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HARDING and WRIGHT, Printers,

St. John's Square, London.

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i. ON THE SPANISH REVOLUTION. 1. Concerning the Relations of Great

Britain, Spain, and Portugal, to
each other, and to the common
Enemy, at this Crisis ; and speci-
fically as affected by the Conven-
tion of Cintra: the whole brought
to the Test of those Principles, by
which alone the Independence
and Freedom of Nations can be
preserved or recovered. By Wil-
liam Wordsworth.

2. Letters from Portugal and Spain;

comprising an Account of the
Operations of the Armies under
their Excellencies Sir Arthur
Wellesley and Sir John Moore,
from the Landing of the Troops
from Mondego Bay, to the Battle
of Corunna. Illustrated with En-
gravings by Heath, Fitler, War.

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