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The Young Mother, 12mo.

Baron Munchausen. The Bravo, by Cooper.

Hocus Pocus. The Pioneer, by do.

Clarionet Preceptor. Reid on Watch-making, 8vo.


do. Coleridge's Friend.

Fifer's Companion. Hall's Sketches of the West.

Instrumental Director.
Mariner's Library, 1 vol. 8vo.

Brown's Catechism.
Psalms and Hymns for the Episcopal Merchant's Memorandum Book.
Church, various sizes.

Little Grammarian.
The Spectator, 12 vols.

Two Wealthy Farmers. Life of Talleyrand.

Adventures of Capt. Smith of Kentucky. Mrs. Royal's Works.

Life of Joseph, by M‘Gowan. Lowth's Isaiah, 1 vol. 8vo.

Narrative of Gen. Winchester's Defeat. Miller's Letters to Presbyterians.

The Fortune Teller, by Napoleon. Young Cadet.

Shorter Catechism, corrected by Brown. Hudibras, 18mo.

Essay on Duelling, by Weems. The Sailor Boy.

Hind's Farriery, very valuable. The Life of Girard.

Adams' Roman Antiquities, 8vo. Bouriene's Napoleon.

Albums, fine paper, in a great variety of Common Place Book of Romantic Tales.

bindings, &c. The Teacher's Guide.

Butler's Hudibras, 18mo. Godman's Rambles of a Naturalist.

Brown's Philosophy of the Human Mind, Encyclopedia Americana, 13 vols.

vols, 8vo. Porter on Sugar Cane.

Brown's Dictionary of the Bible, 8vo. Leland on Revclation, 2 vols.

British Spy. By Wirt, 18mo. Ganihl's Political Economy.

Burke's Works, complete. Watson's Body of Divinity.

Bickersteth on Prayer, 12mo. Mrs. Trollope's Belgium.

Bickersteth on the Lord's Supper. Macknight on the Epistles.

Butler's Analogy of Religion, 12mo. Six Months in a House of Correction.

Baxter's Call to the Unconverted, 18mo. Miller's Hymns.

Brown's Concordance, 18mo. Tredgold on Rail-roads.

Bibles for Families, of all sizes and in a Earle do. do.

variety of bindings, at very low prices, Sandford and Merton.

with and without psalms and plates. Memoir of F. P. Sullings, 18mo.

Bracebridge Hall. By W. Irving, 2 voBeecher on Intemperance.

lumes, 12mo.
Memoir of Catharine Amanda Ogden. Baxter's Saint's Rest, 18mo.
The Juvenile Polyanthus.
Family Dyer and Scourer.

Children of the Abbey, 3 vols. 18mo,
Records of a Good Man's Life.

Campbell's Poems, 18mo and 12ino. Militiaman's Pocket Companion.

Chapman's Interest Tables, 4to. Very Potter's Compend.

Useful. Rifle Drill.

Common Prayer Books, in various bindAmerican Gardener, by Fessenden.

ings and sizes. Groom's Oracle.

Clerk's and Magistrate's Assistant and The Prairie, by Cooper.

Form Book, 12mo. The Sketch Book, by Irving.

Crabbe's English Synonymes explained in Tales of a Traveller, by do.

alphabetical order. Travelling Bachelor.

Confession of Faith of the Presbyterian La Fayette in America.

Church, 18mo. Pocket Lawyer.

Children's Coloured Toy Books, assorted Ventriloquism Explained.

sizes. Pleasures of Hope by Campbell.

Doddridge's Rise and Progress, 12mo. Peter Wilkins.

Don Quixotte, 4 vols. 18mo. Weems on Duelling.

Dick's Christian Philosopher, 12mo. The Statesman's Manual, by Coleridge. Dick's Philosophy of a Future Stato, 12mu. Charlotte Temple.

Dick's Philosophy of Religion, 12mo. Dreamer's Sure Guide.

Domestic Duties, or Instructions to MarNorth American Indians.

ried Ladies, 12mo. Flowers of Wit.

Dictionary of Popular Quotations, 12mo.


Diamond Pocket Bibles, various editions['Kent's (Chancellor) Commentaries, 3 roand prices.

lumes, 8vo. Evangelical Catechisms, various kinds. Knickerbocker's History of New-York, by Edgeworth's Moral Tales, 3 vols. 18mo. W. Irving, 2 vols. 12mo. Episcopal Prayer-books, in plain and ele- Life of General Marion. By Weems, 12mo. gant" bindings, different erlitions, with Life of General Washington. By Weems, the New Hymns.

12mo. Family Bibles of all descriptions, with and Lempriere's Classical Dictionary, 8vo.

without the Psalms, Concordance, &c. Law's Serious Call to a Devout and Holy &c., with plates, 4tu.

Life, 12mo. Federalist, on the New Constitution, 8vo. Locke's Essays on the Human UnderstandFlute Melodies, 4to., stitched.

ing, 8vo. Flute Instructor, 4to., do.

Letter Writers, various editions. Fifer's Companion, 4to., do.

Methodist Hymn Books, various kinds and Gibbon's History of the Decline and Fall prices.

of the Roman Empire, new edition, in 4 Modern Europe, History of, by Russel, 3 vols.

vols. 8vo. Gillies' History of Ancient Greece, com- Marshall's Life of Washington, 3 vols. 8vo. plete, in 1 vol. 8vo.

Napoleon's Life. By Sir Walter Scott, Goldsmith's Histories of Rome and Greece various editions. improved by Grimshaw.

Newton's Works, complete.
Goldsmith's Vicar of Wakefield, 18mo.

Original Poems, 18mo.
Gibson's Surveying, 8vo.
Good's Book of Nature, 8vo.

Paley's Evidences of Christianity, 12mo.

Paley's Philosophy. Hervey's Meditations, 18mo.

Pollok's Course of Time, a Poem, in 10 History of England. By Hume, Smollett,

Books, 18mo. and Bissett, 9 vols. new ed.

Pilot, Pioneer, and Prairie. By Cooper, Hannah More's Works, complete, 2 vo- 12mo. lumcs, 8vo.

Pocket Maps of the different States, for Hannam's Pulpit Assistant.

Travellers. Hunter's Sacred Biography, 1 vol. 8vo.

Pocket Testaments, various editions and Jay's Family Prayers, 18mo.

prices, 18mo. Jenk's Devotions, 12mo.

Sterne's Works, complete, 1 vol. 8vo.


Superior Black Ink-powder.—Common do.—Best Red do.-Durable Ink, for marking Linen.-Superfine Sealing. Wax, (Red.)—Common do. do.-Superfine and Common do. (Black.)-Do. do. Wafers, (Red.)-Do. do. do. (Black.)-Clarified Quills from $2 to $30 per 1,000,-Lead Pencils, from 12 cents to $1 per dozen.-Slate Pencils.Slates, various sizes.—Cork Inkstands.—Glass do.-Wedgewood do.-Indian Rubber.Black Sand-Sand Boxes.- Wafer Stamps.—Paper Files.-Black Crayons.—Playing Cards. -- Visiting do.-Conversation do.-Drawing Paper, Cap, Demy, Medium, and Royal size.—Paint Boxcs, (various sizes) Osborn's Water colours.-Camel's Hair Pencils. Wilson's 13 inch Globes.--Foolscap Writing Paper,'at various prices.-Letter Paper, do. do.—Tea Paper.—Post-office Paper.— Wrapping do. large and small..Bon. net Boards.—Memorandum Books, various kinds. - Pocket Legers.--Copy Books, ruled and plain.-Cyphering do.--Receipt Books, large and small.-1 quire Accounts, stitched.-Do. Blanks, do. faint lined.—2 quire Quarto Accounts, do.— . do. Blanks, do.—2, 3, 4, 5 quire Accounts long and broad, (Foolscap.)—4, 5, 6 and 7 quire Legers, do. do. do.-4,5, 6 and 7 quire Day Books, do. do. do.

Public, private, and social libraries, and all who purchase to sell again, supplied on the most reasonable term:8 with every article in the Book and Stationary line ; including new novels, and all new works in every department of literature and science.

All orders will be thankfully received and promptly attended to.

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