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and bone of our bones! We will come back again to pass in that day when ye are sent back to us and be brethren with you again."

and one with you, yea, even in that self same day 26. But the fifteen placed their fingers to their will we be no more a Brotherhood, but will sepanostrils and said: “Nay, cumarouse; we will not rate the stamps in the treasury among ourselves of you, inasmuch as ye have proved false breth- and wander up and down the highways of the ren when need was to stand firm Ye shall not earth naking merry and being glad, rather than come back again unto us, nor will we be brethren that ye should be brethren with us again. with you again from this time forth forevermore. 37. And the fifteen bit their thumbs at the three

score and departed from their sight. 27. Then did the three score wax exceeding wroth; and they reviled at Charles, otherwise the

We give above an extract containing anDuke, and Hudson, which had stood high among other chapter, showing in a condensed form mighty man of stomach, which had caused them the trials and tribulations attendant upon to put their names unto the parchment

unfaithfulness. We commend it to the 28. Unto these spake the three score: “Why did ye this thing? Behold the evil ye have visited careful perusal of the interested. upon us, and upon our children's children, even unto the third or fourth generation!" And the three score set upon them with clenched hands,

(From the Emporia News.] and did smite them and drive them out from before their face; yea, with much reviling and

THE EMPORIA OUTRAGE. great cries drove they them out.

Commencing Thursday, April 11, about noon, 29. And Joseph, who weareth heavy sandals, this has been one of the eventful weeks in the reviled they also; nevertheless, they drove him history of Emporia-perhaps the most so we have not out from before their face.

ever had. 30. Now, when they had done these things, the One of the surprising things about the transthree score returned again to those which had not actions here in the time specitied is the part signed the parchment, and they said unto them: taken by our heretofore level-headed Governor,

31. "See, nov-ye are few Ye cannot be a George Ť. Anthony. We have looked in vain to tribe alone; for how can ye protect yourselves find the motive that actuated him to take the steps from them which would overthrow you? Let us, he did. George T. Anthony has not been in the therefore, again we beseech you, become one with habit of making an unfavorable exhibition of himyou; let us be brethren together once more!" self, whatever other faults he may have possessed.

32. But the fifteen which had stood firm bit But we fear the verdict of an impartial jury, sittheir thumbs and answered and said unto them, ting upon his actions here, for the past week, Verily, we say unto you, we are few; but if we would be anything but complimentary to the are not able to defend ourselves alone against our Governor's judgment, discretion and dignity. At enemies, how much more, then, would we be un- no time had the strike created any disturbance able to protect you, also, with ourselves, against here that our authorities could not quell. This he them that would trample us ? Ye are not able to could have easily ascertained. He has friends protect yourselves, inasmuch as ye became af- here. It is only but six miles distant from his frighted by that which was not an enemy, but on- office by rail, and two trains a day. We suppose ly the semblance thereof."

he has about bim a person who diaws pay as Ad33. Then were the three-score greatly exercised jutant General of the State. It will be something and be brethren wity you again we nye ler a back Governor seems to have taken other counse

is the among you freely, then we will compel you to re- was assured by the Mayor of this city and the ceive us back again ; and when ye have done that, Sheriff of the county that there was no disturblo, we will be three-score and ye but three-fourths ance. Notwithstanding this he sent a body of of a score. And it shall come to pass that all the militia here. He must have been influenced by sorrows which ye now bring forth upon us sball the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad Combe visited seven-fold upon your grandmothers' pany, who desired to leave no stone unturned that grandmothers.

would bring odium and the total responsibility of 34. But the fifteen were not abashed worth a the strike upon a handful of the members of the cent. Rathermore, stood they firin and said with Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers. We think loud voice, ye shall not come back among us por the latter was the motive that actuated the railbe brethren with us again.

road company: If this company could make it 35. Then answered the three-score, with much appear that a few engineers belonging to the orgnashing of teeth and wagging of the tongue, We ganization were causing all the trouble, upsetting will appeal unto the great ruler of us all, beneath the business of the country, and threatening cities whom is even Francis, the mighty, yea, even to and even human life, with dire destruction, then the courts of the great nation whose tributaries we it was expected public sentiment would demand, are, will we appeal. And it shall come to pass in away with them!" Of course some minor acts that day that the great chief who sitteth in the of lawlessness were done, but how can you anticiuppermost seat in the court shall send us back to pate that a man is going to throw a stone or disyou, and one with us, who shall bear a parchment able some piece of machinery? On Sunday two of more grievous than that we have signed, which the leading strikers were arrested in broad day readeth : In the name of the mighty nation of Jer- light. Did Anthony or the railroad company hear sey, whose servants ye are, I say unto you let of any attempts to hinder the process of the law ? these men, even these three-score whom ye have Did they hear of attempts to rescue their com

come back among you to be brethren rades on the part of the strikers, or of any conwith you. And it shall be that ye will take us federating or conspiring parties to defy law and back Jest be who is sent with us seize upon you imperil the public peace of the State of Kansas ? and cast you into darkness and into chains, whence Not a bit of it. ye come not forth until we are numbered among Had the Governor been here as a private citizen you.

he would have gone to the depot without having 36. And the fifteen answered, We say unto you the approaches to that building pointed out by his we will not take you back, nor shall ye at any devoted tads. He would have discovered nothing time be brethren with us again. And it shall come l at all, up to the arrival of his troops, out of the

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way, either about the railroad or city. The send- it would have been at any previous day that the
ing of troops here was a most ridiculous farce, on road bad secured engineers and firemen to take
the part of the Governor, and raised the just in the place of the strikers.
dignation of our peace officers who were doing About noon, however, our citizens were aston-
their duty, and the citizens, which took shape in ished beyond nieasure to learn that a company of
a large public gathering, whose expressions are sixty armed men and three officers had arrived
found in the resolutions. The farce would have here by special train, said to be militia from Leav-
been comparatively trivial had it not been for the Jenworih, to suppress the “riots."
tragical turn it took on Tuesday, and which cast a As the result of Gov. Anthony's decision, a
deep gloom over the community. It would other meeting of citizens was held Monday evening at
wise have ended in nothing worse than ridicule, the Court House The meeting was a large one,
and giving the hungry tatterdemalions a few comprising both the bone and sinew and the bus-
square meals at a first-class hotel, where it is clean iness men and property owners of our city and
and nice, something that many of them were evi- county. George W. Frederick called the meeting
dently not used to, all at the expense of the glori- to order, and on motion, ex-Governor Eskridge was
ous commonwealth. But we do not know how made chairman, and J. R. Grabam of the Empo-
the Governor will reconcile his unnecessary and ria News, H. X. Deefendorf, of the Topeka Cóm,
uncalled for foolishness with the death of a valu- monwealth, J. M. Davis, of the Emporia Sun, and
able and peaceable citizen of the State, whose life H. W. MeCune, of the Emporia Ledger, were
was of more value than the show of bristling mil- made Secretaries. Mr. Graham being called upon
itary promptuess to suppress the-wind.

to explain the object of the meeting, did so in a
The indignation of our citizens at this arrival of brief speech, and W. W. Scott, Esq., was then
troops here, and “such troops,” the rustiest look called for and spoke at length. On motion of Wm.
ing set of scalawags and tramps ever seen in one S. Jay, the chair appointed a committee of five to
body-three of them being immediately identified report resolutions, and pending the deliberations
as recently discharged convicts from the peniten- of the committee, Mr. Eskridge addressed the
tiary-was intense, and Sheriff Conner, Mayor meeting. The committee then came in and re-
Watson, County Attorney Sedgewick and County ported the following preamble and resolutions
Commissioners' D. S. Gilmore, Isaac A. Taylor which were unanimously adopted :
and L. A. Wood, united in a telegram to Governor
Anthony, protesting against the injustice thus

WHEREAS, The city of Emporia and Lyon done to Em poría, and asking him to immediately | peaceable and law-abiding, and no sympathy has

county are now and always have been entirely retire his body guard Saturday sheriff Conner put an ample guard sition to the running of railroad trains or with

been felt or expressed here for any unlawful oppoover the company's property, and informed the officers that there was no danger whatever ; that efforts to intimidate railroad employes from workhe could and would protect their employe's and ing during the present strike on the A., T. & 8. property from all molestation, and that they could F. railroad, or any other occasion ; and run their freights as well as passenger trains in WHEREAS, The sheriff of Lyon county had fully safety just as soon as they could get men to run responded to the Governor's call to protect the the locomotives. This information he also tele- railroad trains and employes and property from graphed Governor Anthony, and by Saturday molestation, and has for days bad an ample force everything here was perfectly quiet and orderly, of citizens on duty to ensure the peace against all and no excitement whatever existed. Meantime, violation, and no obstacle exists here to the runhowever, Governor Anthony bad been so impor- ning of either freight or passenger trains, except tunate, as the telegraphic correspondence shows, the absence of engineers willing to run them; in insisting on furnishing arms for militia pur

and poses, that Sheriff Conner concluded he might as WHEREAS, No city or county officer, and no rewell have the expense footed by the State, and spectable or responsible citizen had made any apagreed to accept twenty-five muskets and author- plication for troops, no excitement had been felt ity to swear in twenty-five men, if he found any or danger apprehended by our citizens, and no use for so doing, never dreaming that Governor

cause whatever had existed to justify the expense Anthony would make this acquiescence in his to the public treasury and the libel on the fair own importunate offers an excuse for sending a

name of this city and county which the sending mustering officer or troops here.

of troops here has caused; therefore Sunday

everything was peaceable, not a threat Resolved, That in thus sepding, without consultbeing heard. Sheriff Conner had sworn in twenty ation with our local authorities or citizens, an of our best citizens as deputies, and put them on armed body of men from the city of Leavenworth, guard at the round house and over the engines, calling themslves militia, to suppress imaginary telling the officers of the road to go ahead and run lawlessness in a peaceable community, Governor the locomotives as soon as they could get engin- Anthony has aired his military authority at the eers here. The strikers manifested no animosity expense of his previous reputation for good sense whatever One engine was put under steam and and considerato judgment, and the citizens of Emdrew another up to the tank, which had been poria and Lyon county hereby express their indig; filled again, and it was understood that all the lo- nation at the unwarrantable and unprovoked comotives were to be made ready to take freight insult thus offered to them, and their emphatic trains, to be run, it was reported, by the engine condemnation of such an executive outrage upon eers on the way from Topeka. The railroad offi

law and propriety.
cers, however, for some unexplained reason,
stopped the work of preparing the locomotives for

Resolved, That we demand the immediate withservice, although there was not the slightest obsta

drawal of said troops from this city and county, cle in the way of using them the moment engin- and inform Governor Anthony that whenever eers were ready to run them. A supply of engin troops are needed to uphold the law here, they eers and firemen did arrive, however, on the

will be applied for by regularly constituted auSunday train from Topeka, and went to work un- thorities, and by responsible business men and molested at 4 A, M. Monday to get steam up on

tax-payers, none of whom have advised him to the locomotives, and that forenoon began to make

resort to any such extraordinary absurdity as the up freight trains, and a freight train arrived from p'acing of Emporia under the protection of milithe west, and the business of the road was evi- iary from other cities. dently fully resumed

and the strike at an end, as Resolved, That we call upon our fellow-citizens

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throught the entire State to note our protesting representatives of the Emperor of Germany, against this high-handed attempt to brand Empo- the King of Wurtemberg, the Duke of Baden, and ria as a city where lawlessness is permitted, and some of ihe leading Continental railways, an Inwe appeal to the facts of the case, and to the 10- ternational Federation for promoting the observblemished reputation this city and county have ance of the Lord's day was formed. This Federaenjoyed since their organization, to justify us in tion now proposes a new competition for a work, deinanding from Governor Anthony the fullest in popular and attractive form, on the Sundayreparation in his power for the insult he has so rest in its relations especially to persons enweakly and so imprudently permitted himself to ployed in railway traffic. It aims to show how, be made the medium of offering to as peaceable by the great development of the means of interand law-abiding a community as can be found in communication, increasing numbers of persons the United States.

are being treated as mere machines. Deprived of Resolved, that the Secretary of this meeting the rest necessary to their health and of the adfurnish a copy of these resolutions to Governor vantages of family life and public worship, they Anthony and to the newspaper press for publica- become by degrees materialized and forced into a tion.

course deplorable in its results to themselves and [From the Kansas City Times.)

to society. It would emphasize the evils of the

loss of the salutary provisions of the Lord's day to COTTONWOOD, KAS., April 15, 1878.- A sad acei- the persons so employed and also the greater risks dent occurred at Cottonwood station this afternoon resulting therefrom to the safety of travelers. It at 5 o'clock. Some emigrants had arrived on the would trace the moral responsibility of these evils mixed train, and the family were getting off the to owners and managers, to the public and to gortrain. The conductor announced that the passen- ernments. No assault is intended upon the extengers should get out, and the engineer having gone sive interests involved in railway industries. The beyond the platforin, without any notice whatever, Federation above all seeks its ends in the spirit of backed the train violently, and ran over a little the words of Christ, “the Sabbath was made for girl ten years old Two little boys were caught man, and of that word of the prophet Isaiah, apunder the train, but escaped. Mr. Pettibone, who propriated by the Lord to Himself: "I am come is an officer of the railroad, treated the whole mat- to proclaim liberty to the captive and deliverance ter with contempt, and it is a good thing the train to those who are oppressed. moved off, or he would have been tarred and Accordingly:feathered. The little girl died in about an hour 1. The Federation opens a competition for a after being hurt. The engineer did not even ring work of about 300 pp. 12mo., which shall present, the bell as he approached ihe crossing at the depot. in the form of a narrative or tale, the deplorable This is the kind of engineers that the recent strike results of the privation of Sunday-rest, to those has put on, instead of efficient engineers, whom the employed in the public service and especially on If Strong and Pettibone continue to run the milways, in the threefold point of health, the fam

moral an religious well-being; and Santa Fe Railroad much longer, emigrants may be which shall give an authentic picture of the life of assured that their lives are not safe at all on their persons under the yoke of this new servitude cars. It is a shame in what a manner this rail- 2. A sum of at least 3,000 franes (600 dollars) is road is treating its patrons. Yours,

to be placed at the disposal of the jury, and the J. T. W. first premium, if one be awarded, shall not be less

than 2,000 francs (400 dollars). Inasmuch as there has appeared in the 3. The Federation reserves to itself the properassociated press reports a statement which ty of successful works and the right of translation;

but will confer with the authors as to the publicahas been generally copied by the press of tion and circulation of the first edition.

Sulse. the country to the effect that the strike on quent editions will belong to the authors; but are

not to be published or altered without consent of the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad

the Federation. was begun at the dictation of the Brother- 4 MSS. will be received in English, German,

French or Italian ; and the jury will contain rephood of Locomotive Engineers, which as- resentatives of each of these languages. sertion has been promptly contradicted 5. Each MS, must bear a device, which is also

to be inscribed on a sealed envelope containing the from this office, we give above extracts anthor's name and address, and should be sent by from the Emporia News, published directly December 10th, 1879, to the Secretary of the Fedat the seat of war, and leave it to our read- cration, 43 Route de Carouge, Geneva, Switzerers to judge of the case and determine for 6. Unsuccessful works must be claimed within

six months after the adjudication, themselves upon whose shoulders the blame

ALEXANDER LOMBARD, President, should rest.

E. DELUZ, Secretary,
DR. L. H. DE LAHARPE, Prof.,


Executive Committee of the International FedWithin a few years past, much interest has been

eration for the Observance of the Lord's-Day. awakened, and numerous societies have been or- GENEVA, Dec. 10, 1877. ganized in Europe with reference to securing to

The undersigned has been asked to give publiciall classes the enjoyment of the weekly rest-day, ty to the above in this country, in the hope that The Swiss Society has given several premiums for

some of our practised American writers may be essays on different aspects of the question. The induced to compete. The evils referred to, if not last competition was on the hygienic value of yet as wide-spread here as in Europe, are pressing the Sabbath,” and a large number of treatises more and more heavily upon large classes among were offered by German, French and English us, and the conditions of the problem are suffiwriters. At the International Congress held at ciently alike in the two countries. It is thought Geneva, in September, 1876, in the interest of the that the recent labor disturbances on our railways same cause, at which some 400 delegates, includ- | may furnish important facts and suggestions.

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It is to be noted, that it is not an essay that is

wished, but a popular and attractive story, writ-
ten in a spirit of fairness and justice to all classes

Information 18 wanted of Patrick Haniey, who concerned. It is hoped that the amount offered

when last heard from, was running engine No. 66 on for premiums may be considerably increased. the Dlinols Central Railroad from Dupleith to AmW. W. ATTERBURY,

boy, minois. Any one knowing his whereabouts Secretary N. Y. Sabbath Committee, 31 Bible will confer a favor by audressing this office. House, New York.

All members of Pittsburgh Dlvision No. 50 who Jan, 17, 1878.

desire to retain their membership, are hereby reWe gladly give place to the above circu- quested to communicate with Winfeld Scott and

dennitely state what they intend to do. lar for we feel it to be an effort in the right

WINFIELD SCOTT, F. A. E. direction, and we give it our heartfelt God

928 Penn St., Pittsburgh, Pa. speed. It is particularly requested by the Brother George Rapine or "Lapine," as some Secretary of the N. Y, Sabbath Committee pronounce his dame, of Division No.51, 1s requested that our members and readers who have by his mother to return home at the earliest oppor

tunity, as her health is very poor. Any one know. any facts to communicate, showing the ex

ing or hearing of him, will confer a favor upon her
tent to which railway employes are depriv- by notifying him of her request.
ed of Sunday rest, will send them to Rev.

FRED A. GILMORE, F. A. E. of Div. 51.
W. W. Atterbury, 31 Bible House, N. Y.


At a special meeting of Division No. 118, B, of L.
LOCOMOTIVE ENGINEERS' MUTUAL E., March 29, the following resolution was unan-
CLEVELAND, O., April 30, 1873

WHEREAS, Miss Carrle Smith, daughter of our

worthy Chief, has worked a beautiful motto in the ASSESSMENT NOTICES Nos. 359 AND 360. following words, "Love One Another," we, the on

dersigned committee, in behall of the Division, sin. To the Secretary and Treasurer of Div. No.

cerely thank our dear little friend for the interest You are hereby notified of the death of the fol. she has manifested in our Order, trusting the beau. lowing members of the Association, and ordered to tiful and well.chosen words may prove a link to collect an assessment of ope dollar for the payment bind us more closely in brotberly love, which is so of each of the following clatms from all who were essential to our welfare. members of the Association at the time these deaths

Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be sent occurred.

to Miss Carrie Smith, and also to the ENGINEERS' ASSESSMENT NO. 359.

JOURNAL for publication.
March 22, 1878. Brother FRANK HUPP, of Gales.

burg Division No. 62. Admitted September 29, 1870.

C. D. ATKINSON, Committee. Age 32 years. Died of Pneumonia. Insurance pay.

R. M. BELL, able to Mrs. F. A. HUPP.

At a regular meeting of Division No. 54, B, of L.

E., held at their hall April 15, the following resolu.
Feb. 24, 1878. Brother GEORGE W. BISHOP, of tions were unanimously adopted :
New Haven Division No. 17, Admitted September

WAKREAS, Mrs. Caskey, the wife of Brother Clark
12, 1873. Age 38 years. Dled on board steamer Creg.
cent City, en route to Panama.

Caskey, has presented this Division with a hand

Insurance payable to MRS. GEORGE BISHOP.

somly worked and neatly framed motto, with the

words, “Sobriety. Truth, Justice and Morality" An assessment of one dollar per member for the artistically arranged, being her own handiwork ; payment of each of the above claims is bereby or.

Risolren, That we accept this beautiful gift and dered to be collected and forwarded to the General accord Il a prominent place in our hall, and hereby Secretary within thirty days from date of notice. tender our sincere thanks to Mrs. Caskey for this

Members of the Insurance w!ll remit to their Secre- evidence of her appreciation and of the practical
tary within thirty days from the date of this notice, interest she has taken in our Order.
and the Secretaries to the General Secretary within Resolred, That Mrs. Caskey be presented with a
ten daye thereafter on penalty of forfeiting their copy of these resolutions and that they be printed
membership falling to do so.

in the ENGINEERS JOURNAL and our local papers. For information regarding the exact condition of

J. B. VAIL, F. A. E.
the membership of our Association, see tabular
statement in May JOURNAL.
Youre &c.

L. B. GREENE, Gen'l Sec.

At a regular meeting of St. Paul Div. No. 150, the
P. M. ARTHUR, President,

following resolutions were adopted :

Resolred, that the thanks of this Division be and

are hereby tendered to E, W. Winter, Superintend. CORRECTION.

ent, M, Ellis, Master Mechanic, and George Webster,

Round House Foreman, for their many acts of kind. We are requested by the F. A. E. of Columbia

ness during our late Brother, Wm. Flora's painful Division No. 101 to state that the publishing of the sickness and for assistance rendered after his death. name of Jacob Neff, as expelled, was an error, and Resolved, That these resolutions be sent to the Exthat he is a member in good standing. Although it

GINEERS' MONTHLY JOURNAL for publication. is not a mistake of our making, we gladly make


A. C. PECK, Committee. the correction in justice to a worthy Brother.


At a special meeting of Point St. Charles Division 117-L. Fogel, L. Hutchins, J. Walkerman, D. No. 89, held at their hall April 8, 1878, it was

Mahony, J, S. Jones, J. Worawick, w.

Worswick, A. Diefenbach, D. Colgrove, Resolred, That we, the engineers of Point St.

R. McLennan, T. F. Judge, M Murphy, Charles station of the Grand Trunk Railway of

C. G. Loop and A. Brown, for unbecom. Canada, do hereby return our most heartfelt thanks

10g conduct. to the Mechanical Superintendent and Locomotive

W. E. Raynor, R. M. Gushard and Paul Foreman who did their utmost to oblige by granting

Hoffman, for non-payment of dues and leave of absence to all enginemen and Aremen who

defrauding the Division. could possibly be spared from duty, to attend the

Jacob Decker, for non-payment of dues and funeral of our late Brother, Thomas Pringle, whose

deserting his family. death the Brotherhood sincerely regret.

58-A. H. Bortrel, for vsolating his obligation HENRY RICUMOXD, F. A. E.

and withholding the property of the Di.

vision. At a regular meeting of Hudson Division No.

Wm. Falkenberg, for drunkenness. 135, held April 4, 1878, the following resolutions were 111-J. C. Allen, for unbecoming conduct. adopted :

139-J. H. Long. B. Blummer, N. Miller, Z. S. Resolved, that the thanks of this Division be ten.

Johnson, D. T. Wilson, J. H. Felton, R dered to the officers of the Erie Railway for their

H. Exley and A. L. Clark, for violating kindness in running a special train from Jersey City

their obligations.

104-David Leyman. N. Devine, W. Baight, Chas. to Paterson and return, for the accommodation of the members of Division No. 135, and friends, to at.

Lockard and T. Welsh, for violating their tend the funeral of our late Brother, Robert Salis


102-A. Meyger, for unbecoming conduct. bury,

159-E. A. Woods, and B. J. Lewis, for violation Resolvell, That our thanks be tendered Divisions 53, 54 and 171 for their kindness and respect in attend.

of their obligations. ing the funeral of our late Brother.

47--George Tibbetts, G. H. Tracy, F. M. Tracy,

Charles Willas, A. J. W11es, B. Wakeman, Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions with

A B. Wallace, James Wyman, L. Wedge the seal of the Division attached, be presented to the widow of our deceased Brother, and also pub.

and Jos. Shusler, for violating their oblilished in the ENGINEERS JOURNAL

G.W.GAGE, Committee.


Brother Wm. Flora, of St. Paul Division No. 150,

died after a painful illness, January 18, 1878. Into Division 112-Wm. Berry, from Div. 134.

Catherine, wife of Brother Wright Godfrey, of W.J. Ribley, from Div. 4. 91-F. S. Caracadin, from Div. 181.

Fort Wayne Division No. 12, died at Saginaw, Mich., A. McColl, from Div. 72.

March 21, 1878, of inflammation of the lungs, after 181-Samuel Cowan, from Div. 127.

an illness of but three days. Aged 39 years and 3 62---James H. McMuller, from Div. 184. 161-Dewit Bates, from Div, 164.


Brother Frank A. Hupp, of Galesburg Division

No. 62, dfed of Pneumonia, March 20, 1878.

Brother Thomas Pringle, of Point St. Charles Into Dirision183-M.J. Egan.

Division No. 89, died of Consumption, April 1, 1875. 52-John Akehurst and Grafton Thompson. 63-H. Bartlett.

Brother Robert Sallsbury, of Hudson Division No.

135, died of Pneumonia, March 21, 1878, WITHDRAWALS.

Appropriate resolutions were adopted in each of

the above instances. From Division

MARSIIALL, TEX., April 9, 1878. 96--Robert Weare, to join elsewhere. 112-A. W. Cowles, P. W. Montgomery and M.

At a called meeting of the engineers in the employ A. Potter, to join elsewhere.

of the Texas & Pacific Railway Company, held at 58--Thomas Coffee, to join elsewhere.

their hall on the 7th Instant, the following prea m.

ble and resolutions were adopted : EXPULSIONS.

WHEREAS, God, in His Infinite wisdom, as derm

ed best to remove from our midst, by the hand of From Division

death, our beloved officer, John A. Hänglin, there. 138--R. Andrews, R.B. Atkinson, John Alderson, fore be it

F. R. Bettere, M.H. Betters, Ed. Ingram, Resolned. That in the person of our late muchJoseph Johns, J. Kearney. J. A. Mor- esteemed Master Mechanic, Mr. John A. Hanglin, risey, J. McMurray, C. E. Merchant, J. those of us who particularly served under hisimine Swearinger. T. 1. Templeton, John Ra. dlate supervision found a true and well.tried friend, gan and John Gillespie, for violating kind and generous hearted, charitable to all, the their obligations.

model of gentlemen in his department. It was only John Keogh, ignominiously for traducing to know him to love and respect him.

the good name of members and violation Resolved, That in the death of Mr. John A. Hang. of obligation.

lin, the company have lost a valuable and well-tried 4-C. Wise, for violation of obligation.

officer, the employes a kind and indulgent friend, 51-W. Jones, w, J. Hubell, A. Maguter and J. the poor one who never turned a deaf ear to their

H. Bartley, for violation of obligation. entreaties, the wife the most kind and loving of 83_-Robert Kelsey, for drunkenness.

husbands, the children a most devoted and indul. 121-J. N. Branham A.L. Padgett, J.F.O'Reiley, gent father, and the community one of its most

M. Redding, O. F. Miller, J. Buckley, F honorable and upright citizens.
1. Shaver and J. W. Bell, for yiolation of Resolved, That we extend to bis bereaved wife

and family our sincere synpathy and condolence, Patrick Clary, for burning an engine.

and assure them that his memory will long be cher. 75 George Alexander and James Bowman, for ished by us. violation of obligation.

Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be 104–George Brenneman, for violating his obliga- printed in the ENGINEERS MONTALY JOURNAL, tlon.

and a copy thereof furnished each member of the 130-J. M. Anderson, E. Naude and W. Hastings, family. for violating their obligations.

WY. J. WALDRON, Div. 187.

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