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of God, to whom they will prove a peculiar treasure. Should this pamphlet fall into the hands of any friend, who may have by him any original letters, I humbly request the loan of them for a short period, that they also may be added to the following parts of this work.

1 purpose, by the blessing of God, to continue publishing the Letters that I am now in possession of, and others that fall into my hands, that may tend to your edification, till the whole of them are printed, which I am confident will prove a most acceptable service to you. His last Sermon God hath enabled me already to give you; an earlier one delivered many months ago, for the taking of which in short hand I employed a professional person of the first practice, I have also by me, and shall appear when leisure permits.

"He which hath begun a good work in you," says the apostle, "will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ;" and it is elsewhere expressly declared, "That the needy shall not alway be forgotten, that the expectation of the pour shall not perish for ever.'

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I had intended to have given with this a brief statement of his last illness and death, but being so closely engaged in copying letters

for the press, I am obliged to defer it until another opportunity.

Commending you therefore to God, and to the word of his grace, and waiting the fulfil ment of the promises, I subscribe myself,

An unworthy Son of,

A Steward of the mysteries of God,


High Street, August 3, 1813.




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