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For God will bless the hand that tries
To wipe the sorrows from their eyes.

8. If I deny them clothes and bread,
And where to lay their weary head,
I never can the blessings know,
From generous deeds that ever flow.

9. I'll shun the common faults of youth
I'll keep my word and speak the truth;
For God, with never-sleeping view,
Sees and remembers all I do.

10. I know I never can conceal The lying lips or hands that steal; I'll rather all I have resign

Than touch or take what is not mine.

11. I'll never torture things that live,
Nor take the life I cannot give ;
The meanest things that breathe the air
Enjoy my heavenly Father's care.

12. My tongue shall whisper peace around,
My hands in holy works abound ;
My looks serene and free from art
Shall show the mildness of my heart.

13. For looks and trifling deeds declare
The feelings that we cherish there;
And every one hath power to do
Some act to bless and injure too.

14. The cup of water kindly given Is treasured in the books of heaven:

The well-used talent, though but one,
May gain the happy word "well done."


COME, let us go into the thick shade, for it is noon, and the summer sun beats upon our heads. God made the warm sun and the cool shade. All things which we see are His work.

Can we raise our voices to the high heaven? Can we make Him hear who is above the stars? Yes, for He heareth us when we only whisper; when we breathe out words softly with a low voice. He that filleth the heavens is here also.

May we that are so young speak to Him that always was? We that are but lately made alive should not forget Him that hath made us. We should sing praises to Him who hath taught us to speak, and hath opened our dumb lips.

When we could not think of Him, He thought of us; He fashioned our tender limbs, and caused them to grow; He maketh us strong and active.

The buds spread into leaves, and the blossoms swell to fruit; but they know not how they grow, nor who causeth them to spring up from the bosom of the earth. They smell sweet, they look beautiful, but they are quite silent. The plants and trees are made to give fruit to man; but man is made to praise God who made him.

We love to praise Him, because He loveth to bless us; we thank him for life, because it is a

pleasant thing to be alive. We love God; we love all beings; they are the creatures of God. We cannot do good to all as God can; but we can rejoice that there is a God to do them good.



1. If I do right, my weary head
Shall find rest upon my bed;
Freely opening every plan
To the eyes of God and man

2. Days in joy shall then be past,
Each one happier than the last;
And every year that hurries by
Find me well prepared to die.

3. Fears for me shall then depart
From my parents' anxious heart;
While my conduct just and right
Fills them with serene delight.

4. Then my heart shall rest in love
Pure as that which reigns above;
As the standing waters clear-
Heaven's blue light reflected there.

5. God in heaven with smiles will view
All I think and all I do ;

And when Jesus wakes the dead,
His right hand shall crown my head.


THE father, the mother, and the children, make a family; if the family require it there are servants to help do the work; all these dwell in one house; they sleep beneath one roof; they eat of the same bread; they are very closely united, and are dearer to each other than any strangers. If one is sick they mourn together; and if one is happy they rejoice together.

Many houses are built together, many families live near one another; they meet in pleasant walks, and to buy and sell, and they gather together to worship the great God in companies. If one is poor his neighbour helpeth him ; if he is afflicted he comforteth him.

Where there are a few houses it is a village. If there be many houses it is a town or city, and is governed by a magistrate.

Many towns, and a large country, make a state, or kingdom; in it are mountains and rivers, and it is washed by seas, and joined by other countries. The people who live in the same state are countrymen; they speak the same language, and have the same rulers.

Many kingdoms, and countries full of people, and continents, and islands, make up the world. The people are not all of one color; and some countries are much hotter than others. Some men are black with the hot sun; others cover themselves with furs against the sharp cold.

All are God's family; He knoweth every one of them; they pray to him in different languages, but He understands them all; He heareth them all, and taketh care of all.



Magistrate. A person appointed to enforce laws. Children know what is meant by laws, or rules. They have laws at school. It is a law in some schools to begin at nine o'clock. All the people in the state, or city, have laws. It is a law that one man shall not take another man's money. The laws of the people are printed in books: some people break these laws; then they are called before a magistrate; he understands the laws, and knows how much he who breaks them ought to be punished. The magistrate tells what shall be done to the offender or law-breaker; and it must be done as he says. This is to enforce the law.

The governor of the state is a magistrate. The mayor of the city is a magistrate. Continents. Very large portions of land surrounded by water.

Islands. Smaller portions of land surrounded by water.


1. GOD might have made the earth bring forth Enough for great and small;

The oak tree and the cedar tree,
Without a flower at all.

2. We might have had enough, enough For every want of ours;

For luxury, medicine, and toil,

And yet have had no flowers.

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