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the geological world, to view, in the same light as myself, the phenomena presented to our examination on the earth. I am persuaded, that many of those individuals, so distinguished in science, are not so wedded to a party or theory, as not to acknowledge and retract an error in judgment, if they are convinced of its existence.

Amongst the many unquestionable physical facts, therefore, which I hope to be able to produce in the course of this treatise, supporting, in a remarkable manner, the Sacred History of the early events in the world, should any thing be found sufficiently strong, and sufficiently pointed, to shake the foundations of many of the present received opinions in Geology, I hope that some one, or more, of those gifted individuals, may be found with sufficient candour to retrace his steps, and to lend the aid of a powerful and active mind to the cause of Revelation.

It is, however, to be feared, that there are many Geologists, (if indeed they are deserving of the name,) whose great delight in this subject arises from the play of fancy, its consideration, under a false view, gives rise to; and who would, consequently, be unwilling to yield so pleasing a source of argument and hypothesis, to the plain and simple course of events which the Mosaical History unfolds.

Notwithstanding, however, the opposition I may meet with from such theorists, and in the absence of more able advocates for the support of this view of the subject, I propose to follow the course I have laid down; and I feel perfectly confident, that any failure in the proposed plan will not arise from the defective nature of the plan itself, or from the materials within my reach for the completion of it; but merely from the inability of the builder, which defect may, at any time, be remedied, by the same materials being placed in the hands of a more able, though not more zealous advocate for the cause of truth.

It must, however, be kept in view, that it is not the object of this treatise to enter minutely, or in detail, into the nature and history of each particular formation in the upper strata of the earth. We must first lay a solid foundation for our views, by an enlarged and general system ; and when this great and primary object has been perfectly attained, we may then, with safety, examine in detail the many interesting objects presented to our inspection, without, at any time, however, losing sight of the great first principles by which we had found it expedient to be guided in our course. We may thus hope to be led, by the full light of day, through those devious paths, over which so complete a twilight has hitherto been spread; and we shall, undoubtedly, have the gratification of finding, that the same dignified simplicity and truth, which have always been remarked as the characteristics of the other parts of Inspired Scripture, are not less remarkable, in the concise, but emphatic details of the early events of the world.


THE very high interest and importance of the history of the Globe which we inhabit, will be


Page 4, at the bottom, for Encyclopedia, read Encyclopædia. 10, Ditto


ditto. 43, line 4th of the Note, for uses, read use. 79, line 9th, for of, read or. 129, line 14th, for realised, read realized. 167, line 7th, sor Lucustrine, read Lacustrine. 169, line 4th from the bottom, for enclined, read inclined. 301, line 11th, for Bagota, read Bogota. 437, line 21st, erase to. 453, line 2nd from the bottom, for was, read were.

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