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YOTE, SÓN, WOLF, FØDT, MOON, Ôr; BỊLE, 1'[LL; EXIST; €=k; Ġ=J; ş=2; çi=SIL. Land that has a rich soil will bear large crops of

grass. A pin has a head and a point. A dime is a small coin worth ten cents, Men play on the base-viol. A great gun makes a loud noise. Men hoist goods from the hold of a ship with

ropes. The beams of a wooden house are held up by posts

and joists: these are parts of the frame. God makes the ground bring forth fruit for man

and beast. The globe is nearly round like a ball. The dark cloud will shed its rain on the ground and make the grass grow.

No. 50.-L. sea réad กัid

gourd pēaçe

heave pēa goad lāid

source lease

wēave flea load māid €ourse prāişe lēave plēa road

staid erēase foarse blue bēad toad board grēase hoarse flūe mēad woad hoard çēase brēve glūe

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No. 51.-LI. býe bāize loaf ēach tēach blēak lje rāişe fiēf bēach coach fleak eye

māize chiēf bleach rõach speak ease shēaf lief pēach broach pēak tēase leaf brief rēach leash snēak seize neaf griēf - brēach bēak erēak cheese õaf wāif

prēach leak


Few men can afford to keep a coach.


No. 52.-LII. break õak

pēa! shoal nail tuil steak eroak seal äil snail Vail streak söak voal bail

păil quăil seriak beal wéal fail


wail squčak deal zoal hall fräil bowl weak heal töal jāil

grāil sõul shriek meal foal fluil trüil

beam tweak nial

goal mūil

săil dicam No. 53.-LIII. fleam steam bean mien grāin plain gleam

foam dean moan brain slain rēam loam lean loan strāin main brēam Toam elean roan sprāin päin eriam aim

gloan groan chāin rāin serēam elaim

mēan fain lain drain tēam māim wean gāin

blain train When the wind blows-hard the sea roars, and its

waves run high. We have green peas in the month of June. No man can make a good plea for a dram. Girls are fond of fine beads to wear round their

necks. Girls and boys must learn to read and spell. Men load hay with a pitch-fork. A load of oak wood is worth more than a load of

pine wood. A toad will jump like a frog. A saw-mill will saw logs into boards. A gourd grows on a vine, like a squash. You can not teach a deaf and dumb boy to speak. The man who drinks rum may soon want a loaf

of bread.



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MOTE, SÓN, WOLF, Foot, Moon, ôr; kyLE, PYLL; EXIST; €=K; Ġ=J; ş=z; çu=Bk.

The waves of the sea beat upon the beach. tuil

Bleachers bleach linen and thus make it white.
The miller grinds corn into meal.
The flesh of calves is called veal.

Apples are more plenty than peaches. bow!

The preacher is to preach the gospel. soul

Teachers teach their pupils, and pupils learn. biam

A roach is a short thick flat fish. dram

Men get their growth before they are thirty.

The beak of a bird is its bill or the end of its bill. plain Greenland is a bleak, cold place.


No. 54.-LIV.

slāin main

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rain drain trăin

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ef fi gy eb o ny


glut ton y
can o py
oc cи ру

m. d their

quan ti ty

sal a ry


en er gy
lit ur sy
in fa my
big a my
blas phe my
en e my
tif fa ny
vil lain y
com pa ny
lit a ny
lar ce ny
des ti ny
cal um ny

load of

sor cer y im age ry witch er y butch er y fish er y quack er y crock er y mock er y cook er y cut ler y gal ler y rar i ty em er y nun ner y frip per y fop per y or re ry ar te ry mas ter y

scam mo ny
beg gar y
bur gla ry
gran a ry
gloss a ry
lac ta ry
her ald ry
huş band ry
rob ber y
chan cery

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tyr an ny

Bïr, List, €:1.1., FILL, WIAT; IIỆr, PREY, TIÊRE; GET; Bīrd, MARÏNE; LIXK;

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Botany is the science of plants.
An elegy is a funeral song.
A prodigy is something very wonderful.
An effigy is an image or likeness of a person.
Blasphemy is contemptuous treatment of God.
Litany is a solemn service of prayer to God.
Larceny is theft, and liable to be punished.
Felony is a crime that may be punished with

Salary is a stated yearly allowance for services.
Husbandry is the tillage of the earth.
We are delighted with the harmony of sounds.
A glossary is used to explain obscure words.
History is an account of past events. A great

part of history is an account of men's crimes and wickedness.

No. 55.-LV. blāde chide globe spaçe trice


brāke shāde glide probe brāçe twice drāke

twīçe glāde slide

glēbe grāçe stage slāke spāde brīde gibe trāce

shāke quāke grāde pride brībe slice


flake strike trāde stride' serībe mīçe stāke spike brāid erude trībe


snāke choke jāde prụde

prụde plāçe prīçe spāke poke

MOVE, BON, WOLF, FooT, MOON, ÔR; RỊLE, PỰLL; Exist; €=k; đ=v; =z; çir=. broke smīle shāme slime

spūme spoke stile blame prīme chine smoke spile

elime erime swine stroke frame chime plūme twine

A blade of grass is a single stalk. The leaves of

corn are also called blades. The shade of the earth makes the darkness of

night. A glade is an opening among trees. A grade is a degree in rank. An officer may en

joy the grade of a captain or lieutenant. Trade is a dealing in the sale or exchange of

goods. Smoke rises, because it is lighter than the air. A globe is a round body, like a ball. A bribe is that which is given to corrupt the

judgment, or seduce from justice. A smile shows whien we are pleased.

No. 56.-L VI, WORDS OF TWO SYLLABLES, ACCENTED ON THE FIRST. băn ter. mặt ter lie tor tăn ner eăn ter

în ner tặt ter vữe tor căn ter lēt ter doe tor

dîn ner en ter fet ter tin del

tin ner wîn ter ěl der

sîn ner
něv er
til ler

fôr ner
ev er

sūt ler hăm těs ter sěv er

hắm mer păm per sis ter

răm mer

tắm per fós ter rsv er

súm mer bắt ter mặn or

lím ner

ten ter hăt ter těn or

bắn ner

pěd dler

fés ter

pěs ter

hằm per

liv er

těm per

sim per

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