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I hope it never will, these ignorant affertors in their own art will have prov'd themselves more and more, not to be Proteftant Divines, whose constant judgement in this point they have fo audacioufly bely'd, but rather to be a pack of hungrie Church-wolves, who in the steps of Simon Magus thir Father, following the hot fent of double Livings and Pluralities, advoufons, donatives, inductions, and augmentations, though uncall'd to the Flock of Chrift, but by the meer fuggeftion of thir Bellies, like thofe Priests of Bel, whose pranks Daniel found out; have got poffeffion, or rather feis'd upon the Pulpit, as the ftrong hold and fortrefs of thir fedition and rebellion against the civil Magiftrate. Whose friendly and victorious hand having refcu'd them from the Bishops thir infulting Lords, fed them plenteously, both in public and in privat, rais'd them to be high and rich of poore and bafe; onely fuffer'd not thir covetousness and fierce ambition, which as the pitt that fent out thir fellow locufts, hath bin ever bottomless and boundless, to interpofe in all things, and over all perfons, thir impetuous ignorance and importunity.


Obfervations on the Articles of Peace

Between James Earl of Ormond for King

Charles the First on the one hand, and the Irish Rebels and Papifts on the other hand.

And on a Letter fent by Ormond to Colonel Jones Governour of Dublin.

And a Representation of the Scots Prefbytery at Belfaft in Ireland.

To which the faid Articles, Letter, with Colonel Jones's Anfwer to it, and Reprefentation, &c. are prefix'd.

A Proclamation.


HEREAS Articles of Peace are made, concluded, accorded and agreed upon, by and between Us, JAMES Lord Marquefs of ORMOND, Lord Lieut. General, and General Governour of His Majefties Kingdom of Ireland, by Virtue of the Authority wherewith We are intrufted, for, and on the behalf of His Moft Excellent Majesty of the one Part, and the General Affembly of the Roman Catholics of the faid Kingdom, for and on the behalf of His Majefties Roman Catholic Subjects of the fame, on the other Part; a true Copy of which Articles of Peace is hereunto annexed. We the Lord Lieut. do by this Proclamation, in His Majefties Name publish the fame, and do in His Ma

jefties Name strictly Charge and Command all His Majefties Subjects, and all others inhabiting or residing within His Majefties faid Kingdom of Ireland to take notice thereof, and to render due Obedience to the fame in all the Parts thereof.

And as his Majesty hath been induced to this Peace, out of a deep fense of the Miseries and Calamities brought upon this his Kingdom and People, and out of a Hope conceived by His Majefty, that it may prevent the further Effufion of His Subjects Blood, redeem them out of all the Miferies and Calamities under which they now fuffer, restore them to all Quietnefs and Happiness under His Majesties most Gracious Government, deliver the Kingdom in general from those Slaughters, Depredations, Rapines and Spoils which always accompany a War, encourage the Subjects and others with Comfort to betake themselves to Trade, Traffic, Commerce, Manufacture and all other things, which uninterrupted, may increase the Wealth and Strength of the Kingdom, beget in all His Majefties Subjects of this Kingdom a perfect Unity amongst themselves, after the too long continued Divifion amongst them: So his Majesty affures himself that all His Subjects of this His Kingdom (duly confidering the great and ineftimable Benefits which they may find in this Peace) will with all Duty render due Obedience thereunto. And We in His Majesties Name, do hereby declare, That all Perfons fo rendering due Obedience to the faid Peace, shall be protected, cherished, countenanced and fupported by His Majefty, and his Royal Authority, according to the true Intent and Meaning of the faid Articles of Peace.


Given at our Castle of Kilkenny,
January 17. 1648.

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Articles of Peace,

Made, concluded, accorded and agreed upon, by and between His Excellency JĂMES Lord Marquefs of ORMOND, Lord Lieutenant General, and General of His Majefties Kingdom of Ireland, for, and on the behalf of His Moft Excellent Majefty, by Virtue of the Authority wherewith the faid Lord Lieutenant is intrufted, on the one Part: And the General Assembly of the Roman Catholics of the faid Kingdom, for, and on the behalf of His Majefties Roman Catholic Subjects of the fame, on the other Part.

HIS Majesties Roman Catholic Subjects, as thereby Allegiance, Duty, and Nature, do most humbly and freely acknowledg and Recognize their Soveraign Lord King Charles to be lawful and undoubted King of this Kingdom of Ireland, and other His Highness's Realms and Dominions: And His Majefties Said Roman Catholic Subjects, apprehending with a deep fenfe the fad Condition whereunto His Majefty is reduced, as a further Testimony of their Loyalty, do declare, that they and their Pofterity for ever, to the utmost of their Power, even to the Expence of their Blood and Fortunes, will maintain and uphold His Majesty, His Heirs and lawful Succeffors, their Rights, Prerogatives, Government and Authority, and thereunto freely and heartily will render all due Obedience.

Of which faithful and Loyal Recognition and Declaration fo feasonably made by the said Roman Catholics,

His Majefty is graciously pleas'd to accept, and accordingly to own them His loyal and dutiful Subjects: And is further graciously pleas'd to extend unto them the following Graces and Securities.


MPRIMIS, It is concluded, accorded and agreed upon, by and between the said Lord Lieutenant, for, and on the behalf of His Moft Excellent Majefty, and the faid General Affembly, for, and on the behalf of the faid Roman Catholic Subjects; and His Majefty is graciously pleas'd, That it shall be enacted by ACT to be paffed in the next Parliament to be held in this Kingdom, that all and every the Profeffors of the Roman Catholic Religion within the faid Kingdom, fhall be free and exempt from all Mulcts, Penalties, Restraints and Inhibitions, that are or may be impos'd upon them by any Law, Statute, Ufage or Cuftom whatsoever, for, or concerning, the free exercise of the Roman Catholic Religion: And that it shall be likewife Enacted, that the faid Roman Catholics or any of them, fhall not be queftion'd or molested in their Perfons, Goods or Eftates, for any Matter or Cause whatsoever, for, concerning, or by reason of the free Exercise of their Religion, by Virtue of any Power, Authority, Statute, Law or Ufage whatsoever: And that it shall be further Enacted, that no Roman Catholic in this Kingdom fhall be compelled to exercise any Religion, Form of Devotion, or Divine Service, other then fuch as fhall be agreeable to their Confcience; and that they shall not be prejudiced or molested in their Perfons, Goods or Eftates for not obferving, ufing or hearing the Book of CommonPrayer, or any other Form of Devotion or Divine Service by Virtue of any Colour or Statute made in the second year of Queen Elizabeth, or by Virtue or

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