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Egyptian Hall, ode to the ourang-outangs Husband, the first and second, 140.

at, 20.

If the Lords reject the Reform Bill, what
will follow? 97.

Eisdell, Mr. letter of, 384.
Elections, Irish, notice of, 1.
Postcript on, 495.

Epicedium, 263.

Episode of Real Life, 211.
Epitaph on a rotten borough, 221.
Esculapius and St. Stephen, 583.
Fashionable morality, 290.
F. C. C. the Paddington Shepherdess, 223.
Festival at Derby, account of, 481.
Fever, meaning of the term, 14.
Fire at Pera, account of it, 313.
First and Second, No. II.-First and Se-
cond Thoughts, 51-No. III. the First
and Second Husband, 140.
Five Waters, scenes near, 134.

Impressment, remarks on, 310.
Innovation, evil of, 379.
Intelligence, alarming progress of, 85.
Ireland, Mr. Stanley in, 108.
state of, 161.

French Peerage, discussion on, 462.

Ministry and New Chamber, 254.
Friendship's Offering, noticed, 457.
Fugitive, rhyme of the, 162.
Fuller's Bird, 271.
Gallantry, English, 585.
Gaming-houses, Parisian, 296.
Garrick, and his contemporaries, 273.
Glance from a Hood, 335.
God Save the King, 582.
Godwin, genius of, 550.
Good, Dr. on the Cholera, 17.
Gordon, Captain, 127.

Mr. on the Irish Rebellion, 282.
Government and Administration, 551.
Granville, town of, 370.

Grattan, Thomas Colley, sketch of, 77.
Greek affray at Smyrna, 238.
Green, Mr. case of, 585.
Gregson, Mr. character of, 191, 192.
Grey, Lord, speech of, 25-sketch of his
character, 154.

Irish cavalry, new levy of, 491.

House of Commons, temper of, 429.
How will the Peers be gained? 395.
Humanity, mistaken, 294.

Hume Mr. motion of, 109.

Humorist, The, noticed, 458.

Church Establishment, 65, 109.
Elections, account of, 1.

Yeomanry-the Irish members-and
Lord Grey, 279.

Irving, Mr. his politics, 583.
Johnson, Dr. his Correspondence with
Garrick, 275.

French Ladies, 584.
Foreign Policy, 201.

Foreigner in England, 500.
Forsythe, Mr. sketch of, 244.

Fortresses in Belgium, proposal for dis- Kittens, high price of, 586.

mantling, 203.

Jokey-pokeys, poetry of, 83.
Journalism, remarks on, 487.
Justice, British, beauties of, 93.
Juvenile Forget-me-Not, noticed, 458.
Katinko, a Greek female, story of, 238.
Keepsake, The, noticed, 459.

Foster, Mr. statements of, 70.
France, the aristocracy in, 174-state of Landon, Miss, new novel by, 545.
affairs in, 209.

Laureate's Lay, 335.
Laws for Rich and Poor, 96.
Lay of the Last Minstrel, 327.
Lazzaretto of Marseilles, 40.
Liberia Herald, 492.
Lionism in London, 494.

Literary men, claims of, 90.
Souvenir, The, noticed, 458.
Literature, considered as a profession, 227.
Livery Lay, addressed to the whale at
Charing-cross, 220.

Living Literary Characters, No. VII. Tho-
mas Colley Grattan, 77- No. VIII.
Robert Plomer Ward, Esq. 186-No.
IX. The Earl of Mulgrave, 248-No. X.
Miss Mitford, 366-No. XI. Samuel
Rogers, 473.

Knowledge of the World in Men and Books,



Lords, if they reject the Reform Bill, what
will follow? 97.

Louis-Philippe, government of, 209.
Lyreton, Lord, M.P. 221.

Macauley, Mr. speeches of, 123, 495.
M'Lean, Dr. conceit of, 17.

Madden Mr. extract from his Travels, 171.
Mahon, Lord, 453.

and the Irish Yeomanry, 285.
Gossipings, gay and grave, 258.
Happiness, national, 331.
Harty, Sir Robert, 2.

Mahon, O'Gorman, reverses of, 4.
Mainote Mother, The, 377.

Hall, Mr. Basil, his work on America, 297. Malignity, a curiosity in, 95.
Haydon, B. R. sonnet to, 26.

Hereafter (for music), 272.
Hobbs and Dobbs, 236.

Holland and Belgium, hostilities 201, 336.

Margaret Sunderland, 534.
Mariner, The Ancient, 330.
Marseilles, lazaretto of, 40.
Marvel of the Month, 581.
Matilda, by Lord Normanby, 252.
Maxim, a state one, 89.
Meeting of Parliament, 22.
Melody (Moorish), 333.
Messiah, performance of, 485.

Hunt, Mr. singular proposal of, 96-his Miguel, Don, character of, 205.
oratory in the House, 430.

Ministerial Dinner, 321.

Ministerial patronage, 390.

Pitt's Bon-mot, 172.

Ministry, French, and the new Chamber, Plague at Constantinople, story of, 162.


Pleasures of Memory, 476.
Plunkett, Lord, 292.

Mitford, Miss, sketch of, 366.
Mob, where is it? 233.
Montgomery, Robert, 222.
Monsieur le Brun, 382.
Month in Parliament, 265.
Monthly Commentary, 85, 190, 290, 384,
487, 577.

Months, The, lines to, 75,

Moore, George, account of, 1.
Morality, Fashionable, 290.
Morpeth, Lord, on the liberty of the press,

Mother's and Daughters, reviewed, 359.
Mulgrave, Earl of, sketch of, 249.
Musgrave, Sir Richard, his election for
Waterford, 5.

My Aunt's Bequest, 178.
My Pension, 449.
Napoleon, lines to, 271.
Navy, American, facts respecting, 308.
Neukomm, Chevalier, music of, 483.
New Parliament, The, 118.
Newspaper-tax, proposed reduction in, 487.
Newtonbarry, affair of, 284.

New York, population of, 300, 301.
No Article this Month, 81.
Normanby, Lord, works of, 249.
North, Mr. elected for Drogheda, 9.
Novels and Romances of the Year, retro-
spective review of, 356.

Nursery Song, 84.

O'Connel, Daniel, elected for Kerry, 7.
Ogilvy, George, Esq. report of, 17.
Olympic Games, 495.
Oratory in Parliament, 430.

waits upon occasion, 488.
Ourang-Outang, ode to, 20.
Ourselves, our Correspondents, and the
Public, 445.

Paganini, Signor, 85-anecdote of, 193-
robbed at Cheltenham, 197.
Pandemonium Politics, 406.
Parishes, number of in Ireland, 70.
Parisian Gaming Houses, 296.
Society, remarks on, 443.
Parliament, life of a member of, 435.
meeting of, 22.

the month in, 265,
the new one, 118.

versity, 198, 384.

Peel, Sir Robert, 125.

Peerage, French, discussion on, 462.
Peers, how will they be gained? 395.
People's Secret, 489.

Patronage, ministerial, 390.

Pattison, Professor, and the London Uni- Quarantine enactments, 15, 37.

Rail-roads, contrivance of, 380.

Pera, account of the fire at, 313.
Perier, M. declaration of, 463.
Perrin, Mr. returned for Dublin, 3.
Pickpockets at the opening of Parliament, 96
Picturesque Annual, The, noticed, 461.
Pin-Money, reviewed, 362.

Poem, by the author of the "Corn-Law
Rhymes," 552.


Poet, a deceased one, 271.
Poetry, Ode to the Ourang-Outangs, at the
Egyptian Hall, 20-Sonnet, by William
Wordsworth, 26-The Conviet, by
L. E. L. 33-My Pension, 49-The
Poet's Old Age, 64- The Months
April, 75-The Prayer in the Wilder-
ness, 107-Wishes, by T. H. Bayly,
Esq. 153-The Rhyme of the Fugitive,
162-Pitt's Bon-mot, 172- Stanzas,
211-A Livery Lay, 220-Epitaph on
a Rotten Borough, 221-Hobbs and
Dobbs, 236-Epicedium, 263-Song
(for music), 264-From the Portfolio of
a Deceased Poet: Fuller's Bird, 271—
Napoleon (for music), ib.-Song, 272
-Hereafter (for music), ib.-Song of
the Brave Man; from the German of
Bürger, 287-The Slave-ship, 312-
The Second Marriage, 320-The Lay of
the Lost Minstrel, 327-The Show in
London, 329-The Ancient Mariner,
330-Sonnets on the Coronation, 331-
The Little Absentee, 332-A Reflection,
333-A Melody, ib.-A Glance from a
Hood, 334-The Laureate's Lay, 335
Black Work, 344-The Two Maidens,
349-The Mainote Mother, 377-Mon-
sieur le Brun, 382-Pandemonium Po-
litics, 406-Sonnet; the King, 428-
August, by William Cullen Bryant, 447
-Cholera Morbus, 528-Poem by the
author of the Corn Law Rhymes, 552.
Poet's Old Age, 64.
Poets, a new batch of uneducated ones, 218.


Poland, state of affairs in, 206, 336.
Policy, foreign, 201.

Politics, a nuisance, 351.

Portugal, on the government of, 205.
Postscript on the Elections, 495.
Praed, Mr. his speeches on Reform, 123.
Prayer in the Wilderness, 107.

Prices, low, of manufactured goods, 491.
Prostitution, political, 489.
Public, address to, 393.
Punjaub, The, 134.
Quackery illustrated, 186.

Rain, effects of, at a coronation, 331.
Real life, an episode of, 211.
Rebellion of 1798, 280.
Reflection, a, 333.



Reform Bill, remarks on, 22-what will
follow its rejection? 97, 118-its pro-
gress, 265-opposition to it, 398.
Religio Medici," a celebrated work, 51.
Religion, aristocracy in, 437.

maintenance of, in Ireland, 65.

Reminiscences of Windham, 555.
Republic, definition of, 488.
Retrospective review of the novels and ro-
mances of the year, 356.
Revenge, horrid, 199.
Revolution of 1688, 154.
Rhyme of the Fugitive, 162.
Rich and poor, laws for, 96.
Roden, Lord, his interference in religious
matters, 12.

Rogers, Samuel, sketch of, 473.

Romance and Reality, by L. E. L. 545.
Room in which Canning died, 402.
Russell, Lord John, 192, 321-his merits
as an orator, 324.

Russia, conduct of, 207, 337.

St. John Long, action brought by him, 86.
Scenes near the Five Waters, (the Pun-
jaub,) 134.

Second marriage, 320.
Self-government, meaning of, 297.
Servants' advertisements, 492.

Shackleford, Tom, 345.

Shaw, Mr. of Dublin, 2.

Shiel, Mr. elected for Louth, 8-oratory
of, 434.

Show in London, 329.

Siddons, Mrs. biographical sketch of, 27.
Sirr, Major, particulars respecting, 2.
Sketches of the English Bar, No. V.-Sir
Charles Wetherell, 129.

III.-Mr. Forsyth, 244.
Slave-ship, 312.
Smyrna, affray at, 238.
Smyth, Sydney, 491.
Society, remarks on, 438.
Soldier-Boy reviewed, 358.
Song of the brave Man, 287.
Songs, 264, 272.

Sonnet, by William Wordsworth, 26.
Sonnet-the King, 428.

Sonnets on the coronation, 331.
Spain, state of affairs in, 208.

Spirit of Song, by T. Haynes Bayly, 551.
Stage, American, compared to a French
diligence, 301.

Stage and the Pulpit, 495.

Stanley, Mr. in Ireland, 108.
Stanzas, 211.

Switzerland in 1831, 351.
Talleyrand, M. de, opinion of, 337.
Tancred, Mr. his "Legal Review," 120.
Taylor, a child, murdered, 294.
Temper of the House of Commons, 429.
Temple of Melekartha, reviewed, 362.
Thiers, M. 466.

Thomson's Seasons, remarks on, 417.
Thoughts, First and Second, 51.
Times, The, 497.

Tithe system, necessity of Reform in, 68.
Tremaine, novel of, 186.

Two maidens, the, 349.
United States, expenditure of the govern-
ment of, 303.

Uwins, Dr. his observations on Cholera
Morbus, 13.

Sketches of the Scottish Bar, No. Whale, address to, 220.

Vendean's Son. By the Author of " The
English Italy," 370.

Victim, the, a true story, 571.
Walker, Mr. elected for Wexford, 11.
Walsh, Sir J. R. B. motion of, 119.
Ward, R. P. Esq. sketch of, 186.
Warsaw, fall of, and its effects upon Eng-
land, 336.

Waterford, election at, 5.

Week at Derby, during the festival, 481.
Westminster Review, remarks on its criti-
cism, 448-extracts from, 489, 492.
Wetherell, Sir Charles, conduct of, 127—
sketch of, 129.

[blocks in formation]

World, on its existence, 410.
Wynford, Lord, proposed measure of, 291.
Wyse, Mr. his election for Tipperary, 8.
Yeomanry, the Irish, 279.

Yes and No, by Lord Normanby, 252.
Young Duke, reviewed, 360.
Yungfrau, described, 354.

State maxim, 89.

Staubbach, fall of the, 354.
Steam-engines, introduction of, 379.
Steele, Thomas, anecdote of, 4.

Student in Ill Health, Conversations with, Zanga outdone, 199.
-No. VI. 409.





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