The young ladies' first French book

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Page 55 - Un, deux, trois, quatre, cinq, six, sept, huit, neuf, dix, onze, douze, Treize, quatorze, quinze, seize, dix-sept, dix-huit, dix-neuf, vingt.
Page 19 - J'eus eu, I had had. Tu eus eu, thou hadst had. Il eut eu, he had had. Nous eûmes eu, we had had. Vous eûtes eu, you had had. Ils eurent eu, they had had.
Page 24 - J'étais, I was. Tu étais, thou wast. Il était, he was. Nous étions, we were. Vous étiez, you were. Ils étaient, they were. PAST DEFINITE. Je fus, / was. Tu fus, thou wast. Il fut, he was. Nous fûmes, we were. Vous fûtes, you were. Ils furent, they were.
Page 26 - Qu'on fût that one might be Que nous fussions that we might be Que vous fussiez that you might be Qu'ils fussent that they might be...
Page 23 - That thou mightst have had. Qu'il eût eu, That he might have had. Que nous eussions eu, That we might have had. Que vous eussiez eu, That you might have had. Qu'ils eussent eu, That they might have had.
Page 26 - That thou mightest be. Qu'il fût, That he might be. Que nous fussions, That we might be. Que vous fussiez, That you might be. Qu'ils fussent, That they might be.
Page 23 - Je suis, I am. tu es, thou art. il est, he is. elle est, she is. nous sommes, we are. vous êtes, you are. ils sont, m.
Page 19 - J'ai eu, I have had. Tu as eu, thou hast had. Il a eu, he has had. Nous avons eu, we have had. Vous avez eu, you have had. Ils ont eu, they have had.
Page 20 - J'aurai eu. Tu auras eu. Il aura eu. Elle aura eu. Nous aurons eu. Vous aurez eu. Ils auront eu. Elles auront eu CONDITIONNEL. PRÉSENT.
Page 26 - Que je fusse, that I might be. que tu fusses, that thou might'st be. qu 'il fût, that he might be. que nous fussions, that we might be. que vous fussiez, that you might be. qu 'ils fussent, that they might be.

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