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ABOUT the end of the year 1750, some persons, who had frequent opportunities of observing the distress of such distempered poor as from time to time came to Philadelphia, for the advice and assistance of the physicians and surgeons of that city; how difficult it was for them to procure suitable lodgings, and other conveniences proper for their respective cases, and how expensive the providing good and careful nurses, and other attendants, for want whereof, many must suffer greatly, and some probably perish, that might otherwise have been restored to health and comfort, and become useful to themselves, their families, and the publick, for many years after; and considering moreover, that even the poor inhabitants of this city, though they had homes, yet were therein but badly accommodated in sickness, and could not be so well and so easily taken care of in their separate habitations, as they might be in one convenient house, under one inspection, and in the hands of skilful practitioners; and seve ral of the inhabitants of the province, who unhappily became disordered in their senses, wandered about, to the terrour of their neighbours, there being no place (except the house of correction) in which they might be confined, and subjected to proper management for

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