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Return of the Author to Naples. Pachierotti and

the beautiful Marchesa Santa Marca. Rencounter
between the former and Il Cavaliere Ruffo, a lover
of the Marchesa. The Author's first acquaintance
with Aprile, under whom he afterwards studied.
Gaëta. Musical festival there. Luxury of the Monks
of Abruzzo. Failure of the miracle of St. Gennaro.

Kelly and his music-master set sail for Palermo.

Their reception by the Duke and Duchess St.

Michele, and the Prince Val Guarniera. Climate

of Sicily. Sicilian ladies. Musical quarrel between

Aprile and Signora Carara. Sicilian suppers. Mon-

strous taste of the Prince B in the furniture of

his house. Catania. Mount Etna. Annual festival

of Santa Rosalia. Jealousy of the Sicilians. The

Author in prison. Anecdotes of Signora Gabriella.

Kelly leaves Sicily.

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Arrival of the Author in the Bay of Leghorn. Anecdotes

of Stephen and Nancy Storace. Lucca. Pisa. Intro-
duction of Kelly to Viganoni. The festival of the
Battle of the Bridge at Pisa. The felon, Giuseppe

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