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NOTE, SOX, wolf, foot, moon, Ôr; ryLF, PỰLL; EXIST; €=K;ů=J; Ş=z; çu=sII.


No. 63.-LXIII.

THREE SYLLABLES, ACCENTED ON THE SECOND. a bāse ment dis burse ment qu tăm nal al lure ment in dôrse ment how ěv er de base ment ärch bish op em băr rass in çīte ment ad věnt üre in stall ment ex cite ment dis frăn chỉge in thrall ment en slāve ment en frăn chặse hy drąul ies a māze ment mis eòn strue

en joy ment de põş it em ploy ment re pos it

a måss ment eon vey ance at trìb ūte

em bär go pur vey or

im mod est im prove ment sur vey or

un lucky sur vey ing


in qui ry un ēa sy

at tör ney

ap pěn dix

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persons are fond of the allurements of dress. Strong drink leads to the debasement of the mind and body. We look with amazement on the evils of strong drink. The gambler is uneasy when he is at home. An indorser indorses his name on the back of a note; and his

indorsement makes him liable to pay the note. An archbishop is a chief dignitary of the church. Merchants often deposit money in the bank for safe keeping.

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BÄR, LÅST, €ÂRE, FALL, WILAT; hír, PrEY, TIIÎRO; GET; BUD), MARÏNE; LINK; Autumnal fruits are the fruits that ripen in autumn. The wicked know not the enjoyment of a good conscience. Parents should provide useful employments for their children. Men devoted to mere amusement misemploy their timé. When unemployed, the mind seeks for amusement,

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păl ate

No. 66.-LXVI. sēn' ate stăg nāte eli mate

fi nite în grāte fil trāte

prěl ate

post age pros trāte

vī brāte plū mage stěl lāte frŭs trāte

pī rate

trī umph în māte die tāte €ū rate state ment měss mäte těs tate

prī vate

Tāi ment

When an old house is pulled down, it is no small job to re

move the rubbish. Washington was not a selfish man. He labored for the good

of his country more than for himself. Exercise will give us a relish for our food. Parents furnish their children with food and clothing, for this

is their duty. In China, thousands sometimes famish with hunger. Riding on horseback is good exercise.

OVE, BOX, WOLF, Foot, Moon, ôr; p!LF, PILI; EXIST; €=K;ů=s; ş=z; çu=sli. Lamp-black is a fine soot formed from the smoke of tar, pitch,

or pine wood. The Indians traffic with our people, and give furs for blankets. Granite is a kind of stone which is very strong, handsome,

and useful in building. The Senate of the United States is called the Upper-House of

Water will stagnate, and then it is not good.
Heavy winds sometimes prostrate trees.
Norway has a cold climate.
Medals are given as a reward at school.
We punish bad men to prevent crimes.
We pity the slavish drinkers of rum.
The drunkard's face will publish his vice and his disgrace.

No. 67.-LXVII.




of fi ea sy del i fa cy

lū' mi na ry įg no mi ny mer ce na ry

mil li ner y eu li na ry çer e mo ny

or di na ry mö ment å ryšl i mo ny nü ga to ry mắt vi mo ny

sem i na ry nū mer a ry

păt ri mo ny pul mo na ry brē vi a ry pär si mo ny

sub lu na ry ăn ti mo ny

lit er a ry těs ti mo ny

form u la ry in tri ca çy drom e da ry

ar bi tra ry eðn tu ma çy prčb end a ry ad ver sa ry ob sti na sy see ond a ry

em is sa ly Jõe eu ra sy

ex em pla ry com mis sa ry ex i gen cy ăn ti qu? Ty

cem e ter y èx çel len çy tỉt ū la ry

see re ta ry

mil i ta ry eom pe ten sy eủs tom a ry in po ten çy

sol i ta ry im hön or a ry

sed en ta ry mis çel la ny pär çe na ry med ul la ry

vol un ta ry něç es så ry

Kär, List, tårn, F1.1, WILT; HTT, PLEY, THEN; GET; LTRI), MARÏNE; LINK;

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tribū ta ry săl ū ta ry ăn xil la Ty eặp il la ry ăx il la ry tör ol la ry măx il la ry ăd ver sa ry ăl a bas ter plăn et a ry stăt ū a ry să net ū a ry sümpt ū a ry

d's en ter y
prěs by ter y
prom is so ry
prěd a to ry
prěf a to ry
půl sa to ry
mîn a to ry
aud it o ry
ex ere to ry
ján i za ry
món as te ry
ăl le go ry
dēs ul to ry

man da to ry
pur ga to ry
dil a to ry
or a to ry
dor mi to ry
mon i to ry
ter ri to ry
tran si to ry
in ven to ry
con tro ver sy

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leg is la tive
leg is lat ure
leg is la tor

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The sun is the brightest luminary.
The moon is the luminary of the night.
The streets, houses, and shops in New York are illuminated by

gas lights.
Potatoes and turnips are common culinary roots used in our

kitchens. We admire the rose for the delicacy of its colors and its sweet

There is a near intimacy between drunkenness, poverty, and

The obstinate will should be subdued.
Matrimony was instituted by God.
Antimony is a hard mineral, and is used in making types for

A witness must give true testimony.
A dromedary is a large quadruped.
Worldly inen make it their primary object to please them,

selves: duty holds but a secondary place in their esteem.
It is customary for tipplers to visit taverns.
Grammar is a difficult but ordinary study.
A seminary means a place of instruction.
Napoleon was an arbitrary emperor. He disposed of king-

doms as he chose.
The devil is the great adversary of man.


MOVE, BÓN, WOLF, Fotr, noon, ÔR; FILE, PULL; EXIST; €=K; đ=s; ş=z; çi=877.
Food is necessary to animal life.
Alabaster is a kind of marble or limestone.
An emissary is a secret agent employed to give information to

an enemy, or to act as a spy. The planetary worlds are those stars which go round the



A secretary is a writer, or a scribe.
Our actions are voluntary, proceeding from free will.
The Ohio river has many large tributary streams which con.

tribute to increase its waters.
Pure water and a good air are salutary.
- A church is called a sanctuary or holy place.

The dysentery is a painful disease.
A promissory note is a note by which a man promises to pay a

sum of money. The remarks at the beginning of a discourse are called prefa

tory remarks. Dilatory people are such as delay to do their work in its proper

time. An orator makes orations; and oratory is the art of public

speaking The auditory is the company who attend as hearers of a dis


pa tér nal


re plěv in pa rent al

ma tēr nal a bản do ae quit tal

pỉ ăs ter en am el e tēr nal

pi lặs ter im păn els in tēr nal

as sěv er ap păr el di ûr nal

dis sěv er ū těn sil noe tûr nal

de lĩv er un çiv il

e lix ir trī ūmph al un çēr tain

pre çěp tor in fôrm al in elem ent €om põş ite bap tỉş mal de tēr mîne en åm or as să s sin

to băe to

pro €ón sul

hī bēr nal

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