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III. North Side.- Original Studies, after American Artists.

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IV. East End.-The Old Masters : from the Collection of A. Lebi, Esq.

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Furnished by Mr. G. BRODIE, 300 Canal Street, New York, and drawn by

Voigt from actual articles of Costume.

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VHE MANTILLA on the preceding page is of black style has heavy reversed plaits, falling entirely from

shown in the illustration.—Another very beautiful made flat as far as the waist, which is marked by a

macaron upon the face of each plait, with drops ; from the waist they fall free, the neck and bottom being ornamented with a wide lace fall.

The Fichus and UNDER-SLEEVES are of tulle and Mechlin lace, with ribbons. The cuffs are entirely of rose-colored or lilac silk, ornamented with white

and black lace, with pearl beads upon the backs. WAISYKLINY

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century were two Shawnoese brothers, born ot II.-HARRISON'S CAMPAIGNS.

a Creek woman, at the same time with a third, VEVERAL months before war between the on the banks of the Mad River, not far from


clared the secret savage allies of the Crown had Elkswatawa. Tecumtha, or “the wild-cat springcommenced actual hostilities. The Treaty of ing on its prey," was a great and honorable warGreenville, in 1795, after Wayne's severe chas- rior with a statesman's genius. Elkswatawa, or tisement of the Indians in the Maumee Valley, the loud voice,” was a cunning, unprincipled, would have kept peace with the savages forever hypocritical charlatan, who made the obsequious had they been free from the influences of Brit- superstitions of his people the fulcrum of his serish emissaries. The agents of that Government sonal potency. One day, while lighting his pipe, in Canada, largely engaged in the Indian trade, he fell to the earth as if dead. Preparations and covering a monopoly of the traffic, never were made for his burial. When his friends neglected an opportunity to incite the Red men were about to remove him he opened his eyes to hostilities against the White men, always ve- and said, “Be not fearful. I have been in the hemently alleging that the whole magnificent Land of the Blessed. Call the nation together, country northward of the Ohio River belonged that I may tell them what I have seen and heard." to the former, and that the latter held possession His people were speedily assembled, when he of it by right only of violence and fraud. They again spoke, saying, “Two beautiful young men urged the Indians to drive the Americans be- were sent to me by the Great Spirit, who said, yond the Ohio, and assured them that ample aid The Master of Life is angry with you all. He should be given them from Canada in the patri- will destroy you unless you refrain from drunkotic enterprise.

enness, lying, stealing, and witchcraft, and turn Among the most influential leaders of the In- yourselves to him. Unless the Red men shall dians of the Northwest in the early part of this I do this they shall never see the beantiful place

Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1863, by Harper and Brothers, in the Clerk's Office of the Distriet Court for the Southern District of New York.

VOL. XXVII.-No. 158.-K

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