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not be tried, or if tried, could not succeed. Nothing in such case would be easier than to refer to “what was written,” and thus to bring together in contrast the divinely appointed remedy and the invention of deceitful men.

And the Erfürt friar never paused in his work. The business of translation was commenced by him, and was taken up and carried on by others; and in a little while, a very few years, his beloved Deutschland had her Bible free. Other nations, filled with a glad surprise, asked for the like boon; nor could it be any longer withheld from them. The Great Disposer of all things had simultaneously prepared the means of diffusing the blessing in every land. Centuries before, when the glad tidings of Salvation were first published to the nations, He provided by a miracle that their representatives should hear, each in his own tongue wherein he was born, the wonderful works of God. And now, when his inspired Book is to go forth, He has awaiting it the printing-press, from which it is to issue on its errand of mercy. From the year 1500 to the year 1536, it was computed that there were printed, in various tongues, five hundred and sixtyeight editions of the Sacred Volume, either in whole or in part. The Reformation was gained !

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After this, I beheld in every quarter of the LazarHouse men intent on reading the Scriptures, and as they read they were individually taught to use the Divine remedy. The plague was stayed in their souls. The specific never failed.

The cure

was instantaneous.

But there was one ward over which was placed the name of eure,* and all my feelings of compassion were awakened by what I beheld there. For I noted that while the pestilence raged within it in direst virulence, no remedy but the false one was possessed by the afflicted inmates. Anciently they had possessed a knowledge of the true healing balm; and not only had they thankfully used it, but they were illustrious for painstaking zeal and self-denial in making others acquainted with its virtues. But armed men of the ward adjoining, under authorization from an Italian bishop, had torn from them the remedy; and there they now lay, neglected, despised, and forsaken. While I gazed the scene was altered. First, a few helpers entered, bearing in their hands the precious restorative given them by their Master. Then, came others. Then, the numbers increased. All diligently applied themselves to their work; for they knew that the men were perishing. All spake the same words, and applied the same cure; and I saw that the medicine was that which The Twelve had used, having been instructed in it directly by the Son of God. I saw, moreover, that these kind helpers were constantly looking into The Book, lest they should add aught of their own, or omit anything commanded by Him. Could I love them the less when, as I looked into their faces, I recognized many of my own familiar friends, with whom full often I had taken sweet counsel, and walked unto the house of God in company?

But all the while I noted the commotion excited

* Erin.

in this quarter, so soon as the Divine remedy was made known. The false healers had for a long while

a enjoyed undisturbed possession of the place. They deceived the people without molestation, and by this craft they had their wealth. Now, whenever, or wherever, the messengers of heaven published the great Physician's cure, these impostors sought with their utmost energy to hinder them; and they expended all their arts to keep men from listening to them. They declaimed, they threatened, they cursed. They took unto them certain lewd fellows of the baser sort, and gathered a company, and set all the place in an uproar, and assaulted the people's benefactors. But it was in vain. The Word of God had free course, and was glorified. God's remedy was more and more generally inquired for, and whenever known to be such, it was gladly and gratefully wel. comed. Prejudices, violent and terrible, had been excited against it; but these were gradually dispelled. The Book was appealed to, and it uniformly silenced the gainsayers. It testified to the truthfulness of those who had brought with them the heavenly specific. It exposed the imposition of those who had been using an invention of their own.

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The sky over me was bright and glad. The earth around was blooming and beautiful. The melody of the lark, singing at heaven's gate, filled my ravished

The old Lazar-House had been long since pulled down, and every vestige of its walls was gone. Leprosy had ceased, generations ago, to afflict us. I rejoiced in anticipating the period, when there shall be no more curse of Popery on our shores; when no inhabitant of our island shall say that he is sick of this disease; when the leaves of the Book of Life shall bring healing to every one in our nation.




A Minister is indeed 'a city set upon an hill, that cannot be hid.' He must expect not only his personal character, but his household arrangements—the conduct of his wife, the dress and habits of his children and servants, his furniture, and his table—to be the subject of most scrutinizing observation. Thus, the correctness of our family system becomes, to a great extent, the standard of our parish; while its inconsistencies too often furnish excuse for the neglect of duty, or the positive indulgence of sin.”—BRIDGES' Christian Ministry.


E are told that, during the investment of

Sebastopol by the allied armies of England

and France, the query heading this chapter was often on the lips of our brave soldiers. Over and over again, on those blood-stained heights, in the still morning ere the conflict began, or at midnight when the struggle had temporarily ceased, they would eagerly ask one another, “What will they say of us at home? What will they say of us?

The words have kept sounding in my ears, until they awoke their echoes within my soul. They have suggested thoughts, to which I would fain give utterance. I have allowed my feelings their full sway; and pleasant and, I trust, profitable, was my “flight of fancy" in their


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