The Elementary Spelling Book: Being an Improvement on the American Spelling Book

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American Book Company, 1908 - English language - 174 pages
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Page 163 - ... twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty thirty forty fifty sixty seventy eighty ninety one hundred two hundred three hundred four hundred five hundred...
Page 139 - APPLES. AN old man found a rude boy upon one of his trees stealing apples, and desired him to come down ; but the young sauce-box told him plainly he would not. "Won't you ?" said the old man, " then I will fetch you down...
Page 141 - I find, would have been concluded without an IF, had you been as ready to do justice to others as to exact it from them.
Page 163 - ... third fourth fifth sixth seventh eighth ninth tenth eleventh twelfth thirteenth fourteenth fifteenth sixteenth seventeenth eighteenth nineteenth twentieth thirtieth fortieth fiftieth sixtieth seventieth eightieth...
Page 141 - One of your oxen," continued he, "has been gored by an unlucky bull of mine, and I should be glad to know how I am to make you reparation." " Thou art a very honest fellow," replied the Lawyer, " and wilt not think it unreasonable that I expect one of thy oxen in return." " It is no more than justice...
Page 139 - Won't you ?' said the old man ; ' then I will fetch you down ;' so he pulled up some tufts of grass and threw at him ; but this only made the youngster laugh, to think the old man should pretend to beat him down from the tree with grass only. ' Well, well,' said the old man, 'if neither words nor grass will do, I must try what virtue there is in stones.
Page 173 - This host of successful Webster owners who are satisfied with Webster service, who have their needs anticipated and supplied, whose questions about new and old words, noted persons and places, questions of what, why and how, here answered with the authority of the world's scholars, should encourage the young man or woman, even though near the foot of the ladder, to profit from the same service. The one who knows wins success. Write for specimen pages, illustrations, etc. Free, a set of poc^ci maps...
Page 143 - However, making a virtue of necessity, he forbore to complain ; and comforted himself with reflecting, that no bliss is perfect ; that good and evil are mixed, and flow from the same fountain. These briars indeed, said he, will tear my skin a little, yet they keep off the dogs.
Page 44 - It is as certain to follow, as that the sun will rise in the east and set in the west tomorrow.
Page 86 - Again, the happiness of the next life is represented to us in holy Scripture as a treasure. Our Saviour bids us ' lay up for ourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through and steal.

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