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And all our souls shall join to raise
An offering of immortal praise.


COME, and I will show you what is beautiful. It is a rose fully blown. See how she sits upon her mossy stem, like the queen of all the flowers! Her leaves glow like fire; the air is filled with her sweet odor; she is the delight of every


She is beautiful, but there is a fairer than she. He that made the rose, is more beautiful than the rose He is all lovely: He is the delight of every heart.

I will show you what is strong. The lion is strong. When he raiseth himself from his lair, when he shaketh his mane, when the voice of his roaring is heard, the cattle of the field fly, and the wild beasts of the desert hide themselves, for he is very terrible.

The lion is strong, but He that made the lion is stronger than he; His anger is terrible: He could make us die in a moment, and no one could save us from His hand.

I will show you what is glorious. The sun is glorious. When he shineth in the clear sky, and is seen all over the earth, he is the most glorious object the eye can behold.

The sun is glorious, but He that made the sun is more glorious than he. The eye beholdeth Him not, for His brightness is more dazzling than we could bear He seeth in all dark

places, by night as well as by day, and the light of His countenance is over all His works. Who is this great name, and what is he called, that my lips may praise him?

This great name is God. He made all things, but He is himself more excellent than they. They are beautiful, but He is beauty; they are strong, but He is strength; they are perfect, but He is perfection.


Lair. The bed of a wild beast.

Perfect. Finished. That to which nothing can be added as an improvement, is perfect. God is perfect; and things which He has made, which no created being can make better, are perfect. People say of others, who are well acquainted with a subject, "they understand it perfectly." This is not correct. Very few things can be known perfectly; more and more may be learned every day, even by those who know a great deal upon any subject.

Excellent. To excel is to surpass to be better or greater. A man has more strength than a child. The man excels the child in strength. You understand why God is more excellent than all which he has made.


1. High in the heaven he dwells alone, And glorious light surrounds his throne;

No night is there, his piercing eye
Looks through the darkness of the sky.

2. Before the tongue the mind declares, He knows our thoughts, designs, and cares, In daily toil and evening rest

He sees the secrets of our breast.

2. He sees his suffering children weep,
Far in the desert and the deep;
He gives them strength, when hope departs,
And heals the sorrows of their hearts.

4. He keeps the book of life; and there
Writes every wish and every prayer;
There keeps our crimes and follies past,
To rise in judgment at the last.


THE glorious sun is set in the west, the night dews fall, and the air which was sultry becomes cool.

The flowers fold up their colored leaves, and hang their heads on the slender stalk.

The chickens are gathered under the hen, and are at rest; the hen herself is at rest also.

The little birds have ceased their warbling; they are asleep on the boughs, each one with his head behind his wing.

There is no murmur of bees round the hive; they have done their work and lie close in their waxen cells. There is no sound of a number

of voices, or of children at play, or the trampling of busy feet, and of people hurrying to and fro.

The smith's hammer is not heard upon the anvil; nor the harsh saw of the carpenter. All men are stretched on their quiet beds, and the child sleeps upon the breast of its mother.

Darkness is spread over the skies, and darkness is upon the ground; every eye is shut, and every hand is still. Who taketh care of all people when they are sunk in sleep?

There is an eye that never sleepeth. When there is no light of the sun, nor of the moon; when there is no lamp in the house, nor any little star twinkling through the thick clouds; that eye seeth in all places and watcheth over all the families of the earth.

That eye that sleepeth not is God's. He made sleep to refresh us when we are weary; He made night that we might sleep in quiet. Laborers spent with toil, and young children, and every little insect, sleep quietly, for God watcheth over you.

When the darkness has passed away, and the beams of the morning sun strike through your eyelids, begin the day with praising God who hath taken care of you through the night.

Flowers, when you open again, spread your leaves, and smell sweet to His praise. Birds, when you wake, warble your thanks amongst the green boughs. Let His praise be in our hearts when we lie down; let His praise be on our lips when we awake.



1. Next to the God who reigns above,
I'll give my parents all my love;
I owe them thanks for favors done,
But I have hardly rendered one.

2. My brother's welfare too shall be
As precious as my own to me ;
And sisters shall not fail to share
My warm affection and my care.

3. I'll mourn if I have done or said
An insult to the hoary head;
And words of kindness to the young
Shall flow, like music, from my tongue.

4. If others wrong me and condemn,
I'll never do the same to them;
I'll not be angry nor complain,
For Jesus answered not again.

5. My rising passion shall not last,
I'll bear no malice for the past;
I'll pardon them, and pray to heaven,
That I may likewise be forgiven.

6. If words, or actions, light and vain,
Have given to others needless pain,
I'll ask them, ere the set of sun,
To pardon what my hands have done.

7. Whene'er I meet the wretched poor I will not drive them from the door;

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