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CEDO, I cut, beat, kill.
CESUS, cut.

[Cado is changed into Cido, and Casus into Cisus, when compounded.]

Con-cise, con-cision, in-cision, pre-cise

Fra-tricide, (fratis, of a brother)

Homicide, (hominis, of a man)
Infanti-cide, (infantis, of an


Matri-cide, (mater, mother)
Pari-cide, (parens, a parent)
Regi-cide, (rex, regis, a king)
Sui-cide, (sui, of himself, or,
of herself)

FACIO, I do or make.
FACTUS, done.

[Facio is changed into Ficio,
and Factus into Fectus, when
FACTOR, from factor, one who
makes or does a thing-fact,
from factum, the thing done
-facility, from facilitas, the
ease with which a thing may


Ab-lative, ablatus, (see FERO,)
taken away. The ablative is
the opposite to the dative, the
first expressing the action of
taking away, and the latter
that of giving.
Ab-lution, abluo, (see Luo,)

I wash from or away, A re-
ligious ceremony, being a sort
of purification, performed by
washing the body. Moses en-
enjoined Ablutions, the hea-


be done-faculty, from facultas, the power of doing with ease-facetious, from facetus, one who has ease in saying or doing a thing-difficult, from difficilis, (for disficilis,) not easy to be done-faction, factious, from factio, acting, meddling.

Bene-fit, bene-ficence, bene-
faction, from benefacio, (see
BENE,) I do well-male-
factor, from malefacio, (see
MALE,) I do wrong-manu-
facture, from manufactura,
(manu, by the hand,) things
made with the hand-satis-fy,
satis-faction, from satisfacio,
(satis, enough,) I do enough
-of-fice, from officium, a
place in which to do a thing
Af-fect, de-fect, ef-fect, in-fect,
in-fectious, per-fect, pro-fi-
cient, pro-ficiency, suf-fice,
suf-ficient, suf-ficiency
Certi-fy, certi-ficate, (certus,
cer-tain,)-clari-fy, (clarus,
bright) dei-fy, (deus, god)


thens adopted them, and Mahomet and his followers have continued them; thus they have been introduced among most nations. Ab-scond, abscondo, (see Do,) I put together from view; figuratively, I hide myself. To abscond, is to retire from public view generally used of persons in debt, or criminals eluding the law.

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