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An introduction, pp. 8–21.

CHAP. I.–Of eternal life in general, p. 25; which our Saviour calls God :

explained in seven particulars, pp. 31-44. Meditation, p. 44.

CHAP. II.-A more particular discourse of this life, p. 45; wherein the hap-

piness of the soul is described ; in regard of its increase in the knowledge of

God, p. 47; and in its love to God, p. 55; and joy in God, p. 59. A meditation

out of St. Augustine, p. 66.

CHAP. III.-A further explication of the happiness of this life, p. 67. In per-

petual praises of God, p. 67. And in free uniform obedience to him, p.71. There

the happiness of the body also is briefly touched, p. 73. A meditation out of

Macarius and others, p. 77.

CHAP. IV.-Of the eternity of this life, p. 78; being without intermixture of

misery, p. 79 ; and without intermission, p. 80; and without end, p. 83. Repre-

sented by the Sabbath, p. 85. Particular expressions chosen to signify that it

never dies, p. 87. A meditation, p. 88.

CHAP. V.-Of the certainty of this eternal life, p. 91 ; whose excellence is

further represented from Rev. xxi. 7. in five particulars, pp. 98-101. Two

observations about this record, pp. 101-103. A meditation, p. 104.

Chap. VI.-The testimony of the Father concerning this eternal life, p. 105.

The first testimony illustrated, p. 108. The second testimony at large con-

sidered from thence, p. 120. The third testimony, p. 124. A meditation, p. 125.

CHAP. VII.-The testimony of the Word to it, p. 126. The first testimony,

p. 127 ; the second, p. 132 ; the third, p. 137. A meditation out of St. Gregory

Nazianzen, p. 144.

CHAP. VIII.—The testimony of the Holy Ghost, p. 146. The first testimony,

p.147; the second, p.151 ; the third testimony, p. 157. The sense of the Church

about the Holy Trinity, p. 162. The use we should make of this record, p. 165.

A meditation, p. 169.

CHAP. IX.-The testimony of the Water concerning eternal life, p. 170 ;

where, first, the purity of our Saviour's doctrine is considered in many par.

ticulars, p. 171 ; secondly, the purity of his life, p. 177; thirdly, the baptism of

John, p. 179; lastly, his own baptism, p. 181. A meditation, p. 186.

CHAP. X.–The testimony of the Blood is considered, p. 187; in ten parti-

culars, p. 188; the first, p. 189; the second, p. 190 ; the third, p. 193 ; the

fourth, p. 194 ; the fifth, p. 196 ; the sixth, p. 197; the seventh, p. 199; the

eighth, p. 202 ; the ninth, p. 203 ; the tenth, p. 206. A meditation, p. 208.

CHAP. XI.—The testimony of the Spirit considered, p. 211; first, in the mi-

racles he wrought, p. 212 ; which are considered in general, p. 213; and then in

six particulars, p. 214 ; secondly, in his resurrection from the dead, and ascen-

sion to heaven, p. 224 ; explained in eight particulars, p. 229. An explication

of 2 St. Peter i. 3, 4, p. 233. A meditation, p. 237.

CHAP. XII.—The testimony of the holy Apostles, p. 239 ; who opened this

doctrine more fully, p. 240; declaring, first, how our Lord will appear in person

at the last day, p. 241; secondly, that in the mean time souls do not sleep, p. 242 ;

proved by several testimonies of St. Paul and St. John, p. 247; which was always

the sense the Church, p. 248. The certainty of the Apostles' testimony, p. 251;

proved by their life and doctrine, p. 254; by their blood, p.256; and by the power

of the Spirit which accompanied them, p. 258; by which they cured some, and

delivered others to Satan, p. 261. A meditation out of St. Chrysostom, p. 265.

CHAP. XIII.—The use we are to make of this record. First, in admiring

the great love of God, p. 268; which is illustrated (secondly) by what God hath

done for us, more than for any in former times, p. 272. How uncertain the

philosophers were in their reasonings about this matter, p. 274. How little of it

was revealed to the Jews, p. 276; who had no express promises of eternal life,

p. 281; and therefore saw it but obscurely, p. 282; and had no such witnesses of

what they knew, p. 285 ; which ought (thirdly) to excite in our hearts such love to

God as moves us universally to obey him, p. 287. No motive comparable to

this, p. 288 : whose strength appears in six properties it hath, p. 289. which

(fourthly) makes it more strange that it doth so little move men, p. 295. Want

of faith is the reason of it, p. 297 ; which we must therefore awaken by

the consideration of what hath been said, ib. Which is briefly summed up, pp.

297–303. A meditation out of St. Chrysostom to the same purpose, p. 304.

CHAP. XIV.-A further improvement of this record, p. 307; which we ought

to believe with an unshaken faith, p. 308. An encouragement to faith, p. 310; for

the quickening of which several questions are proposed, which is the fifth use,

p. 312; first, about the way to this felicity, p. 312 ; secondly, about the nature of

the way, p. 317; thirdly, about the unreasonableness of being desirous to stay

always here, p. 321; fourthly, about their distance from it, who never have their

thoughts in heaven, p. 322 ; fifthly, about the danger of resisting so mighty a

motive to well-doing, p. 324 ; sixthly, about men's resolutions, all these things

considered, p. 327. The last use concerns the great joy the righteous should have

in the thoughts of what they hope for, p. 331; which is a strong support under the

greatest afflictions, p. 333 ; demonstrated in three observations, pp. 333-336 ;

where the resolution of good men before Christ came is represented, p. 340.

The examples of the martyrs presented, p. 341, &c. Comfort from hence derived

against the death of friends, p. 341; or in any other sad condition, p. 342 ; even

in death itself, p. 343. The conclusion out of St. Gregory Nazianzen, p. 346.



CHAP. I.-Containing an introduction to the ensuing discourse, p. 357.

CHAP. II.—Showing what is meant by the appearing of our Lord Jesus

Christ, p. 360.

CHAP. III.-A further illustration of the appearing of our Lord Jesus

Christ, p. 365.

CHAP. IV.- The certainty of this appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ, p. 369.

CHAP. V.-Containing the use we should make of what hath been delivered

in the foregoing chapter, p. 383.

CHAP. VI.-Of the means to excite that love in our hearts, which we ought

to have for Christ's appearing, p. 387.

CHAP. VII.—Two further steps in this love of Christ's appearing, p. 394.

CHAP. VIII.—The progress of this love to Christ's appearing, in three steps

more, p. 399.

CHAP. IX.—This love to the appearing of our Lord further described, in

three other fruits or marks of it, p. 409.

CHAP. X.-All this shown to be the sense of the Holy Scriptures, p. 415.

CHAP. XI.--Reasons for our love to this appearing, drawn from the respect

we ought to have to our Lord himself, p. 422.

CHAP. XII.-Other reasons why we should love his appearing, drawn from

the love we have to ourselves, p. 433.

CHAP. XIII.-Two other reasons why, if we love ourselves, we must needs

love this appearing, p. 443.

CHAP. XIV.-Two reasons more, to induce us to raise our thoughts and

affections to the appearing of our Lord, p. 450.

CHAP. XV.—Three considerations more to draw our affections to the ap-

pearing of our Lord, p. 461.

CHAP. XVI.–Of the mighty power and pleasure of love, when it is settled

in the heart, p. 469.

Chap. XVII.-Of the means whereby this love may be settled in our hearts,

and the benefit thereof, p. 473.

CHAP. XVIII.- A continuation of the former argument, concerning the

mighty power of the divine love, and the benefit we have by loving our Lord's

appearing, p. 478.

CHAP. XIX.—More expressions of this devout affection towards loving our

Lord's appearing, and the way whereby we may excite them, p. 483.

CHAP. XX.--The conclusion, p. 490.

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