Reminiscences of Michael Kelly of the King's theatre, and Theatre royal, Drury lane [ed. by T.E. Hook].

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Page 259 - Cherubino, alia vittoria, alia gloria militar,' which he gave out with stentorian lungs, the effect was electricity itself, for the whole of the performers on the stage, and those in the orchestra, as if actuated by one feeling of delight, vociferated ' Bravo ! Bravo ! Maestro ! Viva, viva, grande Mozart.
Page 226 - Madame Mozart told me, that great as his genius was, he was an enthusiast in dancing, and often said that his taste lay in that art, rather than in music. He was a remarkably small man, very thin and pale, with a profusion of fine fair hair, of which he was rather vain. He gave me a cordial invitation to his house, of which I availed myself, and passed a great part of my time there.
Page 226 - Avas a remarkably small man, very thin and pale, with a. profusion of fine fair hair, of which he was rather vain. He gave me a cordial invitation to his house, of which I availed myself, and passed a great part of my time there. He always received me with kindness and hospitality. — He was remarkably fond of punch, of which beverage I have seen him take copious draughts. He was also fond of billiards, and had an excellent billiard table in his house.
Page 255 - I followed him into his bed-room, and, opposite to the head of the bed, saw a full-length picture of Handel, in a rich frame.
Page 300 - O'Leary immediately bowed very low, and complimented the Doctor with a long speech in Irish, of which the Doctor, not understanding a word, made no reply, but looked at Murphy. O'Leary, seeing that the Doctor was puzzled at hearing a language of which he was ignorant, said to Murphy, pointing to the Doctor, " This is a pretty fellow to whom you have brought me ;—Sir, he does not understand the language of the sister kingdom."—The Reverend Padre then made the Doctor a low bow, and quitted the...
Page 132 - ... Welcome to Paris once more, my dear Captain, we have eat heartily, drank roundly, paid plentifully, and let it go for once. I liked every thing but our women, they looked so lean and tawdry, poor creatures! "Tis a sure sign the army is not paid. Give me the plump Venetian, brisk and sanguine, that smiles upon me like the glowing sun, and meets my lips like sparkling wine, her person shining as the glass, and spirit like the foaming liquor.
Page 96 - As I stepped from the boat I perceived a young lady and gentleman standing on the Mole, making observations ; as the former looked at me she laughed. and as I approached, I heard her say to her companion in English, which of course she thought I did not understand, " Look at that girl dressed in boy's clothes !" To her astonishment, I answered in the same language. " You are mistaken, Miss ; I am a very proper he animal, and quite at your service...
Page 258 - I never shall forget his little animated countenance, when lighted up with the glowing rays of genius ; it is as impossible to describe it as it would be to paint sunbeams. I called on him one evening ; he said to me. " I have just finished a little duet for my opera, you shall hear it.
Page 6 - ... as well as Signor St. Giorgio. I answered myself by promising that I would study hard; and I really did so; — and, trifling as this little anecdote may appear, I firmly believe it was the chief cause of my serious resolution to follow up music as a profession ; for my father had other views for me.
Page 331 - About two months afterwards he was engaged to go to Reading to act for a benefit, but he did not go ; and wrote to the poor actor, for whom he was to perform, that he could not leave town because Mrs. Palmer was just brought to bed. His letter was read from the stage to the audience. When I heard of it, I congratulated him upon the possession of a partner who increased his family every two months. But Plausible Jack, all his life, was blessed with inventive faculties. " I remember there was a new...

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