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TWO VOLS. FOR 1850 AND FOR 1851;

Or, Year-Book of Facts in Science and Art, exhibiting the most important discoveries and improvements in Me-
chanics, Useful Arts, Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, Astronomy, Meteorology, Zoology, Botany, Mineralogy,
Geology, Geography, Antiquities, &c.; together with a list of recent Scientific Publications; a classified list of
Patents; obituaries of eminent Scientific Men; an index of important papers in Scientific Journals, Reports,
&c. Edited by DAVID A. WELLS and GEORGE BLISS, JR. With Portraits of Prof. Agassiz and Prof. Silliman.
12 mo.
Cloth. Price, $1,25. Paper cover, $1,00.

This work will be issued annually, so that all important facts discovered or announced during the year may easily be obtained. Each volume is distinct in itself, and contains entirely new matter.

The Editors have received the approbation, counsel, and personal contributions of Professors Agassiz, Horsford, and Wyman, of Harvard University, and many other scientific gentlemen.



Or, The Physical Phenomena of Nature. By ROBERT HUNT, author of "Panthea," "Researches of Light," &c.
First American, from the second London edition. 12mo. Cloth. Price, $1,25.

"It is one of the most readable, interesting, and instructive works of the kind that we have ever seen.". Philadelphia Christian Observer.


Or, The Asterolepis of Stromness, with numerous illustrations. By HUGH MILLER, author of "The Old Red
Sandstone," &c. From the third London edition. With a Memoir of the author, by Louis AGASSIZ. 12mo.
Cloth. Price, $1,00.
DR. BUCKLAND said, "He would give his left hand to possess such powers of description as this man."

"Mr. Miller's style is remarkably pleasing; his mode of popularizing geological knowledge unsurpassed, per-
haps unequalled; and the deep reverence for Divine Revelation, pervading all, adds interest and value to the vol-
- New York Commercial Advertiser.


Or, New Walks in an Old Field. By HUGH MILLER. Illustrated with Plates and Geological Sections.
Cloth. Price, $1,00.


"Mr. Miller's exceedingly interesting book on this formation is just the sort of work to render any subject popular. It is written in a remarkably pleasing style, and contains a wonderful amount of information."minster Review.


"It is, withal, one of the most beautiful specimens of English composition to be found, conveying information on a most difficult and profound science, in a style at once novel, pleasing, and elegant."- Albany Spectator.


Touching the Structure, Development, Distribution, and Natural Arrangement of the RACES OF ANIMALS, living and extinct, with numerous Illustrations. For the Use of Schools and Colleges. Part I. COMPARATIVE PHYSIOLOGY. By LOUIS AGASSIZ and AUGUSTUS A. GOULD. Revised edition. 12mo. Cloth. Price, $1,00.

"This work places us in possession of information half a century in advance of all our elementary works on this subject. * No work of the same dimensions has ever appeared in the English language, containing so much new and valuable information on the subject of which it treats." - Prof. James Hall, Albany.

"It is not a mere book. but a work -a real work in the form of a book. Zoology is an interesting science, and here is treated with a masterly hand. It is a work adapted to colleges and schools, and no young man should be without it."— Scientific American.


Lectures on COMPARATIVE PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY, in its relation to the History of Mankind. By ARNOLD
GUYOT, Professor of Physical Geography and History, Neufchatel. Translated from the French by Prof. C. C.
FELTON, with illustrations. 12mo. Cloth. Price, $1,25.


The grand idea of the work is happily expressed by the author, where he calls it the geographical march of history. Faith, science, learning, poetry, taste, in a word, genius, have liberally contributed to the production of the work under review. Sometimes, we feel as if we were studying a treatise on the exact sciences; at others, it strikes the car like an epic poem. Now it reads like history, and now it sounds like prophecy. It will find readers in whatever language it may be published." Christian Examiner.


Or, The Study of the Earth and its Inhabitants. A Scries of graduated Courses for the use of Schools. By
ARNOLD GUYOT, author of "Earth and Man," &c.

The series hereby announced will consist of three courses, adapted to the capacity of three different ages and periods of study. The two parts of the first or preparatory course are now in a forward state of preparation, and will be issued at an early day.


Its Physical Character, Vegetation and Animals, compared with those of other and similar regions, by L. AGASSIZ, and Contributions from other eminent and Scientific Gentlemen. With a Narrative of the Expedition, and illustrations by J. E. Cabot. One volume octavo, elegantly illustrated. Cloth. Price, $3,50.

The illustrations, seventeen in number, are in the finest style of the art, by Sonrel; embracing Lake and Landscape Scenery, Fishes, and other objects of Natural History, with an outline map of Lake Superior.

This work is one of the most valuable scientific works that has appeared in this country. Embodying the researches of our best scientific men relating to a hitherto comparatively unknown region, it will be found to contain a great amount of scientific information.


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Condensed from the larger work. By JOHN KITTO, D. D., F. S. A., author of "The Pictorial Bible," "History and Physical Geography of Palestine," Editor of "The Journal of Sacred Literature," &c. Assisted by numerous distinguished Scholars and Divines, British, Continental and American. With numerous Illustrations. One volume, octavo, 812 pp. Cloth. Price, $3,00.

THE POPULAR BIBLICAL CYCLOPEDIA OF LITERATURE is designed to furnish a DICTIONARY OF the Bible, embodying the products of the best and most recent researches in Biblical Literature, in which the scholars of Europe and America have been engaged. The work - the result of immense labor and research, and enriched by the contributions of writers of distinguished eminence in the various departments of sacred literature- has been, by universal consent, pronounced the best work of its class extant, and the one best suited to the advanced knowledge of the present day in all the studies connected with theological science.


The Cyclopædia of Biblical Literature, in two volumes, from which this work is condensed by the author, is about twice the size of the present work, and is intended, says the author, more particularly for Ministers and Theological Students; while the Popular Cyclopædia" is intended for Parents, Sabbath School Teachers, and the great body of the religious public. It has been the author's aim to avoid imparting to the work any color of sectarian or denominational bias. On such points of difference among Christians, the Historical mode of treatment has been adopted, and care has been taken to provide a fair account of the arguments which have seemed most conclusive to the ablest advocates of the various opinions. The Pictorial Illustrations - amounting to more than three hundred ―are of the very highest order of the art.


From the American Traveller.

Kitto has succeeded in producing a work of rare excellence; one that is regarded as an essential to every clergyman's library. It will be found a valuable companion to the Sabbath school teacher, and to all engaged in the study of the Scriptures, and as a book of reference, it deserves a place on the shelves of every family library. From the Zion's Herald.

We commend the work particularly to our clerical readers. It will save them the necessity of many other books. From the New York Commercial Advertiser.

This is a Dictionary of scriptural topics, which should find a place in every library. Sunday school teachers, and all who study the Scriptures, will find this Cyclopædia a more valuable auxiliary than any work extant of which we have knowledge.

It is the result of the combined biblical, scholastic, and scientific minds of the highest order, and scarcely a question can arise in the mind of the reader of the sacred book, but may be answered by reference to this comprehensive volume. For the family library, as well as for Bible class and Sunday school teachers, we cordially recommend it.

From the Puritan Recorder.

Here we have the larger work referred to in the title, boiled down more than one half, and made more strong and rich by the evaporation. To that numerous and most useful class of laborers in the Lord's vineyard, the Sabbath school teachers, we would respectfully offer our advice to appropriate three dollars each to make themselves possessors of this valuable help for the discharge of their duties. If any one of them should not have the money, we counsel him "to sell his garment and buy one."

From the Philadelphia Christian Observer.

This is a large, handsome and valuable book; it is very happily adapted to meet the wants of the family, the Sunday school teacher, and the great majority of the Christian public. As a Bible Dictionary, it is a work of distinguished merit, embodying the results of the best and most recent researches in biblical literature, in which the scholars of Europe and America have been engaged.

From the New York Christian Intelligencer.

We know of no work in the language, as a repository of biblical literature, to be at all compared with this most valuable collection of Dr. Kitto. This work is an emanation from more than forty of the most able and profound scholars in sacred literature to be found in the world. England, Scotland, Germany, and these United States, have all here a most respectable representation; and the work does honor to them all.

From the Christian Register.

It has a great amount of information on almost all subjects connected with the Bible.
From the Mercantile Journal.

We have examined the work with the greatest interest, and can assure our readers that it is a book of no ordinary value. We know of no work which is more worthy of a place by the side of the Bible in every family. It is a book which the Bible reader will consult with pleasure, and which will enhance the interest of the Bible itself, by making the reader more thoroughly acquainted with the localities mentioned therein, with the circumstances connected with the preparation of each book of the sacred Word, with the manners and customs of the ancients, with the geography of the Holy Land, and, in short, with every thing connected with the literature of the Bible which would be likely to be of interest to the ordinary reader.

From the Albany Spectator.

Here is indeed a rich treasury for the minister and the church, embodying the products of the best, most recent and reliable researches in biblical literature, and presented in a form so full, and yet so condensed, as to put it within the reach of hundreds of ministers who did not feel able to purchase the unabridged work. In this volume you have the pith of the entire work!

From the New England Farmer and Rambler.

Whoever purchases this work may rely on having the freshest as well as most complete information in regard to the manners, customs, history, geography, &c., of the East, so far as they throw light on the Bible record. From the Christian Chronicle.

It is a work of immense research, embodying the latest results of biblical study, contributed by a large corps of enthusiastic and venerable scholars.

For reference in the family, for the use of the Sabbath school teacher, and for Bible classes, it is beyond comparison the best biblical manual issued from the press. We predict for it an extensive circulation, for it must gradually displace Robinson's Calmet, and the other smaller and more incomplete manuals which have hitherto been in common use.



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