The Vassar Miscellany, Volume 20

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Vassar College., 1890 - Universities and colleges

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Page 174 - I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.
Page 49 - Whence are thy beams, O Sun! thy everlasting light! Thou comest forth in thy awful beauty; the stars hide themselves in the sky ; the moon, cold and pale, sinks in the western wave; but thou thyself movest alone. Who can be a companion of thy course? The oaks of the mountains fall; the mountains themselves decay with years...
Page 49 - ... from the clouds and laughest at the storm. But to Ossian thou lookest in vain ; for he beholds thy beams no more, whether thy yellow hair flows on the eastern clouds or thou tremblest at the gates of the west. But thou art, perhaps, like me, for a season ; thy years will have an end. Thou shalt sleep in thy clouds careless of the voice of the morning.
Page 49 - Star of descending night ! fair is thy light in the west ! thou liftest thy unshorn head from thy cloud ; thy steps are stately on thy hill. What dost thou behold in the plain ? The stormy winds are laid. The murmur of the torrent comes from afar.
Page 321 - And wi' the lave ilk merry morn Could rank my rig and lass, Still shearing, and clearing The tither stocked raw, Wi' claivers, an' haivers, Wearing the day awa : Ev'n then a wish, (I mind its power,) A wish that to my latest hour Shall strongly heave my breast ; That I for poor auld Scotland's sake, Some usefu' plan, or beuk could make, Or sing a sang at least.
Page 57 - Let my sins be all forgiven ! Bless the friends I love so well ! Take me, when I die, to heaven, Happy there with thee to dwell...
Page 120 - Ah Love! could you and I with Him conspire To grasp this sorry Scheme of Things entire, Would not we shatter it to bits — and then Re-mould it nearer to the Heart's Desire!
Page 58 - In death's dark vale I fear no ill With Thee, dear Lord, beside me ; Thy rod and staff my comfort still, Thy Cross before to guide me.
Page 52 - They shall admire the chiefs of old, the race that are no more ! while we ride on our clouds, Malvina ! on the wings of the roaring winds. Our voices shall be heard, at times, in the desert ; we shall sing on the breeze of the rock.
Page 48 - Cona ? My years have passed away in battle. My age is darkened with grief! " Daughter of the hand of snow, I was not so mournful and blind; I was not so dark and forlorn, when Everallin loved me ! Everallin with the dark-brown hair, the white-bosomed daughter of Branno.

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