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The Author's birth and parentage. The commencement of
his musical studies at the age of seven years.

His first
singing-masters, Passerini and Peretti. Kane O'Hara's
puppet-show. State of Music in Dublin, about the year
1777. Independence of Fischer, the celebrated oboe player.
Doctor Arne, the Cramers, Tenducci, Leoni, and Rauzzini.
Doctor Arne ruined by his predilection for alchymy. Ita-
lian Opera in Dublin. Kelly's first appearance on the
stage. Miss Brent, the original Mandane, in Artaxerxes.
Departure of the Author for Naples. The vessel boarded
by an American privateer, among the crew of which, Kelly
recognises an old servant. Arrival at Naples. Amuse-
ments during quarantine. Neapolitan hair-dresser. Mass
at the church of San Giacomo. Father Dolphin. Sir Wil-
liam, and the first Lady Hamilton, and their musical
parties. Neapolitan Dinner. Portici, Herculaneum, and
Mount Vesuvius. Pergolesi. French hair-dresser turned

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Visits to Baiæ, Pausilippo, the Grotto del Cane, and the Capo

del Monte. The Lazzaroni playing the game of mora.
Biting the thumb, Lord Tylney, Lord Bristol, Bishop of


Derry, and other English of quality at Naples. Kelly
placed under Finerolli in his musical Conservatorio. Mar-
chesi, Ansani, and Macherini, “ La cantante con la per-
ruca.Magnificence of the ballets at San Carlos, under
La Picque and Rossi. The celebrated Cassaciello, at the
Teatro Nuovo. Description of all the Theatres at Naples.
Jean Cole, the famous Pulchinello. The Author. patronized
by the great Neapolitan families. Introduction to Cima-

Interview with the King and Queen of Naples.
Anecdotes of those distinguished personages. Terrific
eruption of Vesuvius, in 1779. The Lazzaroni supplicate
their Saint, St. Genaro. Father Rocco's facetious impiety.
Superb annual procession of the King, Queen, and Court, to
La Madona del Piè di Grotto. Arrival of the

peasantry from

Abruzzo, Calabria, and Appulia, to celebrate La Festa

della Nouvena. Dedication of the young and beautiful

daughter of the Duke de Monteleone, Cafferelli, the

celebrated soprano.

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Return of the Author to Naples. Pachierotti and the beau-

tiful Marchesa Santa Marca. Rencounter between the
former, and il Cavaliere Ruffo, a lover of the Marchesa.

Arrival of the Author in the Bay of Leghorn. Anecdotes of

Stephen and Nancy Storące. Lucca. Pisa. Introduction
of Kelly to Viganoni. The festival of the battle of the
bridge at Pisa. The felon, Giuseppe Afrissa. Contest of
ugliness between Soderini and Favar. Arrival at Florence,
and engagement to perform there at the Teatro Nuovo.
Lord Cowper, Sir Horace Manour, Mr. Merry, the Della
Cruscan, and Nardini, the great violinist, The Devil's
Sonata. Anecdotes of Morigi, the primo-buffo. Kelly's
first appearance on the stage at Florence, before the Pre-
tender. Anecdote of Morelli, the well-known bass-singer.
Florence and its vicinity. Singular festival at Forligani, in
honour of Santa Massinina. Beauty of the women at Sienna.
The Author's departure from Florence on his way to
Venice. The Appenines. Bologna la Grassa. Kelly, and

his holiness the Pope, divide the public attention. Theatre

at Bologna. The Author leaves Bologna, in company with

the beautiful Signora Palmini. Ferrara. Anecdote of


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Introduction of the Author to the Marquess and Marchioness

Bevi Acqua. Plays in the Amphitheatre of Verona. Con-

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