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Sixthly, Believe, that if your judgment pronounces right, if your actions are friendly and well meant, if your mind is contented and refigned to Providence, you are in poffeffion of the greatest bleffings.

Seventhly, Be neither flave nor tyrant to any body in your behaviour.

Eighthly, Put it out of the power of truth to give you an ill character; and, if any body reports you not to be honeft or good, let your practice give him the lie.

Ninthly, Confider with yourfelf, that people of all conditions, profeffions, and countries, are forced to die: Caft your eyes upon what fort of mortals you pleafe, and you'll find them go the way of all flesh, Think therefore upon your laft hour; and don't be bufy about other people's faults, but leave them with thofe that muft anfwer for them.


As you have received thefe nine precepts from the Mufes, take this tenth, if you pleafe, from their prefident and inftructor, Apollo. Who fays

Every one of you may be a very happy fellow in an ground, provided you have the wit to chufe your fo: tune handfomely: Now, if you ask further, fays he, 1 must tell you, if your manners be good, your fortune can never be bad. For in a word, happiness lies al in the functions of reafon, in warrantable defires, and regular practice.

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