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ems, 182

Greek Chorus, the Quantity and Letters of a Traveller, 52 Parlour Library, 119, 183, 372
Music of the, discovered, 185 Lyrics and Miscellaneous Po- Peace Advocate, the, 185

Princess, the, a Medley, 116
Half-Sisters, the, 244

Rambles on the Hartz Moun.

How to Win Love, or Rhoda's Madeline, a Tragedy, 120

tains, 309

Lesson, 372

Midsummer Eve, a Fairy Tale

of Love, 54, 118

Select Plays of William Shake-

Keepsake, the, 50

speare, 372

Koecker's Essay on the Dis- Oddfellow's Reciter and Fireside Story of the Seasons, 372

eases of the Jaws, 120

Companion, 372

Youth's Story Teller, 372

Absence, 294

Helen of Coniston, 162

Address of a Convict to her Helen Grey, 211

Pity and the Rose, 302

Child, 137

Human Voice, the, 72

Pleader, the, 241

Angel of Death, 151

Poetry, 267

Apostle, the, and the Cherries, Invocation to the Spirit of Poetry,



Recollections, 279

Aveline, 264

Ireland, on the present State of, Rich Man's Bride, the, 19

Azeth, 142


Irish Emigrants, 354

Secret disclosed, the, 178
Battle of Life, 199

Snowdrop, the, 166

Broken Spell, the, 152

Joan of Arc, the last Moments Song, 96

of, 362

Sonnets, 19, 30, 180, 202, 279

Child, the, is Father to the Man, June, 371

Spirits of the Abbey, the, 33

Spirits, the, of the Past, 34

Chivalry, 114

Lady's Reply, the, 324

Stanzas, 75, 155

Coquette, to a, 94

Lament, a, of Judah, 45 Stanzas to the Memory of Rosa,

Cottage-girl's Wish, the, 324 Lament, a, 180


Cynic's Song, the, 217

Lament, the, of the Unfortu- Stanzas to Dante, 345

nate, 302

Stars, 15

Dante's Meeting with Casello Lark, the, above the City, 86 Stars, to the, 135

in Purgatory, 25

Laurestinus, to the, 72

Storm-hymn, the, 15

Dear Isle of Albion, 362 Lay of a Maniac, 283

Death-watch, the, 26

Life's best Day, 235

They say this World is full of

Death, the, of the Dearest, 240 Life's Changes, 371

Ill, 229

Dilatory Courtship, 134 Lines, 86, 152, 200, 217, 226,305 Thoughts of Thee, 109

Dirge for a Suicide, 305 Lines to Mrs. Abdy, 345 To a little Star shining at my

Dying Poet to his Wife, 200 Lord Henry, 100

Window, 333

Lover's Perversity, a, 72

Early Friends, 206

Love's Life is its Devotion, 103 Vesper Hour, the, 333

Easter Chaunt, an, 226

Love's Growth is like the Flow- Violets, 166, 211

Eclipse, the, 64

Voices from Nature, 86

Eighteen hundred and forty- Lucy Lee, 272

eight, 33

Una Idea, 94

Evening, 279

Marriage, 82

Exposition, an, 282

Mesmeric Sleep, 12

When soft Winds are sighing,

Midnight Vision, the, 331


Farewell, the, of a consumptive

Why art thou silent now? 331

Invalid, to Shanklin Chine, 45 New Year's Day, 30

Wife, the neglected, to her Hus-

Forsaken, the, 8

Nightingale, to the, 305

band, 114

No more! 152

Woman, 272

Girl, to a, on her Birth-day, 135

Woodbine, the, 103

Gone and Come, 86

Old Love, and the New, 324 Words and Winds, 49

Old Soldier, the, 338

Hast thou Earth's Gifts ? 45 On returning a Gold Chain to Young Suttee, the, 290

Heart Communings, 82

a false One, 364

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C. E. S......







A Christmas Story.



ILLUSTRATED BY JOHN ABSOLON. “ Mit Toulmin writes with case, and out of the fulness of a kindly heart; and with the powerful aid of Mr. Absolon's clever and graceful decorations, her Chrismas book, amongst all we have yet seen, ought to com. mand the crown." - Atheneum.

“ Altogether this is just the work we can commend to our readers for its sympathy with actual life."Mustrated London Neus.

“ Partners for Life,' by Camilla Toulmin, is a true and beautiful book for any season, much more for Christ. mas, when the hearts of all who may read it are likely to be in a peculiarly fit temper to understand its wis and genial philosophy, and sympathize with the deep spirit of universal love that breathes through it.”The People's Journal. Wm. S. Orr and Co., London ; James M'Glashan, Dublin; Fraser and Co., Edinburgh; and David

Chambers, Glasgow.

In Foolscap Octavo, price Five Shillings,


“ Occasionally there is a pensiveness in the strong and earnest simplicity of Miss Toulmin, which is singularly touching."--The Sun.

"No mere mocking-bird melody. * Her • Astrology and Alchemy' is striking."- The Dublin Uni. versity Magazine.

“They are penned in the right vein of poetic fervour, beneath which we trace a strong current of philanthropy, ever aiming to exalt the condition of human-kind.”The Illustrated London Neus.

“She has learned the secret of writing to the Age by writing about the Age."— The Critic. “Miss Tournin generally sing, because she has first thought; and puts the Muse forward only because the Mise has something to say.

For the most part her lightest essays are suggestive.”- The Athenæum. London: Wm. S. Orr and Co.--Dublin : James M‘Glashan.--Glasgow: David Chambers, 98,



Just published,

The Church of England Magazine,

A VERY CIIEAP RELIGIOUS PERIODICAL. Vol. XXII., Imperial 8vo., Embossed Cloth, 480 pages, with Turty Mustrations on Wood, price 5s. 6d. It contains original contributions by several of the Biskops and have already appeared This series which will be of a very es• many other distinguished Divines; Narratives; Sketches of Na- tinded character, will be found of particular interest. tural History, with Engravings; Descriptions of Remarkable Places The Parts from January to the present time in 1847 are and Buildings, with views; Biograplıy, Vissionary Proceedings, i rendy; and intending subscribers are requested to send their Juvenile Reading, Poetry, &c., with a Register of Ecclesiastical orders without delay, as the back volumes and parts are now beIntellgence; the whole combining amusement with instruction, in Coming VERY SCARCE. a style suited for all classes of readers.

As the Magazine enjoys a circulation far exceeding that of any A series of Parish Churches, with Ilustrations of a superior other church periodical, and is read by all classes of society, it kind, has lately been commenced. Soutliwell Collegiate Church; will be found a very eligible medium for Advertisements, which St. Michael's, Coventry ; $t. George's, Doncester; with others, are conspicuously printed, and inserted at the most reasonable rate. London: Published in weekly numbers, price 1.11., and in monthly parts, price 9d., by Edwards and Hughes, 12, Are Maria Lane,

and sold by all Booksellers.

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