.E. 116 Pearl st, E. Somerville, Mass. John K. CHAPMAN, C. E.....

.Box 86. C. E. DEAN, F. A. E., Box bi, East Boston, Mass. JOHN L. MERSERAU, F. A. E...

C. W. GALK, Cor. Sec..

..37 Austin st. JOHN DONOVAN, Sec. of Ins....

Bunker HM District.

T. BRYANT, Sec. of Ins... ......Box 27, Salem, Maes. 48-ST. LOUIS, MO., meets first and third Sunday

in each month, in No. 2817 Choteau Avenue. 62-GALESBURG, ILL., meets in Engineers' Hall, JOHN COTTY, C. E.

.-2825 Pacifcst.

Main street, every Saturday; at 7:30 p. m. F. LEWIB, F. A.E.. 2619 Gambie ave. S. R. CLARK, C. E. and Sec. or Ing

Box 264 W. H. SMALLWOOD, Cor. Sec... 3352 Rutger st. F. E. b 300KS, F. A. E.

Box 649 J. D. GRAUAM, Sec. of Ins

.66 Argyle are

63-SPRINGFIELD, MASS., meets alternate Friday 49-ST, CLAIR, AT EAST ST. LOUIS, ILL., meets and Saturday evenings, In B. & A. R. R. building. 1rst and third Sunday in each month,


Box 996 TROS. MURRAY, C. E..



PORTER KING. Journal Agent 13 Boylston st. M. M. STEPHENS, Sec. of Ins..4th ward Eng. House

Chas. F. ROOT, Sec. of Ins..

90 Leon st

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51-PHILADELPHIA PA., meets every alternate 614 WORCESTER, MASS., meets first an onird

Tuesday evening, comm'ncing May 25th, at their Sunday in each month, at 7:30 p.rr., at Pythian
Hall, S. E. cor. 16th and Christian sts.


1718 Ellsworth st.

S. D. WILLIAMS C. E....... Box 52, Norwich, Conn. F. A. GILMORE. F. A.E. ..... 1018 S. Sixteenth st.

F.W.TRACEY, F. A. E...

.87 Oread st. L. D. TUFTS, Sec. of Ins.

1022 Clement st. T. M, REMINGTON, Sec. of Ins..............16 Gold st. 52-BALTIMORE, MD., meets every first and third

65–CHILLICOTHE, O., meets first and third SaturSunday at 2 pm. DAVID POWELL, C.E.

197 John st.

day evenings. GEO, C. RICHARDSON, F. A. E....441 V. Central ave.

D. S, WRIGHT, C. E... JAS, PLUNKETT, Journal Agent..... 3 Foster alley.

GEO. W. WALTERS, r', A. E. GEO. W, FRY, Sec. and Treas. of Ins. Agent, 39 East


Box 360 Eager at

66- CREAM CITY, AT MILWAUKEE, WIS., 53-JERSEY CITY, N. J., meets over Savings Bank, meets in Engineers' Hall, 131 Clinton street, first

corner Mercer and Plymouth streets, first and Thursday and third Friday, at 7:30 p. m. third Friday of each month at 7:30 p. m.


..501 Fourth st. LOUIS MEYERS, C.E.,& Journal Agent, 168 R R. ave. C. McCOLLUM, É. A. E.

477 Pierce st. Tuog. TOWELL, F.Å. E.......

.... Box 235 E.A WRIGHT.Cor. Sec. and Jour. Agt....4 6 Plerce st. C. METZ, Sec. of Ins.

Box 235 S. H. REED, Sec. & Treas, Ins., Box 155 Portage City

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67-DUNKIRK, N. Y., meets in Erle Rallway build-84–RUTLAND, VT., meets first Tuesday and third every alternate Saturday evening: Wednesday at 7:30 P. M.,

and fourth Sunday at 1:30 W. S. ABELL,

...L. Box 47 P. M., in Engineers' Hall, Crampton's Block. John Foss, F. A. E..

Box 40 W. B. THRALL, C. E. and Sec. of Ins..Lock Box 257 C. H. SHERMAN, Sec. of Ins.

Box 21 G. W. BLANCHARD, F. A. E......... 68-LONDON, ONT., meets every Friday eveniag 86-MOBERLY, MO., meets second and fourth Thursin their Hall, at 7:30 p. m.

day, in Odd Fellow&' Hall, Reed street, G. BURDETT, C. E...

434 King st. JOHN CALLAHAN, C.E WM. Foge, F.A. E.

502 York st, Wy, Ross, JR., F. A. E T. W. Cox, Sec. of Ins. .417 Bathurst st. TH08. BUTTERLY, Sec. of Ins

Box 56 69-ATLANTA.GA.

87-TROY, N. Y., meets every first and third Sun. J.P. HELLINGS, C.E.

day of each month, at 279 River street, Old Marine L. S. MORRIS,F.A. E

.....198 Marietta st. Håll.
Geo. HYDOM, C. E....,

Green Island, N. Y. 70-TORONTO, ONT., meets first and third Satur

JOHN E. FARRELL, F. A. E. and Sec. of Ins., 869 Sec. days at 7 p. m., at Temperance Hall, Brock et. ond st Joux EATON, C. E...

... Box 256 W. ROBINSON, F. A. E..

.81 Esther st. 88-GRANJ ISLAND, AT NORTH PLATTE, NEB., JAS. STEWART, Ins. Sec., 592 King st. West Toronto, meets 1st & Bd Wed'day at Masonic Hall, Spruce st. Ont.

Gxo, W. VROMAN, C. E

Box 28


129 meets every alternate Saturday evening and Sun. day afternoon, at Temperance Hall. York street, below Trenton Ave., commencing October 4.


2012 Ashburton st.

Box 39
D. H. FOWLER, F. A. E. and Sec. of Ins., No. 564

HENRY RICHMOND, F. A. E....... Congregation st. East York st.

F. B. LYTTLE, Sec. of Ins..

.19 Favard st. 72-AMBOY, ILL. meets every two weeks, Friday 90–POTTSVILLE, PA., meets in Hoffman's Hall, and Saturday evenings, alternately,

on the first and third Saturday of each month. JOHN L. SPALDING, C. E

Box 154

Box 585

Box 818

.Box 585
A.G. CALKINS, Sec. of Ins., 277 Locust st., Dubuque,

F. WADE, Cor. Sec. and Journal Agent... Iowa.

WY. F. SEIDEL, Sec. of Ins.........

Port Carbon, Pa. 78—MADISON, WIS., meets first Monday and third 91-TRENTON, MO. Tuesday at 2 P. M., cor. of Dayton and Charter st.


Box 175 D. L. ROBERTA.C. E

Box 602


Box 263 ...... Box 602 S. J. PRENTISS, Sec. of Ins A. HAWKINS, Sec. of Ins...

Box 1254

9!—PEORIA, ILL., meets first and third Saturday 74-HARRISBURG, PA., meets first Sunday of each

evenings of each month, cor. Adam and Main sts. month at new Hall, cor. 8d and Broad sts., at 1


.709 First st. o'clock P. M.

JOHN MODANIEL, F. A. E ..1514 N. Jefferson st. E.F. HUBBS, C. E.

1624 Sixth st. JOHN M. PARKER, Sec. of Ins.........100 Johnson st. R.L.HUNTER, F. A. E....

1624 Sixth st. S.T. MAXAHAN, Sec. of In8.. .........1109 Elder st. 93—JACKSON, TENN., meets first and third Satur.

days each month, in Sons of Temperance Hall. 75- READING, PA., meets 1st and 3d Saturday even.

B. F. PARTRIDGE. C. E. and Sec. ot Ing. .Box 380 inge, at 729 Penn street.

-F. A.E.

Box 380 H. E. KEFFER, C. E...

522 M088 st. JAS. B. COZART, Journal Agent... I. E. ROBINSON. FAE. and Ins. Sec. 747 Chestnuts.

95-CINCINNATI, 0., meets in Queen City Hall,
76-CATAWISSA, PA., meets first and third Satur- corner Freeman and Eighth streets.
day of each month, at 7 o'clock p. m., in Gllbert & A. Moss, C. E. and Sec, of ins.....627 W. Seventh st.
Kilne's Hall.

W.T. BECKETT F. A. E,... ......617 West 7th st.

.Box 113 96-WEST CHICAGO, ILL., meets every Thursday
E.O. TYLER, Sec. of Ins...

Box 108

evening, at 119 Milwaukee avenue.

E. J. MALONEY, C. E. and Sec. of Ins., 821 West In77--NEW HAVEN, CONN., meets Arst Monday and

diana st.
third Wednesday evenings in each month, in En. | L. WANDELL, F. A. E..........166 North Morgan st.

gineers' Hall corner Chapel and State streets. D. J. MURPHY Cor. Sec.....134 North Sangamon st.
J.J. GREEN, C. E. and Cor. Sec..... ...... Box 848

136 Columbus st. 97-SOUTH BALTIMORE, MD., meets every Sun. J.H. SOUTHWORTH, Sec. of Ins..... 129 Columbus st day at 1:30 p. m., on second floor of Mechanics'

Library, on Montgomery st., between Light and 78-LOUISVILLE, KY., meets every Monday, at i William sts. p.m., N. E. corner Thirteenth and Walnut streets WE. GOSNELL, C. E...

53 Brown st. C. B. GIFFORD, C. E... ........304 Eleventh st. G.W. METCALF, F. A.E...

53 Brown st. J. SHARR, F.A. E.....

832 Thirteenth st. WM. GALLOWAY, Journal Agent and Sec. of Ins. 134 F. M. STEWART, Cor. Sec.,

.814, 11th st. McHenry st. C. C. CLARK, Sec. of Ins.......... 365 Thirteenth st.

99_SAGINAW VALLEY, AT EAST SAGINA W 81-KANSAS CITY, MO., meets second and fourth MICH., meets 1st and 3d Thursday, and 2d and Sunday evenings of each month.

4th Wednesday of each month, at 1 p. m., in EnCHAS. STYPES, C. E. and Sec. of Ing. 1420 Wyoming gineers' Hall, 3d st., head of Potter st. street.

W. W. WICKER, C. E...

Box 616 Cuas. ERICSON F. A.E..


Box 1200
P. A, HINKLE, Sec. of Ins..


MO., meets in Masonic Hall, frst and third Tues, 100-DANVILLE, ILL., meets first Saturday and day of each month at 2 p. m.

third Friday, at southwest corner of Main and GEO. HITCHENS, C. E...

Hazel sts. G.M. FAVOR, FA. E

Box 68 F. M. HALL, C, E. and Journal agent..... Box 268 J.R. MOORE, Sec. of Ing..

Box 86
J. CURRY, F. A, E..

..Box 205

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