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FRENCH LANGUAGE (continued).

Composition and Translation. Conversation, Idioms, etc.

Barrère, Chronicles of War from s. d. Antoine, Practical Lessons in s. d.

English Authors, for Army

Coloquial French. Exercises,

Candidates, Advanced Pupils,

Questions, etc.


etc., with Notes, Vocab., etc. 3 o Belcour, English Proverbs and

Blouët, Primer of French Com-

French Equivalents.

2 6

position, Easy Anecdotes, etc.,

Beljame and Bossert, Common

with Notes and Vocabulary.

French Words.

Class Book of French Com-

position, with Footnotes, Vo-

Bué, H., Easy French Dialogues

for Beginners, etc.


cabulary, etc.

2 6

Key (Teachers only) 2 6 First Steps in French Idi-

The Children's Own Book of

oms, with Notes, Exercises, and

French Composition, with

Examination Papers.

Rules and Explanations :

Bué, Jules, Class Book of Com-

English Part by E. D'Auquier I 6 parative Idioms. English,

French Part by E. Janau. I 6 French and German, in 3

Federer, Materials for French

vols. Each volume separately 2

Translation, Graduated Ex- Bué, Madame, La Conversa.

tracts with brief Footnotes, etc. 6 tion en Classe à l'usage des

Key (Teachers only).

6 Jeunes Filles :-

Julien, Introductory Lessons to

Partie Française

o 8

Fr. Composition. 2 vols. each 6

Partie Anglaise


Practical Lessons in Ele-

mentary French Composition,

Chardenal, Practical Exercises

with Rules, Vocab., Notes, etc. 2 6

on French Conversation.


Kastner, Elements of French Delbos, French Vade-mecum

Composition, with Footnotes,

for Travellers and Students

Rules, Vocabularies, etc.

o D'Oursy, Primer of French Con-

Key (Teachers only). 2 6 versation, Idioms, etc. .

Mariette, Half-Hours of French

Julien, Voyage à Paris. Sen.

Translation. Extracts progres-

tences, Useful Information, etc.

sively arranged, with Notes. 4 6 Lessons in French Syntax

Key to Same.

adapted to Conversation. 2 6

Perini, Extracts in English for

Translation at Sight

Richard et Quétin, English and

Roulier, First Book of French

French Dialogues, Vocabula-

ries, Conversations, Idioms, etc. I 6

Composition, with Notes, Vo-

cabularies, etc.


New English and French

Word Book.



Key (Teachers only).

Second Book of French Tarver, The Eton School French-



English Dialogues.

3 6

Key (Teachers only).


o Tondu, New Memory-Aiding

Sers, English Passages for Trans-

French Vocabulary.

I 6

lation from Standard English Whitfield, French Commercial

Authors. Advanced Texts.

6 Dialogues for Advanced Pupils. 3 O

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