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in nood wy moteen ons zelven tot God keeren

betaalt aan God dat God, toekoomt en aan Cæfar dat Cæfar toekoomt

in neceffity we must turn ourfelves towards God pay to God that which belongs to God, and to Cafar, that which belongs to Cafar.

tot means likewife until, till, as far as at.

tot morgen

until to-morrow

tot d'eer van u wederom te until the honour of feeing you



[blocks in formation]

at our house

koom morgen

t'onzen, of ik come to-morrow to our house,

zal t'uwen koomen

vaarwel tot over morgen

or I'll come to yours

farewell until the day after



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* Some Dutch fay, and even write, for 40 veertig

80 tagtig

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tweemaal twee is vier

tweemaal dry is zes tweemaal vier is agt

drymaal dry is negen

twice two is four
twice three is zes
twice four is eight

three times three is nine

hoe veelsten vande maand is't? which day of the month is't?

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They have likewife in Dutch the Common Diminutive as other Languages, with the Adjectives kleinen, kleine, klein.


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Ik ben vaderloos, moeder. I am fatherless, motherless,

loos and geldloos

and moneyless

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