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hale, healthy.

hart, a beast.

heart, the seat of life. hare, an animal. hair, the fur of animals.

here, in this place.

hear, to hearken. hew, to cut. hue, color.

him, objective of he.

hymn, a sacred song. hire, wages. high er, more high.

heel, the hinder part of the foot.

heal, to cure. baul, to drag: hall, a large room.

I, myself.

coun cil, an assembly. coun sel, advice.

sym bol, a type. cym bal, a musical instrumente col or, hue. cul ler, one who selects.

dam, to stop water.

damn, to condemn. lew, falling vapors. lue, owing:

die, to expire.

dye, to color. loe, a female deer. lough, bread not baked.

fane, a temple.

feign, to dissemble. lire, horrid. dy er, one who colors.

dun, to urge for money. dun, a brown color.

done, performed. aram, a drink of spirit. irachm, a small weight.

e lis ion, the act of cutting off.

e lys ian, a place of joy. rou, second person, ew, a tree. ewe, a female sheep.

fair, handsome.

fars, customary duty. Feat, an exploit. Feet, plural of foot.

freeze, to congeal.

frieze, in a building. nie, to hasten. righ, elevated, lofty.

flea, an insect.

flee, to run away. Four, of rye or wheat. How er, a blossom.

forth, abroad.

fourth, in number. Eoul, filthy. Fowl, a bird.

gilt, with gold.

guilt, crime. grate, iron bars. great, large.

grown, increased.

groan, an expression of pain. nail, to call, or frozen rain.

eye, organ of sight.
isle, an island.
aisle, of a church.

in, within.

inn, a tavern.
in dite, to compose.
in dict, to prosecute.

kill, to slay.
'kiln, for burning bricks.
knap, a protuberance.
nap, a sliort sleep.

knave, a rogue.

pave, of a wheel. knead, to work dough. need, necessit.

kneel, to bend the knee.

neal, to lıcat.
knew, did know.
new, fresh, not old.

know, to understand.

no, not. knight, a title. night, darkness.

knot, a tie.

not, no, denying. lade, to fill, to dip. laid, placed.

lain, did lie.

lane, a narrow street.
leek, a root.
leak, to run out.

less on, a reading.
les sen, to diminish.

BXR, LÅST, €ÂTE, F.: 1.1., WIT; mēr, l’TET, THîrg; GET; BIRD, MAEPSE; JINX; li ar, one who tells lies.

anght, any thing. li er, one who lies in wait.

ought, bound. lyre, a harp.

oar, a paddle. led, did lead.

ore, of metal. lead, a heavy metal.

one, a single thing. lie, an untruth.

won, did win, lye, water drained through ashes oh, alas. lo, behold.

owe, to be indebted. low, humble

our, belonging to us. lac, a gum.

hour, sixty minutes. lack, want.

plum, a fruit. lea, an inclosed field.

plumb, a lead and line lee, opposite the wind

pale, without color leaf, of a plant.

pail, a vessel. lief, willingly.

pain, distress lone, solitary.

pane, a square of glass. loan, that is lent.

pal ate, part of the mouth lore, learning

pal let, a painter's board a low er, more low.

bed. jock, a catch to a door

pleas, pleadings. loch, a lake.

please, to give pleasure. main, ocean, the chief

pole, a long stick mane, of a horse.

poll, the head made, finished.

peel, to pare off tho rind maid, an unmarried woman peal, sounds male, the he kind.

pair, a couple. mail, armor, or the bag for letters pare, to cut off the rind man ner, mode of action

pear, a fruit. man or, lands of a lord

plain, even or level. meet, to come together.

plane, to make smooth: meat, flesh, food.

pray, to implore. mete, measure.

prey, a booty, plunder mien, countenance.

prin' ci pal, chief. mean, low, bumble

prin' ci ple, rule of action mewl, to cry.

proph et, a foreteller, mule, a beast.

prof it, advantage. mi ner, one who works in a mine

peace, quietude, mi nor, less, or one under age piece, a part. moan, to grieve.

pan el, a square in a door. mown, cut down.

pan nel, a kind of saddle. moat, a ditch.

raise, to lift. mote, a speck.

raze, to demolish. more, a greater portion.

rain, water falling from clouds. mow er, one who mows.

reign, to rule. mite, an insect.

rap, to strike. might, strength.

wrap, to fold together met al, gold or silver.

read, to peruse. met tle, briskness.

reed, a plant. nit, egg of an insect.

red, a color. knit, to join with needles

read, did read. nay, no.

reek, to emit steam neigh, as a horse.

wreak, to revenge.

MOVE, box, wQLF, FouT, MOON, Ôr; £!LF, PYLL; EXIST; €=r; Ġ=s; Ş=z; çu=s1. rest, to take ease.

sum, the whole. wrest, to take by force.

some, a part. rice, a sort of grain.

sun, the fountain of light rise, source, beginning.

son, a male child. rye, a sort of grain.

stare, to gaze. wry, crooked.

stair, a step. ring, to sound, a circle.

steel, hard metal, wring, to twist.

steal, to take by theft. rite, ceremony

suc cor, help. right, just.

suck er, a young twig write, to make letters with a

sleight, dexterity. pen.

slight, to despise wright, a workman.

sole, of the foot. rode, did ride.

soul, the spirit. road, the highway.

slay, to kill. rear, to raise.

sley, a weaver's reed. rear, the hind part.

sleigh, a carriage on runners. rig ger, one who rigs vessels. sloe, à fruit. rig or, severity.

slow, not swift. rout, a confused quarrel.

stake, a post. route, reut, a way or course.

steak, a slice of meat rough, not smooth.

stile, steps over a fence. ruff, a neck-cloth.

style, fashion, diction, rote, repetition of words.

tacks, small nails. wrote, did write.

tax, a rate, tribute. roe, a female deer.

throw, to cast away. row, a rank.

throe, pain of travail roar, to sound loudly.

tear, to rend. row er, one who rows

tare,a weed, allowance of weight. rab bet, to join.

tear, water from the eyes, rab bit, a quadruped.

tier, a row. sail, the canvas of a ship.

team, of cattle. sale, the act of selling.

teem, to produce. sea, a large body of water. tide, flux of the sea. see, to behold.

tied, fastened. sa ver, one who saves

their, belonging to them, sa vor, taste or odor.

there, in this place. seen, beheld.

the, definite adjective. scene, part of a play,

thee, objective case of thou. seine, a tish net

too, likewise. sen ior, older.

two, twice one. seign ior, a Turkish king

tow, to drag seam, where the edges join toe, extremity of the foot seem, to appear.

vail, a covering shear, to cut with shears.

vale, a valley. sheer, clear, unmixed.

pial, a little bottle sent, ordered away.

viol, a fiddle. scent, smell.

yein, for the blood. shore, sea-coast

vane, to show which way the

wind blows so, in such a manner. sow, to scatter seed.

vise, a screw.

shore, a prop.

vice, sin


wait, to tarry.

weight, heaviness. wear, to carry, as clothes, ware, merchandise.

waste, to spread.

waist, a part of the body. way, road, course.

weigh, to find the weight.

week, seven days.

weak, not strong. wood, timber. would, past time of will.

weather, state of the air, wether, a sheep.


What ails the child ?

We bear evils. Trees bare of leaves. Ale is a fermented liquor, made Beech wood makes a good fire; the from malt.

waves beat on the beach. The awl is a tool used by shoemak. A wild boar is a savage beast. ers and barness-makers.

Miners bore holes in rocks, and All quadrupeds which walk and not burst them with powder.

leap, walk upon four legs. The boll of plants is a seed vessel. The Prince of Wales is heir to the The turner makes bowls.

crown of England. We breathe air. The planks of our national vessels The moon alters its appearance ev

are fastened with copper bolts. ery night.

Millers separate the bran from the The Jews burned sacrifices upon an flour by large sieves called bolts. altar of stone.

The breech of a gun is its butt or Cruel horsemen beat their horses. club end. A ram butts with his Some people make molasses from. head, and we import butts of beets.

spirits. A fine beau wears fine clothes. Brakes are useless weeds. The rainbow is caused by the sun's break flax and hemp in dressing.

shining upon the falling rain. Well bred people do not always eat Beer is an excellent drink for the wheat bread. table.

A butt contains two hogsheads; but A bier, is a hand-barrow on which a barrel, 30 or 32 gallons. dead bodies are carried.

We judge of people's motives by The great bell in Moscow, weighs their actions.

two hundred and twenty tons. We can not buy a seat in heaven The belles and the beaux are fond of

with our money. fine shows.

Clothiers smooth their clothes with Black berries and raspberries grow calenders. on briers.

Almanac makers publish new calenThe farmer when he plants seeds, dars every year,

buries them in the ground. Sails are made of canvas. InspectWheat is a better grain than rye. ors canvass votes. One who lays a wager is a bettor. The courts of New York hold their The wind view. The color of the sessions in the City Hall. sky is blue.

Since the cession of Florida, the A father's or mother's sister is an United States have been bounded MOTE, SÓX, rour, FÖÖT, 100x, Ôr; rỊlr, PỤLL; EXIST; €=K; đ=J; ș=2; çu=SK. Brass cannon are more costly than Panes of glass are cut in oblong

aunt. The little ants make hil- on the south by the Gulf of Mexlocks.

ico. Carpenters bore holes with an au- We call the membrane that covers ger. An augur foretells.

the bowels a caul. Boys love to play vall. Children Live fish are kept in the water, near bawl for trifles.

our fish markets, in caufs. Bears live in the woods. An oak Consumptive people are afflicted bears acorns.

with bad coughs.

iron. Church laws are canons, squares. Farmers are seller's of apples and · Pains are distressing.

cider, which fill our cellars. Shoes are sold by pairs. A liar is not believed.

People pare apples to make pies. The lyre is a musical instrument. Pears are not so common as apples. Galileo made the telescope. A person who has lost his palate Virginia was a handsome maid. can not speak plain. The Missouri is the muin branch of The tine painter holds his pallet in the Mississippi.

his hand. A horse's mane grows on his neck. The child sleeps on a paliet. The male bird has a more beautiful The comma is the shortest pause in plumage than the female.

reading. The mail is opened at the post-of- Bears seize their prey with their fice.

paws. Children should imitate the manners Good people love to live in peace. of polite people.

Our largest piece of silver coin is a The farms of the English nobility dollar. are called manors,

The peak of Teneriffe is fifteen A mite is an insect of little might. thousand feet liglr. Mead is a pleasant innocent drink. The Jews lad a pique or ill will Lying is a mean practice.

against the Samaritans. We mean to study grammar. On the fourth of July, the bells ring The Hudson and East rivers meet a loud peal. at the Battery.

The farmer peels the bark from trees Salt will preserve meat.

for the tanner. Miners work in mines.

The British Parliament is a legislaMinors are not allowed to vote. tive assembly, consisting of the David moaned the loss of Absalom. House of Peers and the House of When grass is mown and dried we Commons. call it hay

Our vessels lie near the piers in our Forts are surrounded by a moat. harbor. Vote is an atom.

The carpenter planes boards with A brigade of soldiers is more than a his plane. regiment.

The essential principles of religion Jower's mow grass.

are written in plain language. Brass is a compound metal. Babylon stood upon au extended A lively liorse is a horse of mettle. plain. Fishes are caught in a net. Polite peoplepicasetheircompanions. Clear profits are called net gain. The courts of common pleas are Boats are rowed with oars.

held in the court-houses. Ores are melted to separate the The builder uses the plumb and metal from the dross.

line toset his walls perpendicular. A bird flew over the house.

One dollar is one hundred cents. The smoke åscends in the flue. The worst gambler won the money. Gums ooze through the pores of Plums grow on trees. wood.

The cat preys upon mice. The tanner puts his hides into ooze. We should pray for our enemies, We carry water in pails.

The student pores over luis books. Gardens are sometimes surrounded The Niagara river pours down a by a pale fence.

precipico of a liundred and fifty Sick people look pale.



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