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Fashions for Jovember.

Furnished by Mr. G. BRODIE, 300 Canal Street, New York, and drawn by

Voigt from actual articles of Costume.

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FIGURE 3.-SAOQUE. THE PROMENADE DREss on the preceding page Matelassée, which presents a quilt - like appear

may be made of any single-colored material, at ance. the pleasure of the wearer. The trimming is of Pardessus are now sometimes seen of the most velvet passamenterie.

brilliant colors-scarlet, blue, etc., ornamented with The Girl's PARDESSUS is of crimson cloth, with embroidery in silk, silver, or gold, with velvet apbraided ornaments.

pliques of elaborate design. Good taste will of The SACQUE may be either of cloth or silk. The course confine these to the carriage, opera, or festive one figured above is of a heavy silken fabric styled occasions.

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