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we have this day begun, and pour out Thy blessing upon it. Accept, O Lord, this solemn dedication of our labours to Thee, and prosper the designs of us Thy servants to Thine own glory, and the edification of our brethren. Regard with Thine especial favour all who shall be engaged in this work, and graciously preserve them from all dangers and accidents; that labouring in Thy fear, and being always under the protection of Thy good Providence, they may prosperously complete the work that has been given them to do, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

The Thanksgiving. — We yield Thee humble thanks, O Heavenly Father, that Thou hast vouchsafed to call us to the knowledge of Thy grace and faith in Thee. Increase this knowledge and confirm this faith in us evermore. Give us Thy Holy Spirit, that being born again and made heirs of everlasting salvation, through our Lord Jesus Christ, we may continue Thy servants and attain Thy promises, through the same Lord Jesus Christ, who liveth and reigneth with Thee in the unity of the same Holy Spirit, one God, world without end.-Amen.

The choir then sang Psalm cl. to the grand chant, and the rector dismissed the assembled multitude with the apostolic benediction. At the conclusion of the ceremony a large new flag was unfurled, exhibiting to the spectators the design of the new school, tastefully painted by Messrs. Morris, of this city. The band then struck up a march, and the procession moved off the ground to the school-room yard, which had been converted into a large dining

room, being covered over with tarpaulins, kindly lent for the occasion by J. W. Eyton, Esq., and the Messrs. Crockford. Here 293 children sat down to a hot din. ner, while the teachers of the schools, choir, band, workmen, &c. were accommodated in a similar way in the boys' school.

For the company, a handsome luncheon was provided in the girls' school, by Sir S. R. Glynne, of which, between sixty and seventy partook, after the children were dismissed from their dinner. (About the same number sat down to the dinner laid out in the boys' school.) The day was dull in the morning, but about nine o'clock brightened up, and was beautifully fine all day. Many of the working-classes appeared in their holiday clothes, and the day seemed by general consent to be kept as a holiday; and no doubt will long be remembered by many with great delight, as one of unmingled joy and gratification.

The earnest and church-like spirit of these proceedings was worthy of all commendation; and, indeed, we know of no parish where more anxious efforts are made to minister to the temporal and spiritual good of the inhabitants than in Hawarden. We understand, that as the present insufficient schools at Buckley form part of the parsonage-house, they could not be conveyed to trustees for the education of the children of the poor, and, therefore, the privy council refused to grant any sum towards their improvement. It has therefore been determined to build new schools adapted to the requirements of the district.

Books Received.

During the last month the following books have been received :

Academic Unity: a Sermon, by the Rev. C. Wordsworth, D.D. (Rivington.s);

Practical Hints on the Moral, Menta!, and Physical Training of Girls at School, by Madam de Wahl. 12mo. pp. 190. (J. W. Parker.)

Mathematics as a Portion of a Liberal Education; a Lecture delivered before the Teachers' Society of the North of England. By James Snape, Principal of the Grammar School. Newcastle.

Church Schools and State Interference, a Letter addressed by permission to the Right Hon. W. E. Gladstone, M.P. By the Rev. G. A. Denison. 8vo. pp. 36. (Rivingtons.)

History of Rome for Young Persons. By Mrs. Hamilton Gray. 2 vol. 12mo. (Hatchard.)

A Manual of Definitions, Introductory to the Astronomy of the Globes. 12mo. pp. 46. (J. W. Parker.)

English Spelling, with Rules and Exercises. By G. F. Graham, 12mo. pp. 136.

L'Interlocutore Italiano: ossia, Moderni Colloquii Italiani. Da Giulia Benelachi. 12mo. pp. 268. (Longmans & Co.)

Caldwell's Musical Review, Part 5.
Sharpe's London Magazine, Part 25.
Tait's Edinburgh Magazine for November.


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