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XOVR, SÓN, WOLF, FOOT, moon, Ôr; ryLT, PȚLL; Exist; €=K; đ=J; p=2; çü=SL,
Å field requires a good fence to secure the crops.
The clouds often obscure the sky in the night, and deprive us

of the light of the moon and stars. You must not try to deceive your parents. The buds of the trees survive the winter; and when the

warm sun shines, in the spring, the leaves and blossoms come forth upon the trees, the grass revives, and springs up

from the ground. Before you rise in the morning or retire at night, give thanks

to God for his mercies, and implore the continuance of his protection,

sus tāin


en twine re vēre ea reen €a jõle post põne se vere eam pāign con sõle de throne com peer ar rāign pis tole

en throne ea reer or dain mis rule

a töne bre vier dis dāin hu māne je jāne

bab oon re gāin

in sāne tri ūne buf foon eom plāin ob sçēne com mūne dra goon ex plain gan grēne at tüne

ra€ €oon a main ter rēne es tāpe

doub loon de main eon vēne e lõpe

bal loon do main tom bine de, elâre ' gal loon re frain de fine in snare shal loon re strāin re fine

plat oon dis train eon fine

pre pâre con strāin sa līne re pâir eon täin

de eline eom. pâre . mon soon ob táin ea nine

bas soon de täin re pine

fos toon
su pīne
ad hēre

pol troon at täin en shrine eo here

diş own dis tain di vīne

aus tēre un knowu

de spâir

iam pбов här poor

im pâir sin çēre

per tăir

FAR, LÅst, earr, r.:1.1, WILT; iữr., inųY, TIÊrr; GET; LTRD, MARÏNE; LiYx;

un sown a do

de çēit

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a light a wāit eon tour de light

be sīdes out do a right eon ceit re çēipt a go af fright a mour

re liēve When the moon passes between the earth and the sun, we

call it new; but you must not think that it is more new at that time, than it was when it was full; we mean, that it

begins anew to show us the side on wliich the sun shines. “ God ordained the sun to rule the day; and the moon and

stars to give light by night.” The laws of nature are sustained by the immediate presence

and agency of God. The heavens declare an Almighty power that made them. The science of astronomy explains the causes of day and night,

and why the sun, and moon, and stars appear to change

their places in the heavens. Air contains the vapors that rise from the eartlı; and it sus

tains them, till they fall in dews, and in showers of rain, or

in snow or hail. Grape-vines entwine their tendrils round the branches of trees. Laws are made to restrain the bad, and protect the good. Glue will make pieces of wood adhere. The careful ant prepares food for winter. We often compare childhood to the morning: morning is the

first part of the day, and childhood is the first stage of liu

man life. Do not postpone till to-morrow what you should do to-day. A harpoon is an instrument for striking whales. Monsoon is a wind in the East Indies, that blows six months

from one quarter, and then six months from another. Be careful to keep your house in good repair. Refrain from all evil ; keep no company witi immoral men, Never complain of unavoidable calamities. Let all your words be sincere, and never deceive. A poltroon is an arrant coward, and deserves the contempt of

all brave men. Never practice deceit, for this is sinful. To revere a father, is to regard him with fear mingled with

respect and affection. Brevier is a small kind of printing letter.

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re lière

leciate prix

made them. fday and ni.

pear to c.

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NOTE, SÚN, wolf, root, moon, ôr; PILE, PULL; EXIBT ; €=K; &=v;=; çu=sa. con tour

No. 93.-XCIII. be side


mal e fåe tor nd the sun

dis a gree ment ben e fåe tor is more ner

çir eum jā çent met a physies re mean, the

re en forçe ment math e mặt ies
he sun shina
1 the moon

pre en gāge ment dis in hor it
en ter tāin ment ev a něs çent
in eo hor ent

on va lěs çent
in de çi sive

ef flo rės çent su per vi gor

for res põnd ent eon ser vā tor

in de pěnd ent des pe rā do

re im bîrse ment bas ti nā do

dis €on těnt ment brag ga do çio om ni prés ent mis de mēan or

in ad vērt' ent

pre ex ist ent the good. af fi dā vit

€o ex ist ent ex ul tā tion

in ter mit tent ad a măn tine

in ter măr ry
man û fået üre

Ō ver shăd õw
su per strúet üre ae çi děnt al
per ad vēnt üre in çi děnt al
met a môr phöşe o ri ont al
in nu ěn do

fun da mont al
su per tür go

or na měnt al in ter nŭn çio

sa€ ra mēnt al är ma dil lo

reg i mént al man i fěs to

det ri ment al laz a rēt to

mon ū mēnt al dis en eŭm ber

in stru měnt al pred e çěs sor

hor i zon tal in ter çěs sor

dis a vow al

unches of or

ap pa rā tus

orning stage of

do to-cha

s six moci other.

coral mer


gled ti

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Gage is a French word, and signifies to pledge.
The banks engage to redeem their notes with specie, and ti

are obliged to fulfill their engagements. To pre-engage means to engage beforehand. I am not at liberty to purchase goods which are pre-engag

to another person. To disengage, is to free from a previous engagement. A mediator is a third person who interposes to adjust a

pute between parties at variance. How can a young man cleanse his way! Oh, how love I thy law !






y mon

in di go

ver ti

cin' na mon por rin ger

du te ous et stom a cher

a que ous grid i ron ob se quies

du bi ous and i ron

te di ous prom i ses skel e ton com pass es

o di ous sim ple tor

in dex es stu di ous buf fa lo am ber gris co pi ous cap ri corn em pha sis ca ri ous cal i co di o cese

se ri ous o li o

glo ri ous go o ver plus cu ri ous cal i ber pu is sance

fu ri ous bed cham ber nu cle us

spu ri ous cin na bar ra di us

lu mi nous of fi cer

ter mi nus glu ti nous col an der blun der buss mu ti nou lav en der syl la bus

ru in ous in cu bus

lu di crou sar di us

dan ger 01 sir i us

hid e ous scav en ger cal a mus

in fa mous mit ti mus

ster to rou

prov en der cyl in der

in te ger

har bin ger

MOTE, BÓx, wỌLF, Fodt, woon, ÔB ; RÇLE, PĻLL; EXIST; €=K; đ=s; ş=2; ço=B1, nu mer ous rav en ous

vig or ous o dor ous om i nous

val or ous hu mor ous res in ous am or ous ri ot ous glat ton ous

clam or ous trai tor ous bar ba rous

tim or ous per vi ous

ul cer ous sul phur ous hid e ous

slan der ous vent ur ous haz ard ous

rapt ur ous pit e ous mur der ous ar du ous plen te ous

mis chiey ous im pi ous pros per ous

stren u ous vil lain ous ran cor ous

sin u ous mem bra nous rig or ous tyr an nous

pon der ous

gen er ous

No. 95.-XCV.


es chéat

re héar

de spise

ap pēaşe

re põşe dis plēaše pro poşe re pēat

be smēar diş ēaße im põşe

en trēat

ap pear e râse com põse

re trēat

tat too pre mīşe trans põşe un loose en trăp sur mīge a būşe, v. de bąuch

in wrăp
a€ €ūşe
re call

un ship
a rīşe
ex €ūşe, v. be fall

e quip eom prise re füşe

with al

en cămp chas tişe - ef füşe fore stall

dif füşe fore warn un stop
suf füşe de fault

ū gûrp
re vīşe
in füşe

as sault un elåsp
eon fūşe
pa paw

de bär före elöşe a mūşe

with draw un bär in elöşe

re eruit a sleep a fär dis elöşe de feat

ap plauşe

de eămp

ad vīşc de vise

dis ğuīze

en déar

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