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I. Table of Logarithmic Differences.

II. Table of Logarithms of Numbers, from 1 to 100.

III. Table of Logarithms of Numbers, from 100 to 10,000.

IV. Table of Logarithmic Sines, Tangents, Secants, &c.

V. Table of Useful Factors, extending to several places of Decimals.

VI. Table of various Useful Numbers, with their Logarithms.

VII. A Table of the Diameters, Areas, and Circumferences of Circles and also the sides of Equal Squares.

VIII. Table of the Relations of the Arc, Abscissa, Ordinate and Subnormal, in the


IX. Tables of the Lengths and Vibrations of Pendulums.

X. Table of Specific Gravities.

XI. Table of Weight of Materials frequently employed in Construction.

XII. Principles of Chronometers.

XIII. Select Mechanical Expedients.

XIV. Observations on the Effect of Old London Bridge on the Tides, &c.
XV. Professor Farish on Isometrical Perspective.

Supplementary to the Rudimentary Series of 105 Volumes.

MR. WEALE has to announce a very important addition to his useful and practical series of volumes; viz., "THE PRACTICE OF EMBANKING LANDS FROM THE SEA, treated as a means of profitable Employment of Capital; with Examples and Particulars of actual Embankments, and also practical Remarks on the Repair of Old Sea Walls," by JOHN WIGGINS, F.G.S.-Double Volume, Price 2s.


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