A complete treatise on French grammar

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Page 678 - EXTRACTS FROM THE BEST GERMAN AUTHORS. Eighth edition, entirely remodelled and considerably enlarged, with Analytical Translation, Notes, and a copious Vocabulary, for the Use of Beginners in Schools and private Tuition. By DR. HAUSMANN. 12mo, cloth, 5s. ELEMENTS OF GERMAN AND ENGLISH CONVERSATION ON FAMILIAR SUBJECTS, with a Vocabulary to each Dialogue. Eleventh edition. By DR. BERNAYS. 12mo, cloth, 3s.
Page 361 - Je conduis, tu conduis, il conduit, nous conduisons, vous conduisez, ils conduisent.
Page 323 - Je cours, tu cours, il court ; nous courons, vous courez, ils courent. Je courais, tu courais, il courait ; nous courions, vous couriez, ils couraient.
Page 216 - PRESENT. fui été, I have been. tu as été, thou hast been. il a été, he has been. nous avons été, we have been. vous avez été, you have been, ils ont été, they have been.
Page 682 - IN ITALIAN LITERATURE. A Selection from the Prose Writings of the best Italian Authors from the thirteenth century to the present time; with Critical and Explanatory Notes and Biographical Notices, for the Use of Students. By G.
Page 16 - Janvier, January, février, February, mars, March, avril, April, mai, May, juin, June, juillet, July, août, August, septembre, September, octobre, October, novembre, November, décembre, December.
Page 2 - A, a; B, b; C, c ; D, d; E, e ; F, f; G, g; H, h; I, i; J, j; K, k ; L, 1; M, m ; N, n ; O, o...
Page 315 - Je m'en vais, tu t'en vas, il s'en va, nous nous en allons, vous vous en allez, ils s'en vont, IMPERFECT.
Page 682 - NEW GUIDE to SPANISH and ENGLISH CONVERSATIONS, consisting not only of Modern Phrases, Idioms, and Proverbs, but containing also a copious Vocabulary; with Tables of Spanish Moneys, Weights, and Measures, for the use of the Spaniards as well as the English. 3rd Edition, enlarged and improved, square 18mo, cloth, 3s.
Page 190 - J'eus eu, I had had. Tu eus eu, thou hadst had. Il eut eu, he had had. Nous eûmes eu, we had had. Vous eûtes eu, you had had. Ils eurent eu, they had had.

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