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CARRIAGE DRESS.-Dark blue satin robe, a high close-fitting corsage, and long tight sleeves. Blue velvet chapeau, a full but bright shade of the colour; a moderately open shape; the interior trimmed at the sides with coques and brides of maize-satin ribbon; the exterior with a bird of Paradise. Ermine mantelet, of a large size, lined with white satin; made quite up to the throat, and attached down to the waist by fancy silk buttons and braiding; rounded scarf ends descending to the knee.

PUBLIC PROMENADE DRESS.-Robe of bronze-coloured drap cachemire, made quite high, with long tight sleeves; the border of the dress is finished with a deep flounce of sable fur. Chapeau of pink velours épinglé; the shape is rather close, and the interior ornamented only with brides to correspond. The exterior is decorated with a bouquet of short feathers; onehalf the beads white, the other pink. Sable mantelet, lined with pink satin; it is a large size, made with a deep collar, and long square ends.

Sable cuffs.


No. 3. HOME DRESS.-Blue gros de Naples robe, over one of white cambric. The first has the corsage tight to the shape, and round at the bottom: it is high at the back, moderately open on the bosom, and trimmed down the fronts with satin ribbon to correspond, arranged à la vielle. Demi-long sleeves, tight to the elbow, moderately wide from thence, and terminates by a ruffle headed by ribbon. The skirt-open from the waist-is trimmed at the bottom with a deep flounce, headed by ribbon à la vielle, which also goes up the fronts, meeting that on the corsage; the flounce is scalloped down the sides and

round the bottom. The corsage of the cambric dress is made quite up to the throat, and plaited down the front, with an embroidered collar. Demi-large sleeve, tight wristband. Tulle cap; a small round shape, simply trimmed with narrow lace and floating brides of white taffeta ribbon.

No. 4. HOME DINNER DRESS.-Violet satin robe: the corsage-high at the back and moderately open on the bosom-displays a lace chemisette with a standing collar of the Medicis form; the front of the corsage, and also the bottoms of the sleeves, are trimmed with narrow black velvet ribbon; the bottom of the corsage is deeply pointed; a row of fancy silk buttons is attached on the velvet on each side: this trimming is continued straight down the front of the corsage to the bottom of the skirt. Head

dress of hair.

No. 5. MORNING DRESS.-Robe of lilac poplin broché, corsage en caraco, made quite up to the throat, and descending in a jacket very full at the back. Tight sleeves, a three-quarter length, over full ones of cambric. Light brown velours épinglé chapeau, a round open shape, the interior very full-trimmed with coques and brides of crimson velvet ribbon; the exterior with brown ribbon and a bouquet of three flat feathers to correspond.


HOME DINNER DRESS.-Dark grey satin robe: the corsage made quite up to the throat, and descending in a rounded point at the bottom, is ornamented down the front with a new kind of passementerie; it is in the form of detached leaves, of a large size, placed two together, and united by a fancy silk button. They are of equal size on the corsage, but continuing down the front of the skirt they increase in size as they descend. Tight sleeve, sufficiently short to display the single bouillon of the muslin sleeve: the satin one is finished on the shoulder by two dressed in a profusion of ringlets at the sides, leaves, disposed en mancheron. and a round knot formed of a plaited braid behind. Cashmere scarf, lace collar.

The hair is

MORNING DRESS. - Light puce levantine robe: the corsage-made quite high-opens at the bottom in a sharp point at each side, and is trimmed down the sides and round the bottom with black velvet ribbon; the centre is ornamented with velvet knots, of a new form. The same style of trimming is continued down the front of the skirt, and the bottom is bordered with four bands of velvet. quarter length, and of the horse-shoe form at the bottom, where it is finished with velvet and a knot. Cambric under-sleeve and collar. The hair is dressed in ringlets at the sides, and a twisted braid encircling the summit of the head.

Sleeve a three

PUBLIC PROMENADE DRESS.—Blue satin robe, a full shade; the corsage is made high and close; the sleeves a three-quarter length. Dark brown velvet pardessus; it is a pelisse of rather

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