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* Page IX. The Advice.

14 X. In the Grace of Wit, of Tongue, and Face; before 1.593

15 XI. Fain would I, but I dare not

16 XII. Sir Walter Raleigh to his Son XIII. On the Cards and Dice. XIV. The Silent Lover

20 XV. A Poesy to prove Affection is not Love; before 1602

22 XVI. The Lie; certainly before 1608; possibly before 1596

23 XVII. Sir Walter Raleigh's Pilgrimage; circ. 16033 27 XVIII. What is our Life? The play of passion

29 xix. To the Translator of Lucan; 1614

30 XX. Continuation of the lost poem, Cynthia; now

first published from the Hatfield MSS.;

31 XXI. Sir Walter Raleigh's Petition to Queen Anne of Denmark; 1618

52 XXII. Sir Walter Raleigh's Verses found in his Bible

in the Gate-house at Westminster; 1618 . 54 XXIII. Fragments and Epigrams :1. From Fuller's Wortbies

55 2. Riddle on Noel

55 3, 4. Two Quotations from Puttenham ; 1589 56 5. Epitaph on the Earl of Leicester; 1588 . 56 6. Epitaph on the Earl of Salisbury; 1612 56 7. A Poem put into my Lady Laiton's pocket 57 8. Sir W. Raleigh on the Snuff of a Candle the Night before he died; 1618

57 XXIV. Metrical Translations occurring in Sir W.

Raleigh's History of the World, 1614 58 XXV-XXX. Six Poems ascribed to Raleigh on less

conclusive evidence:XXV. No Pleasure without Pain; before 1576 76 XXVI. The Shepherd's Praise of his Sacred Diana; before 1593.

77 XXVII. The Shepherd's Description of Love; before 1600 (read 1593]

78 XXVIII. As you came from the Holy Land

80 xxix. Shall I, like an hermit, dwell

82 xxx. To his singular friend, William Lithgow; 1618 83


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Page I. A Poem written by Sir Henry Wotton in his youth; before 1602

87 II. Sir Henry Wotton and Serjeant Hoskins riding on the way

88 111. The Character of a Happy Life. By Sir H. Wotton; circ. 1614

89 iv. This Hymn was made by Sir H. Wotton when

he was an Ambassador at Venice, in the time
of a great sickness there

91 v. Upon the Sudden Restraint of the Earl of So

merset then falling from favour. By Sir H.
Wotton; 1615

93 VI. To a Noble Friend in his Sickness. By Sir H. Wotton

94 VII. On his Mistress the Queen of Bohemia. By Sir H. Wotton; circ. 1620

95 VIII. Tears at the Grave of Sir Albertus Morton, wept by Sir H. Wotton; 1625

96 IX. Upon the Death of Sir A. Morton’s Wife. By Sir H. Wotton; 1627

98 X. A short Hymn upon the Birth of Prince Charles. By Sir H. Wotton; 1630

98 XI. An Ode to the King, at his returning from

Scotland to the Queen, after his coronation
there. By Sir H. Wotton; 1633.

99 XII. On a Bank as I sat a-Fishing. By Sir H. Wotton; circ. 1638

101 XIII. A Translation of the cive. Psalm to the original sense. By Sir H. Wotton

102 XIV. A Hymn to my God in a night of my late sick

ness. By Sir H. Wotton; 1638 or 1639 105 xv. To the rarely Accomplished, and worthy of

best employment, Master Howell, upon his

Vocal Forest. By Sir H. Wotton; 1639 106 XVI. A Description of the Country's Recreations. Author uncertain

106 XVII. A Farewell to the Vanities of the World. Author uncertain.


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IX. Three Sonnets from the Works of Sir Philip

Sidney; born 1554, died 1586

x. Psalm LXIX. From the Translation of the

Psalms by Sir Philip Sidney, and his Sister

Mary, Countess of Pembroke

XI. Fancy and Desire. By Edward, Earl of Oxford;

born 1540? died 1604

XII. If Women could be fair, &c. By Edward, Eari

of Oxford.

XIII. Fain would I sing, &c. By Edward, Earl of


xiv. The Earl of Oxford to the Reader of Beding-

field's Cardanus; 1576

xv. 1. Epigram. By Edward, Earl of Oxford

2. Answered thus by Sir P. S.

3. Another, of another mind

4. Another, of another mind

XVI. My Mind to me a Kingdom is. By Sir Edward

Dyer; born circ. 1540, died 1607

xvi. 1. The Shepherd's Conceit of Prometheus. By

Sir Edward Dyer

2. A Reply. By Sir Philip Sidney

XVIII. The man whose thoughts, &c. By Sir Edward


xix. A Fancy. By Sir Edward Dyer

xx. Master Dyer's Fancy turned to a Sinner's Com-

plaint. By Robert Southwell; born 1560,

died 1595.

XXI. Who grace for zenith had. Another adaptation

of Sir E. Dyer's Fancy. By Fulke Greville,

Lord Brooke; born 1554, died 1628

XXII. Montanus' Fancy graven upon the bark of a

tall beech tree. By Thomas Lodge; born

1555? died 1625

XXIII. The Shepherd to the Flowers; before 1593

xxiv. There is none, O, none but you. By Robert,

Earl of Essex; born 1567, died 1601 .

XXV. A Passion of my Lord of Essex

XXVI. Verses made by the Earl of Essex in his


XXVII. To Time. By A. W.; before 1602

XXVIII. Upon an Heroical Poem which he had begun

(in imitation of Virgil) of the first inhabit.

ing this famous Isle by Brute and the Tro-

jans. By A. W.; before 1602

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