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throughout the whole a most eminent exemption from impropriety of thought or diction ; and there is at times a pensiveness of tone, a winning sadness in her more serious

compositions, which tells of a soul which has been lifted from the contemplation of terrestrial things, to divine communings with beings of a purer world.”


“ Among the beautiful, valuable, and interesting volumes which the enterprise and taste of our publishers have presented to the reading community, we have seldom met with ono which we have more cordially greeted and can more confidently and satisfac

torily recommend, than that, embracing in a single, substantial, well bound, and handsomely printed octavo, the poetical works of Bishop Heber, Robt. Pollok, and the Rev. Geo. Crabbe. What a constellation of poetic ardour, glowing piety, and intellectual brilliancy! Such writers require no eulogy. Their fame is established and universal. The sublimity, pathos, and piety, of all these writers, have given them a rank at once with the lovers of poetry and the friends of religion, unsurpassed perhaps by that of any other recent authors in our language. A more delightful addition could scarcely be made to the library of the gentleman or lady of taste and refinement. The prize poems, hymns, and miscellaneous writings of Bishop Heber, the Course of Time' by Pollok, and the rich, various, and splendid productions of the Rev. Geo. Crabbe, are among the standard works, the classics of our language. To obtain and preserve them in one volume, cannot but be a desirable object to their admirers.” And it is to be hoped it will be found in the library of every family.

A writer in the Boston Traveller holds the following language with reference to these valuable editions :Mr. Editor: I wish, without any idea of puffing, to say a word or two upon the

Library of English Poets” that is now published at Philadelphia, by Grigg & Elliot; it is certainly, taking into consideration the elegant manner in which it is printed, and the reasonable price at which it is afforded to purchasers, the best edition of the modern British Poets that has ever been published in this country. Each volume is an octavo of about 500 pages, double columns, stereotyped, and accompanied with fine engravings and biographical sketches, and most of them are reprinted from Galignani's French edition. As to its value we need only mention that it contains the entire works of Byron, Keats, Cowper, Thomson, Burns, Milton, Young, Scott, Moore, Coleridge, Rogers, Campbell, Lamb, Hemans, Heber, Kirk White, Crabbe, the Miscellaneous Works of Goldsmith, and other martyrs of the lyre. The publisher is doing a great ser

vice by this publication, and his volumes are almost in as great demand as the fashionable novels of the day, and they deserve to be so, for they are certainly printed in a style superior to that in which we have before had the works of the English Pocts.

JOSEPHUS'S (FLAVIUS) WORKS. By the late William Whiston, A. M. From the last London edition, complete in 2 vols. 8vo.

As a matter of course, every family in our country has a copy of the Holy Bible-and as the presumption is, the greater portion often consult its pages, we take the liberty of saying to all those that do, that the perusal of the writings of Josephus will be found very interesting and instructing,

All those who wish to possess a beautiful and correct copy of this invaluable work, would do well to purchase this edition. It is for sale at all the principal bookstores in the United States, by country merchants generally in the Southern and Western states, and at a very low price.

BURDER'S VILLAGE SERMONS, or 101 plain and short Discourses on the principal doctrines of the Gospel ; intended for the use of families, Sunday schools, or companies assembled for religious instruction in country villages.

By George Burder. To which is added, to each Sermon, a short Prayer, with some general prayers for families, schools, &c. at the end of the work. Complete in one volume 8vo.

These sermons, which are characterized by a beautiful simplicity, the entire absence of controversy, and a true evangelical spirit, have gone through many and large editions, and been translated into several of the continental languages. “They have also been

the honoured means not only of converting many individuals, but also of introducing the gospel into districts, and even into parish churches, where before it was comparatively unknown.”

“ This work fully deserves the immortality it has attained.”

This is a fine library edition of this invaluable work, and when we say that it should be found in the possession of every family, we only reiterate the sentiments and sincere wishes of all who take a deep interest in the eternal welfare of mankind.



PERSIA. A DESCRIPTION OF. By Shoberl, with 12 coloured plates.

These works are got up in a very superior style, and well deserve an introduction to the shelves of every family library, as they are very interesting, and particularly adapted to the juvenile class of readers.

A COMMENTARY ON THE EPISTLE TO THE ROMANS. Designed for the use of Students of the English Bible. By Charles Hodge, Professor of Biblical Literature in the Theological Seminary at Princeton.

This invaluable work is very highly spoken of and recommended, by those who are much distinguished for their literary attainments.

THE IMPORTANCE OF FAMILY RELIGION: with a selection of Hymns and Prayers, adapted to Family Worship, and Tables for the regular Reading of the Scriptures. By the Rev. S. G. Winchester, A. M.

The subject is one of incalculable practical importance, and is treated in a masterly manner. It contains an able, elaborate and highly instruetive Essay on the obligation, nature and importance of Family Religion ; and we hopo, ere long, it will be found in the Library of every family.

A very eminent Divine, and one who is ever industriously engaged in promoting the welfare and happiness of the human family, in speaking of this work, observes

“ That every new work which is calculated to encourage and promote family religion is worthy of consideration, and should be welcoined as contributing to the energy of public morals, and to the good order and prosperity of society. Such a work is the one before us. The preliminary essay unfolds the importance of the domestic constitution and urgently explains and enforces parental duty. It should be carefully read and seriously pondered by parents who design to make use the book as an aid to family religion. The Prayers and Hymns are judiciously selected, and are printed in a large type with a reference to their being easily read by the head of a famiiy in conducting its devotions. There are many who, through timidity or some natural defect, feel incompetent to extemporaneous prayer in the presence of others; to such we recommend a form, while at

the same time we do not, as a general rule, believe it to be the best way to animate and express devotional feeling. We have known some who, by the use of forms of prayer in the family, have succeeded in overcoming their oppressive timidity, and afterwards, without their aid, have directed the devotions of others in an edifying manner. Extemporaneous prayer, when it can be offered to edification, is the best mode of addressing tho throne of grace, but in other cases, forms of prayer may be used with great propriety.”

LECTURES ON SCRIPTURE FACTS AND PROPHECY. By W. B. Collyer, D. D. In 1 vol. 8vo. A new edition of this distinguished author's works. Few persons will rise from the perusal of this book without acknowledging, that their thoughts and affections have been elevated by the fervent and pious eloquence of the writer.

THE DAUGHTER'S OWN BOOK; Or Practical Hints from a Father to his Daughter. In 1 vol. 18mo.


The publishers are very confident, from the great demand for this invaluable little work, that ere long it will be found in the library of every young lady.

BENNET'S (Rev. John) LETTERS TO A YOUNG LADY, on a variety of subjects calculated to improve the heart, to form the manners, and enlighten the understanding. “ That our Daughters may be as polished corners of the Temple.”

The publishers sincerely hope (for the happiness of mankind) that a copy of this valuable little work will be found the companion of every young lady, as much of the happiness of every family depends on the proper cultivation of the female mind.

CARPENTER'S NEW GUIDE. Being a complete Book of Lines, for Carpentry, Joinery, &c., in 1 vol. 419.

The Theory and Practice well explained, and fully exemplified on eighty-four copperplates, including some observations, &c., on the strength of Timber; by Peter Nichol

Tenth edition. This invaluable work superseded, on its first appearance, all existing works on the subject, and still retains its original celebrity.

Every Carpenter in our country should possess a copy of this invaluable work.

HIND'S POPULAR SYSTEM OF FARRIERY, taught on a new and casy plan, being a Treatise on all the diseases and accidents to which the Horse is liable. With considerable additions and improvements, adapted particularly to this country, by Thomas M. Smith, Veterinary Surgeon, and member of the London Veterinary Medical Society, in 1 vol. 12mo.

The publisher has received numerous flattering notices of the great practical valae of this work. The distinguished editor of the American Farmer, speaking of the work, observes—“We cannot too highly recommend this book, and therefore advise every owner of a horse to obtain it."

NEW SONG BOOK.-Grigg's Southern and Western Songster; being a choice collection of the most fashionable songs, many of which are original, in I volume, 18mo.

Great care was taken in the selection to admit no song that contained, in the slightest degree, any indelicate or improper allusions--and with great propriety it may claim the title of “The Parlour Song Book or Songster.” The immortal Shakspeare observes, –

« The man that hath not music in himself,
Nor is not moved with concord of sweet sounds,
Is fit for treasons, stratagems, and spoils.”

Numerous flattering notices of this work have appeared, from time to time, in the different newspapers throughout the country. The following is from the pen of William

Leggett, Esq., former editor of “The Critic," a gentleman highly distinguished for his literary attainments :

"A handsome copy of this very popular collection of melodies is lying on our table. It differs from song books generally, as much in the taste and judgment which have been displayed in the selection, as in the neat style of its typography and binding.– There is scarcely a song, old or new, admired for any of the qualities which constitute a good one, whether for barmony of expression, spirit or tenderness of the thoughts, appositeness of imagery, and illustration or smartness of point, that is not to be found in this little volume. Besides the numerous productions of the master spirits of the old world, it contains many sweet effusions from cis-atlantic poets; and, indeed, some of

these 'native wood no:es wild,' to use the expression of the bard of paradise, are well entitled to a place even in a work which contains the melodious numbers of Campbell, Moore, and Byron. In this last edition of the Southern and Western Songster, the editur has availed himself of the enlargement of the size of the volume, to introduce the admired songs of the distinguished vocalists, Mrs. Knight, Miss Kelly, the Miss Gillinghams, Miss Clara Fisher, Miss Rock, and others. The extensive and rapid sale

which the previous editions of this Songster met with, has rendered its character so well known, that it can scarcely require commendations ; but if any of our readers are in want of an extensive, judicious, and neat collection of Melodies, we can cheerfully recommend the volume before us, as combining all those qualities."

SAY'S POLITICAL ECONOMY. A Treatise on Political Economy, or the Production, Distribution, and Consumption of Wealth. By Jean

Baptiste Say. Fifth American edition, with Additional Notes, by C. C. Biddle, Esq., in 1 vol. 8vo.

The editor of the North American Review, speaking of Say, observes, that “he is the most popular, and perhaps the most able writer on Political Economy, since the time of Smith.”

The distinguished biographer of the author in noticing this work observes, “ Happily for science he commenced that study which forms the basis of his admirable treatise on Political Economy, a work which not only improved under his hand with every successive edition, but has been translated into most of the European languages."

This work has been introduced as a text book into the principal Universities and Colleges of our country, as well as in Europe.

It would be beneficial to our country if all those who are aspiring to office, were required by their constituents to be conversant with the pages of Say.

RUSH ON THE MIND. New fine edition. 1 volume, 8vo. This work is valuable and highly interesting for intelligent readers of every profession : it is replete with curious and acute remarks, both medical and metaphysical, and deserves particular praise for the terseness of its diction.

RUSH ON THE HUMAN VOICE. Emhracing its Physiological History, together with a System of Principles, by which criticism in the art of Elocution may be rendered intelligible, and instruction definite and comprehensive. To which is added, a brief Analysis of Song and Recitative ; second edition, with additions. By James Rush, M. D.

A DICTIONARY OF. SELECT AND POPULAR QUOTATIONS, which are in daily use : taken from the Latin, French, Greek, Spanish, and Italian languages; together with a copious collection of Law maxims and Law terms ; translated into English, with illustrations, historical and idiomatic. Sixth American edition, corrected with additions. 1 vol. 12mo.

In preparing this Sixth edition for the press, care has been taken to give the work a thorough revision, to correct some errors which had before escaped notice, and to insert many additional Quotations, Law maxims and Law terms. In this state it is offered to the public in the stereotype forın. This little work should find its way into every Family Library.

CONVERSATIONS ON CHEMISTRY; in which the Elements of that Science are familiarly explained and illustrated by Experiments and Engravings wood. From the last London edition. In which all the late Discoveries and Improvements are brought up to the present time, by Dr. Thomas P. Jones.

All preceptors who have a sincere desire to impart a correct knowledge of this important science to their pupils, will please examine the present edition, as the correction of all the errors in the body of the work renders it very valuable.

The eminent Professor Bigelow, of Harvard University, in noticing this work observes, “ I am satisfied that it contains the fundamental principles and truths of that Science, expressed in a clear, intelligible, and interesting manner. The high character of the author, as a lecturer, and as a man of science, will, I doubt not, secure for the work the good opinion of the public, and cause its extensive adoption among Seminaries and students."

The learned Professor Siliman observes, that this edition is decidedly more valuable than any preceding one.

CONVERSATIONS ON NATURAL PHILOSOPHY; in which the Elements of that Science are familiarly explained. Illustrated with plates, By the author of « Conversations on Chemistry,” &c. With considerable additions, corrections, and improvements in the body of the work; appropriate Questions, and a Glossary. By Dr. Thomas P. Jones.

The correction of all the errors in the body of the work, renders this edition very valuablo; and all who understand the subject, consider it superior to any other in uso.

SENECA'S MORALS.-By way of abstract to which, is added, a Discourse under the title of an After-Thought, by Sir Roger L'Estrange, Knt. A new fine edition, in 1 vol. 18mọ.

A copy of this valuable little work should be found in every family library.

MALTE-BRUN'S NEW AND ELEGANT QUARTO ATLAS, exhibiting the five great divisions of the globe, Europe, Asia, Africa, America, and Occanica, with their several empires, kingdoms, states, territories, and other sub-divisions, corrected to the present time ; and containing forty maps, drawn and engraved particularly to illustrate the Universal Geography, by M. Malte-Brun.

The Atias is particularly adapted for Colleges, Academies, Schools, and private families. There is no work that ever was published in this country which has received more numerous and flattering recommendations.

THE AMERICAN CHESTERFIELD; or “ Youth's Guide to the Way to Wealth, Honour, and Distinction,” &c.

“ We most cordially recommend the American Chesterfield to general attention : but to young persons particularly, as one of the best works of the kind that has ever been published in this country. It cannot be too highly appreciated, nor its perusal be unproductive of satisfaction and usefulness.”

QUESTIONS ON THE EPISTLE TO THE ROMANS, designed for Bible Classes and Sunday Schools, by Charles Hodge, Pro. Theol. Seminary, Princeton.

THE PASTOR AT A SICK BED, AND AN AFFLICTED FAMILY'S COMPANION. This is a new work from the German, and is one among the most valuable and popular works of the day. In 1 vol. 12mo.


THE BRITISH PREACHER, consisting of Discourses by the most eminent living Divines in England, Scotland and Ireland, accompanied with pulpit sketches. To which are added, Scriptural illustrations; and selections on the office, dulies and responsibilities of the Christian ministry. By the Rev. Wm. Suddards, Rector of Grace Church, Philadelphia. Vol. 1.

This volume contains nearly sixty Sermons loy the most distinguished ministers in the British empire. Professing to be “ The British Preacher,” and not a sectional or denominational preacher, it has admitted upon its pages the sermons of clergymon in the Episcopal, Preshyterian, Congregational, Methodist and Baptist Churches. It is adorned with portraits (in Longacre's best style,) of Bishop Wilson of Calcutta ; Dr. Chalmers of Edinburgh; Dr. Raffles of Liverpool ; Robert Newton of Manchester; and the late Robert Hall of Bristol. It will no doubt be interesting to the clergy and religious community of the United States to become acquainted with so many ornaments of the British pulpit as this work offers to their notice.

Should this volume meet with due encoura ement, it will be succeeded by others of a similar character.

Shakspeare, 2 vols. 8vo.

Chalmer's Political Economy, 12mo. Scott's Napoleon, 2 vols. 8vo.

Plutarch's Lives, 1 vol. 8vo. Britisha Drama, 2 vols. 8vo.

Do. do. 4 vols. 12mo. Setlerson's Works, 4 vols.

American Revolution, 12mo. Webster's Speeches, 2 vols.

Goodrich's Universal Geography, 8vo.
Tatler and Guardian, 1 vol.

Mosheim's Church History, 2 vols. 8vo.
Butler's History of Kentucky, 1 vol. 8vo. Lord Nial; or the Wizard's Grave.
Dictionary of Biography. By Davenport. Rolliu's Ancient History, 2 vols. 8vo.
I vol. 8vo.

Wirts's Patrick Henry, 1 vol. 8vo.
Secret Debates in the Convention.

Nicholson's Operative Mechanic, % vla. 8vo.

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