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MOVE, BÓN, WOLF, Foot, m00N, Ôr; rçlr, PỰLL; EXIST; €=K;&=s; s=2; çü=8.. & while, was very happy; but soon found that if he attempted to stir, he was wounded by the thorns and prickles on every side. However, making a virtue of necessity, he forebore to complain, and comforted himself with reflecting that no bliss is perfect; that good and evil are mixed, and flow from the same fountain. These briers, indeed, said he, will tear my skin a little, yet they keep off the dogs. For the sake of the good, then, let me bear the evil with patience ; each bitter has its sweet ; and these brambles, though they wound my flesh, preserve my life from danger.

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Two friends, setting out together upon a journey which led through a dangerous forest, mutually promised to assist each other, if they should happen to be assaulted. They had not proceeded far, before they perceived a bear making toward them with great rage.

There were no hopes in flight; but one of them, being very active, sprang up into a tree; upon which the other, throwing himself flat on the ground, held his breath and pretended to be dead; remembering to have heard it asserted that this creature will not prey upon a dead carcass.

The bear came up and after smelling to him some time, left him and went on. When he was fairly out of sight and hearing, the hero from the tree called out,--Well, my friend, what said the bear He seemed to whisper you very closely. He did so, replied the other, and gave me this good advice, never to associate with a wretch, who, in the hour of danger, will desert his friend.





Henry, tell me the number of days in a year." 66 Three hundred and sixty-five.” “How many weeks in a year ?" Fifty two. How many days in a week ?” “Seven.” “What are they called ?!! “Sabbath or Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday.” The Sabbath is a day of rest, and called the Lord's day, because God has commanded us to keep it holy. On that day we are to omit labor and worldly employments, and devote the time to religiouş duties, and the gaining of religious knowledge.

** How many hours are there in a day or day and night ?” “ Twenty-four.” “How many minutes in an hour ?” “Sixty."

How many seconds in a minute ?” “ Sixty.” Time is measured by clocks and watches; or by dials and glasses.

The light of the sun makes the day, and the shade of the earth makes the night. The earth revolves from west to east once in twenty-four hours. The sun is fixed or stationary; but the earth turns every part of its surface to the sun once in twenty-four hours. The day is for labor, and the nigbt is for sleep and repose. Children should go to bed early o the evening, and all persons, who expect to thrive in the world, should rise early in the morning.



al low ed, admitted, granted. ex cept, to take oui,

a loud, with a great voice. af fect, to impress.

er rand, a message. ef fect, what is produced er rant, wandering. 80 cede, to agree.

ad di tion, something added ex ceed, to surpass.

e di tion, publication, a cre, a piece of land

bal lad, a song a chor, à scald head

bal let, a dance ac cess, approach.

bal lot, a ball for voting, or a yote. ex cess, superfluity.

hron i cal, of long continuance. al lu sion, hint, reference

chron i cle, a history lu sion, deception

clothes, garments, @lu sion, evasion.

close, conclusion. acts, deeds

con sort, husband or wife. ax, a utensil for cutting

con cert, harmony. as say, trial of metals.

de scent, a falling, a siope, es say, attempt, a writing dis sent, a differing. Baba füsion, a pouring on.

do cease, death. si fu sion, a pouring out.

dis ease, sickness

MOVE, SÜX, wolf, root, voox, ôr.; P.!LF, PILL; EXIST; €=K;ů

==;S="; çü=SIL. dost, 2d per, of do.

moss, of a tree. dust, fine powder.

line, extension in length. e lic' it, to call forth.

loin, part of an animal. il lic' it, unlawful,

loom, a frame for weaving: im merge, to plunge.

loam, a soft loose earth. e merge, to come forth.

med al, an ancient coin. fat, fleshy.

med dle, to interpose. vat, a tub or cistern.

pint, half a quart. gest ure, motion,

point, a sharp end. jest er, one who jests.

rad ish, a root. i dle, not employed.

red dish, somewhat red. i dol, an image.

since, at a later time. . im pos tor, a deceiver.

sense, faculty of perceiving. im post ure, deception,

ten or, course continued. naugh ty, bad.

ten ure, a holding: knot ty, full of knots.

tal ents, ability. in gen u ous, frank.

tal ons, claws. in go ni ous, skillful.

val ley, low land. morse, the sea-horse.

val ue, worth.


līve, having life. au gust', grand.

mow, a pile of hay. bow, to bend

mow, to cut with a scythe. bow, for shooting arrows. rēad, to utter printed words. bass, a tree, a fish.

read (red), past tense of react. bass, lowest part in music.

re' pent, creeping. con jure, to entreat.

re pent', to feel sorrow. con' jure, to use magic art. rec' ol lect, to call to mind. dove, past tense of dive.

re col lect', to collect again. döve, a pigeon.

re form', to amend. gal lant, brave, gay.

re' form, to make anew. gal lant', a gay fellow.

rec' re ate, to refresh. gill , the fourth of a pint.

ro' cre ate, to create anew. gill, part of a fish.

slough, a place of mud. hin der, to stop.

slough (sluft], a cast skin. hind er, further behind.

tär ry, like tar. in' va lid, one not in health. tar ry, to delay. in val' id, not firm or binding. tēars, waters of the eyes. to be dark.

tears, [he] rends. low er, not so high,

wind, air in motion. live, to be or dwell.

wind, to turn or twist.

low er,


al tar, a place for offerings. ale, malt liquor.

al ter, to change. air, the atmosphere.

ant, a little insect. heir, one who inherits.

aunt, a sister to a parent. all, the whole.

ark, a vessel. awl, an instrument.

arc, part of a circle.


caul, a net inclosing the bowels.

can non, a large gun.

can on, a law of the church. ces sion, a grant. ses sion, the sitting of a court.

can vas, coarse cloth.

can vass, to examine. ceil, to make a ceiling. scal, to fasten a letter,

scal ing, setting a seal.

ceil ing, of a room. cens er, an incense pan. cen sor, a critic.

course, way, direction.

coarse, not fine. cote, a sheep-fold. coat, a garment.

core, the heart.

corps, a body of soldiers. cell, a hut. sell, to dispose of.

cen tu ry, a hundred years,

cen tau ry, a plant. chol er, wrath. col lar, for the neck.

cord, a small rope.

chord, a line. cite, to summon. site, situation. sight, the sense of seeing.

com ple ment, a full number,

com pli ment, act of politeness, cous in, a relation. coz on, to cheat.

cur rant, a berry.

cur rent, a stream. deer, a wild animal. dear, costly.

cask, a vessel for liquids.


as cent, steepness. as sent, agreement.

au ger, a tool. au gur, one who foretells. bail, surety. bale, a pack of goods.

ball, a sphere.

bawl, to cry aloud. base, low, vile. bass or base, in music.

beer, a liquor.

bier, to carry dead bodies, bin, a box. been, participle of be.

ber ry, a little fruit.

bu ry, to inter. beat, to strike. beet, a root.

blew, did blow.

blue, a dark color. boar, a male swine. bore, to make a hole.

bow, to bend the body.

bough, a branch. bell, to ring belle, a fine lady.

beau, a gay gentleman.

bow, to shoot with. bread, a kind of food. bred, educated.

bur row, for rabbits.

bor ough, an incorporated town, by, near at hand. buy, to purchase. bye, a dwelling.

bay, an inlet of water.

bey, a Turkish governor. be, to exist. bee, an insect.

beach, sea-shore.

beech, a tree. boll, a pod of plants. bowl, an earthen vessel. bole, a kind of clay.

but, a conjunction.

butt, two hogsheads. brake, a weed. break, to part asunder.

Cain, a man's name.

cane, a shrub or staff. call, to cry out, or name.

casque, a helmet.
ce dar, a kind of wood.
ce der, one who cedes.

cede, to give up.

seed, fruit, offspring. cent, the hundredth part of a dollar. sent, ordered away. scent, a smell.

cel lar, the lowest room.

sell er, one wlio sells.
clime, a region.
climb, to ascend.

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