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MOVE, söx, WOLF, FOÚT, MOON, ÔR; RỊLE, PILL; EXIST; €=K;ů=d; $=2; ÇÜ=SK. ü lous

Pot and pearl ashes are made from common ashes. u loňs

Thirty-six bushels of coal make one chalaron. moús

Saffron is a well-known garden plant.

We put a candle in a lantern to keep the wind from blowing phe moi

it out. i ous

A wooden cistern is not very durable.
vi oŭs Many persons spend too much time at taverns.
- oús

Mules are sometimes very stubborn animals.
The cuckoo visits us early in the spring.
Carrots have long tapering roots.
At midnight we are on one side of the earth, and the sun is on

the other side.
A merchant is one who exports and imports goods, or who

buys and sells goods by wholesale. stär light Water flows along a descent by the force of gravity. mặd night God governs the world in infinite wisdom ; the Bible teaches

us that it is our duty to worship him. n sight | It is a solemn thing to die and appear before God.

No. 85,-LXxxv.


wor ship

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fôr feit sûr feit hon suit riş on är den Qēr chant oùb let Sre head

jăv e lin

ack on op er

cher' u bim

pôr eu pīne seôr pi on
sér a phim or i ġin

bår ris ter mär tyr dom

dül çi mer id i om

răv e lin

măr i ner

ör o ner
ine yard draw ing room här le quin
căt a plaşm

myr mi don eăn is ter
os tra çişm
lex i con

mîn is ter
găl li çişm

sin is ter skėp ti çişm

prěs by ter sýl lo gişm

pěn ta gon quick sil ver hép ta gol

mět a phor bär ba rişm

băch e lor ås ter işm pol y gon chắn kel lor mph o rism chăm pi on ěm per or măg net işm pom pi on toy quer or

a ter awk ish

dée a gon
ve ta gon

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vk ward

hěr o işm

vạrf ish

hex a gon


st splendid

fool er y
dröll er y

děnt ist ry

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BÄR, LÁST, €ÂRF, FALL, WILAT; ufr, PNEY, THÊRE; GET; ITED, MARINE; LINK; săn a tor kā pi as

pow er ful or a tor eñ ri ēs

€ā ve at eoun sel or à ri ēs

.bāy o net ěd it or ū ni eorn

röge ma ry erěd it or por ti to

fruit er y món i tor

au dit or ăn ces tor al ma nae păr a mour wa ter fall

straw ber ry eop per as quạd ra tūre qual i ty pol i ties

€öv ert ūre lau re ate hěm or rhoids wa ter man house wīfe ry ăs ter oids salt çel lar

buoy a gy rē qui em

ē qui nox di a phragm eoun ter poişe sõph ist ry chām ber lain eoun ter märch pôr phy ry

toun ter sign proph e çy mē te or

boun ti fựl off seour ing Cherubim is a Hebrew word in the plural number. We admire the heroism of the general, more than the rash

ambition of the duelist. We ought to pity the mistakes of the ignorant, and try to cor

rect them. The porcupine can raise his sharp quills, in the same manner

as a hog erects his bristles. All mankind have their origin from Adam. A lexicon is a dictionary explaining words. Goliath was the champion of the Philistines. Pompions are commonly called pumpkins. The sting of a scorpion is poisonous and fatal. Mariners are sailors who navigate ships on the high seas. We put tea in a canister to keep its flavor. Quicksilver is heavier than lead ; and it flows like a liquid, but

without moisture. Abraham was the great ancestor of the Hebrews. Cicero was the most celebrated of the Roman orators. If John sells goods to James on credit, John is the creditor,

and James is the debtor.

di a per

dis pěl

be gět for gět

tra jéet

un fit

e leet se leet

ex till ex tõl

dis plănt

MOVE, BÓN, WOLF, Foot, mēON, ÔR; PÇLE, PĻLL; EXIST; €=K; Ġ=J; Q=2; çu=sx.


pro jeet, v. ex tìmėt

de fúnet ex pěl re gret

obojčet, v. de evet . re pěl be sět

sub jẽet, v. de dủet im pěl

de jěet

in dŭet pro pěl

sub mit de feet con dúet, v. före těll ad mit

af feet ob strŭet ful fill e mit

ef feet in strŭet dis til) re mit in feet

con strúet in still trans mit

re plănt eom mit

im plănt per mit, v. re fleet

sup plănt ja păn tom tỉt

in fleet : tre năm ae quit neg

leet trans plănt tat ăn out wit eol leet

le vănt di văn

eon něet
en ået
re spěet

la měnt with in eom pået sus peet aug měnt,v. un pin re frăet e rëet

af fix, v. here in in frået

eor reet a non sub trăet di rëet in fix

de trăet de těet trans fix per hăps re trăet re võlt eon trăet, v. ad diet

€om mix a dălt

çe měnt, 0. re şúlt ab străet, 1. af fliet eon sẽnt

dis trăet, in flset fo měnt eon sült ex trăet, v. eon fliet, vi fer měnt de tănt trans ået

dis sent re eănt re jeet re striet in tént a bot e jểet sue çīņet

eon těnt a dět

dis tinet

ex těnt

re ået

de sçěnt

be ğin

pre fix,

up on

pro teet

pro lix

pro trăet

pre diet

in sült, v.

de piet

in jětzt


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pre těxt re lăx

€on front

de vour

im prove

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e věnt €om plāint ae count be low
re print
re straint al low

be stow
eon strāint en dow af front

dis trāint ba shaw per plex ae quaifft be dew

re prove an něx ap point es chew


prove Mr ile dis joint re new a loud a noint

före show reply Heavy clouds foretell a shower of rain. The ratan is a long slender reed; it grows in Java. Good children will submit to the will of their parents, limbo The tomtit is a pretty little bird. We elect men to make our laws for us. Idle children neglect their books when young, and thus reject

their advantages. The little busy bees collect honey from flowers; they never had fi

neglect their employment.
The neck connects the head with the body.
Children should respect and obey their parents.
Parents protect and instruct their children
Satan afflicted Job with sore boils,
The lady instructs her pupils how to spell and read.

pfi Teachers should try to implant good ideas in the minds of their

pupils. The kind mother laments the death of a dear infant. A bashaw is a title of honor among the Turks; a governor.

The word is often spelled Pacha. “If sinners entice thee, consent thou not," but withdraw from their company.


měn tal tìm brel of fal mór al môr tal mon grel fôrm al

věs tal dig mal văs sal rěv el chär eval dặn tal

găm brel mîn strel

[ocr errors]
[ocr errors]

Teno pest

pit eoal

[ocr errors]

çěn tral

quạr rel
squir rel

[ocr errors]

A fox


[ocr errors]

chỉs el

plăt fôrm

[ocr errors]

ăl um

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găm bol sým bol

NOVE, BÓN, WOLF, FOOT, MOON, ÔR; RYLE, PỢLL; EXIST; €=K; Ġ=J; =2; çu=SH hănd sel hûrt ful eŭs tom kins man wist fúl

bot tom hŭnts man dăm gel lŭst ful

foot man trăv ail măd am sär faşm

gróg ram těn dril mill dăm mi aşm

eắp stan stěr ile běd lam făn tagm sil van nõs tril bũck ram sõph işm tûr ban trăŋ quil bal sam bắp tism

făm îne hănd bill ēm blem

sär dĩne wind mill prob lem vēl lum

8ỹs tem min im mär line
pil grim nos trum

ēr mîne foot stool king dom frŭs trum vēr min

sěl dom tûr ban jás mine hånd ful ēarl dom věnge ful wîş dom

ôr phan

dõe trîne wish ful věn om

hôrse man děs tine băsh ful mŭsh room €är man

phål anx skill fui trăn Som

pěn man

sī ren help ful blós som ģēr man

în grāin bliss ful phãn tom church man pür boil frét ful sỹmp tom work man breech ing

(turk man)

pis tol

ôr gan

răp ine

Charcoal is wood charred, or burned to a coal.
Pit coal is dug from the earth for fuel.
Never quarrel with your playmates.
A squirrel will climb a tree quicker than a boy.
A ship is a vessel with three masts.
The nose has two nostrils through which we breathe and smell.
We sit on chairs and put our feet on a footstool.
The farmer sows his grain by handfuls.
Children may be helpful to their parents.
Try to be a skillful workman.
An artist is one who is skillful in some art.
A fox is said to be an artful animal.
Little boys and girls must not be fretful.

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