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French Grammar.


By A. BRACHET, Lauréat de l'Académie française.

And adapted for English Schools by the late

Officiers d'Académie, etc.
New and Revised Edition. Complete in 1 vol. Cloth.

Price 2s. 6d., or
Part I.-ACCIDENCE. With Examination Questions and

Exercises. Cloth. 214 pages, small 8vo. With a complete

French-English and English-French Vocabulary. Price 1s. 6d. Part II.-SYNTAX. With Examination Questions and

Exercises, and a complete French-English and English French

Vocabulary. Price 1s. 6d.
KEY TO THE EXERCISES. For Teachers only. Price 1s. Ed.


and a Vocabulary to the Exercises. Cloth. Price ls. Vol. II. -SYNTAX. Cloth. Price 1s.



OPINIONS OF THE PRESS. “A good school-book. The type is as clear as the arrangement."- Atheneum, Jan. 6, 1877.

“We are not astonished to hear that it has met with the most flattering reception." -School Board Chronicle, March 10, 1877.

“We have no hesitation in stating our opinion that no more useful or practical introduction to the French language has been published than this.”Public Opinion, l.larch 24, 1877.

“England is fortunate in the services of a small knot of French Masters like IM. Masson and Brette, who have, alike by their teaching and their school-books, clone much for the scientific study of the language and literature of France. After successfully introducing into English form the Public School French Grammar, in which M. Littré's researches are happily applied by M. Brachet so as to show the relation of modern French to Latin, MM. Brette and Masson here translate and adapt the Petite or Elementary French Grammar. That has at once proved as popular as the more elaborate treatise.”Edinburgh Daily Review, March 20, 1877.

“Of this excellent school series we have before us the Public School Elementary French Grammar-(1) Accidence and (2) Syntax. Brachet's work is simply beyond comparison with any other of its class; and its scientific character is not sacrificed in the very judicious adaptation which has made it available for English students.There is no better elementary French Grammar, whether for vous or for girls.Hereford Times, April 11, 1887.


Giving the latest Results of Modern Philology, and based upon the “Nouvelle Grammaire Française” of

Laureat de l'Académie française et de l'Académie des Inscriptions.

New Edition, revised and enlarged


464 pages.


late of Christ's Hospital, London, GUSTAVE MASSON, B.A.,

late of Harrow School,

Oficiers d'Académie ;
of University College School, London,

Assistant French Master, Christ's Hospital, London.
1 vol. Small 8vo.

Cloth. Price 38. 6d.

ACCIDENCE.- Part 1. Price 18. 6d.
For Teachers only. Cloth. Price 18. 6d.

OPINIONS. “The best Grammar of the French language that has been published in England." PROFESSOR ATTWELL.

"It is certainly the fullest and most elaborate, and repeated revision seems to have made it one of the most accurate and scholarly of all English-French grammars—a class of book not too frequently distinguished by these qualities.”—Saturday Review, July 28, 1883.

"'We have nothing but praise for the new edition of this excellent Grammar, which gives, as it professes to do, all the latest results of modern philology, and which is remarkably clear and attractive in its arrangement.”The Tablet, June 23, 1883.

“I bave much pleasure in being able to compliment you on the publication of such an excellent work. The historical portion of the work is clearly brought out, and contains much valuable information. To all those accustomed to the preparation of our higher Exaininations such information is of the greatest importance. The transition from the Latin to the French of the present day is so clearly sl.own, that it reads more like a pleasing story than an exposition of grammar. The author bas a happy knack of putting his details in a most interesting form; and he has certainly succeeded in proving that French Grammar is not so repulsive as some of the old cutand-dried books make it. ..."-F. GARSIDE, M.A., Head Master, St. Luke's Middle Class School, Torquay.

“C'est bien certainement l'ouvrage le plus complet et le plus sérieux de ce genre écrit en anglais.”—DR. L. PARROT, Tppingham School.,

The last and most scientific French Grammar we know has just been published by Hachette & Co. The Etymology and the Syntax are specially good, and the entire volume is admirable." - The Freeman.

“Like the great work on whose lines it is built, the Public School Latin Grammar, it not merely gives the latest outcome of philological research, but it reduces it to a system with definite simple rules and principles, for the easy understanding of the student, and for ready application in the general reading of his authors.”—The Standard, February 16, 1876.

The Children's Own Book of French Composition. Easy Exercisos in Idiomatic Construction for the Use of Young People. ENGLISH PART, by the Rev. E. O. D'AUQUIER, M.A., with Preface

by J. BUB, Hon. M.A. (Oxon.), Taylorian Teacher of French,

Oxford. Örown 8vo., 190 pages, cloth. 18. 6d.
FRENCH PART, by E. Janat, Assistant French Master at Christ's

Hospital, London. Crown 8vo., 200 pages, cloth. 18. 6d. Primer of French Composition. Anecdotes, Fables, etc., specially

written in easy English, with Grammatical Notes and a Complete Vocabulary, by P. BLOUËT, B.A., Officier d'Académie, formerly Head

French Master of St. Paul's School. Small 8vo., 80 pages, cloth. 18. Introductory Lessons in French Composition, by F. JULIEN,

Officier d'Académie ; French Master of the King Edward's Grammar
School, Five Ways, Birmingham.

BOOK I., Elementary Exercises. Crown 8vo., 124 pages, cloth. 18. 6d.,
BOOK II., Easy Anecdotes and Fables for Translation into English,

with English Exercises thereon. Crown 8vo., 124 pages, cloth. Is. 6d. N.B.--These two small volumes form a Complete Elementary Course, with

the “ Practical Lessons in French Composition.Practical Lessons in Elementary French Composition. Gram. matical Rules, three hundred Sentences bearing upon

same with Vocabulary, graduated Anecdotes with Notes and Special Vocabulary for each piece of Translation, Model of Subject Composition, etc., etc., by F. JULIEN, Officier d'Académie'; French Master King Edward's Grammar

School, Five Ways, Birmingham. Crown 8vo., 230 pages, cloth. ls. 6d. Elements of French Composition. An Easy ard Progressive Method

for the Translation of English into French with Vocabulary, by V. KASTNER, M.A., Officier d'Académie, Hon. Fellow of Queen's College, London ; French Lecturer in Owens' College and Victoria

University, Manchester. Crown 8vo., 250 pages, cloth. 28. KEY TO THE SAME. (For Teachers only.): Cloth. 28. 6d. The First Book of French Composition. Materials for Translating

English into French for Elementary Classes, with Notes and Comprehensive Vocabularies, by A. ROULIBR, Univ. Gallic., late French Master of the Charterhouse School, etc., etc. Crown 8vo., 160 pages,

cloth. 18. 6d. KEY TO THE SAME. (For Teachers only). Cloth. 25. 6d. The Second Book of French Composition. Materials for Trans

lating English into French, for Advanced Classes, by the same Editor. Containing a recapitulation of the Rules explained in the “ First Book of French Composition," a theoretical Part illustrated by short Exercises, Extracts arranged in progressive difficulty without Rules, but accompanied, at first, by a minimum of Notes, together with Examination Papers set in the University of London and elsewhere. Crown 8vo.,

320 pages, cloth. 38. KEY TO THE SAME. (For Teachers only.) Cloth. 38.


Materials for French Translation. Short Extracts from Standard

English Authors graduated as regards difficulty and length, and selected 80 as to represent every kind of writing. Edited, with Notes, by O. A. FBDBRBR, L.O.P., Professer of French at the Bradford Technical

College. Crown 8vo., 100 pages, cloth. 18. 6d. THE KEY TO THE SAME. (For Teachers only.) Cloth. 28. 6d. Class Book of French Composition. A Compilation of amusing

and interesting Pieces accompanied by the Grammatical Rules referring to each Sentenco to be translated into French, and a Comprehensive Vocabulary, by P. BLOUËT, B.A., Officier d'Académie, formerly French

Master, St. Paul's School. Crown 8vo., 200 pages, cloth. 28. 6d. KEY TO THE SAME. (For Teachers only.) Cloth. 25. 60. Half-Hours of French Translation; Extracts from the best English

Authors to be rendered into French; and Passages translated from Contemporary French Writers to be re-translated, arranged progressively with Idiomatic Notes, by A. MARIETTE, M.A., formerly Professor and Examiner of the French Language and Literature at King's College,

London, etc. New Edition. Crown 8vo., 392 pages, cloth. 48. 6d. KEY TO THE SAME. Crown 8vo., 280 pages, cloth. 68. Chronicles of War. Selected from Standard English Authors, for

translation into French. A French Composition Book for Military Students, Army Candidates, and Advanced Pupils. With Grammatical and Historical Notes, Biographical Notices, and an English-French Vocabulary of Military Terms, &c., by A. BARRÈRE, Chevalier de la Légion d'honneur; Officier de l'Instruction Publique; Professor of French, Royal Military Academy, Woolwich; Examiner to the War

Office, the Royal Naval College, &c. Crown 8vo., 230 pages, cloth. 38. Extracts in English Prose from the best Authors, arranged pro

gressively for Translation into other Languages at sight. Edited by N. PERINI, F.R.A.S., Professor of the French Language and Literature, and Professor of Italian at King's College, London, at the Royal College of Music, and at Dulwich College, etc., etc. Demy 8vo., 112 pages, cloth. 2s.

English Passages for Translation into French. One hundred

Extracts from one hundred Authors including Beaconsfield, John Bright, R, Buchanan, Hall-Caine, Wilkie Collins, Darwin, Dickens, G. Eliot, J. A. Froude, H. Rider Haggard, C. Kingsley, Rudyard Kipling, A. Lang, Macaulay, Ruskin, Sir W. Scott, Thackeray, etc., etc. Specially selected to accustom Army Candidates and Advanced Students to every kind of style, and to extend the range of their vocabulary. By L. Sers, B. ès L., French Master of Wellington College. Crown 8vo., cloth. 28. 6d.

providing good and varied material for full and steady practice in French Oom position."-Schoolmaster.

" A collection of examples of good English (prose of very considerable literary interest."School Board Chronicle. « The selections are judiciously made .....

"-Aberdeen Journal. .... will serve as excellent unseens." —Dundee Advertiser.



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Marchetti, New Practical and

Easy Method of Learning the
Italian Language, with Rules
for Pronunciation, Exercises,
Reading Lessons, Dialogues,
Vocabularies, etc.

Key to Same

Italian and English Idiomatic Phrases and Dialogues, including Vocabularies of Use. ful Words, Familiar and Practical Conversations, Idioms, Proverbs, etc., etc.

s. d. Perini, Italian Conversation

Grammar, comprising Rules
with numerous Examples and
Exercises, Dialogues, Poetical

Extracts, Guide to Composi-
3 0 tion, English-Italian and Ita-
6 lien-English Vocabularies, etc. 50
Riccardo, English and Italian

Dialogues, including Vocabu-
lary of Useful Words, Familiar
Phrases, Practical Conversa-
tions, etc., etc., with an Out.
line of Italian Grammar. 16



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Biblioteca Italiana, with Notes s. d. First Italian Reading Book, and Vocabulary for Schools

in Prose and Poetry, With and for Private Students by

Rules for Pronunciation, an

Accented Vocabulary, etc., by Rev. A. C. CLAPIN, M.A.

N. PERINI, F.R.A.S., etc. Price per Volume,

Marchetti, Italian Reader, Sen-
Alfieri, Vittorio, Oreste. Tra- tences, Aphorisms, Historical

Anecdotes, Novelle morali,
Amicis, Edmondo de, Gli Amici

etc., etc. With English Notes
di Collegio, etc. Novelle.

Morceaux choisis des Clas

siques Italiens. Selections Carcano, Giulio, La Madre e il

from Eminent Italian Writers.
Figlio Novelle.

With Introduction, Biogra-
Memorie d'un Fanciullo. Il phies, Notes, etc., in French,
Capellano della Rovella. No- by Ferri.

Dante, La Vita Nuova. With
Castelnuovo, Enrico, Novelle.

Notes and Comments in Eng.
Goldoni, Carlo, Il Burbero bene- Manzoni, The First Chapter of

lish, by N. PERINI, F.R.A.Š.
fico. Commedia in tre atti in

'I Promessi Sposi,' with Eng. prosa.

lish Interlinear Translation, by Un Curioso Accidente. Com- N. PERINI, F.R.S.A., etc. media in tre atti in prosa. Metastasio, "La Clemenza di

Il Vero amico. Commedia Tito,' with English Interlinear in tre atti in prosa.

Translation, by N. PERINI,

F.R.A.S., etc.
Maffei, Scipione, Merope. Tra-

Pellico, “Le Mie Prigioni,' a-
gedia in cinque atti.
Manzoni, I Promessi Sposi,

dapted for English Schools,

with Introduction and Notes, Double Volume.

by Rev. A. C. CLAPIN, M.A.

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Hachette's Catalogue of Popular Educational Works for the Study of

the French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Russian, Norwegian, Swedish, Modern Greek, Icelandic, Latin and Volapuk Languages, post-free on application.

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